23rd Feb 2006, 12:42

I have had my Beetle for about a month. One month, and I am already having problems. My dad bought me the car from a private dealership, and I am beginning to think that it was a total mistake. In the past week, my rear door has gotten frozen open, draining my battery. Afterward, my gas gauge wouldn't flip open. At first I thought that that was frozen too. Turns out, it wasn't. It just didn't want to open. After my dad finally got a hold of the dealer and found a way to open it, he filled my gas tank. My boyfriend lives in Racine, so I drove out there to see him last night. As I was leaving his house later that night, the EPC light went on. I didn't even know what EPC was, but apparently it meant the car was undriveable, because when I left his block, it wouldn't kick up over 10 mph. This got me scared to try and make the trip home, so I drove back to his house. He tried to see if it was just happening to me, and when the same thing happened again he drove me home. I am so angry that all of this happened in the first month that I have had the car.

3rd Mar 2006, 11:05

I bought a 2002 TDI Beetle from a dealer up here in Anchorage, Alaska. The problems I've had recently with the car hitting 85,000 miles?

Passenger side window refused to go up. Had to replace the door panel. $350.

Car will randomly think that the driver's side window is open. This is usually remedied by opening and shutting the door, but needless to say, this is a pain when I'm going 65 on the highway.

Battery died from sitting out in the cold too long. This is an Alaska thing and a diesel car thing, not a VW thing. But replacing the battery was a pain, and ended up running me nearly $100 for the battery and installation.

The check engine light is always on. I've taken it in for diagnostics, told that nothing was wrong with the car, had the light reset, and the light comes right back on.

My right turn signal no longer works. This is the newest thing. My left turn signal's starting to not work as well. I'm thinking this is a problem with the fuse, but if anyone knows for sure, let me know?

The radio will randomly not read CDs, will randomly skip on some CDs, and my right rear speaker crackles.

My car will occasionally lock itself into park when started regardless of whether the brake is depressed or not.

So yeah... I'm not exactly thrilled, though I absolutely adore my car. But all of these quirks and character features are starting to get expensive and excessively frustrating.

8th Mar 2006, 10:27

I own a 2000 New Beetle GLX Automatic. I am having tremendous problems with the car starting. It seems like everything is going to be okay, but then the engine will not engage. I have to wait and wait and then try again. The dealer has told me there is no problem with the battery. I was informed by the dealer that the gasoline here in the Pacific Northwest is problematic. I only use top tier gasoline and use gasoline additive every 3000 miles or so. Does anyone have any ideas?


24th Apr 2006, 11:06

My EPC light and the triangle with the! is randomly on and off -- it's a used 2001 w/41000 miles. After reading these comments, I'm not taking it in. It rides fine, but I will be more aware from now on. I haven't even tried the CD yet. Next time -- going back to good old dependable Toyota.

24th Apr 2006, 15:27

To the poster who decided it was tactful to say this:

"This is no secret; people who buy these things deserve the grief!"

Geeze, man. Do you always kick people while they're down? Not everyone wants to buy the latest Corolla or Civic.

24th Apr 2006, 17:59

Sorry, but the New Beetle has been around since 1998, has always had bad reliability, and therefore anyone who didn't do research, but still bought one deserves the grief.

Hoping the car will work won't make it work - quality will.

12th May 2006, 11:32

I have a 2002 black beetle 34,000 KM.

Very cute. It's got attitude. It has Instrument cluster TROUBLES.

It needs to be replaced more than once a year. The first time it was my gas light, then my oil light, MIL light and now my air bag light. (still under warranty!)

Latest problem : my alarm goes off. So now I try to park it where it won't bug too many people, other times I leave it unlocked. Not worth bugging the world with my cute black beetle (yeah, laugh... my car misses me!)

Oh, did I mention that my Bug has one eye? Constant head light troubles.

10th Jul 2006, 11:59

I am having the EPC problem and my car does not like to crank, also the fact that I have to take off work, drive an hour to a dealer to get it fixed and stay over night in a hotel has just about pushed me to the point of insanity. I cannot wait until I get this car paid off so I can trade it in and get an American made car. If something goes wrong with an American made car at least any Tom, Dick, or Harry can fix it.

15th Aug 2006, 20:23

I own a 2001 Reflex silver GLS, and just bought a 2002 reflex silver GLS turbo... These cars seem killer. VW's have eaten oil for years and years; this is something that has always been the case with VW's.. (On AVG 1 qt per month or so).

If any cars these days hit 50,000 plus miles without blowing up, that's good. Regular oil changes (3,000/3 months) and regular engine coolants flushes (25,000 to 30,000), and keeping your car maintained, will keep it from frying. I think a Bug will greatly benefit from some good maintenance (extra special care). Try using some synthetic oils in the Bug as well; it will not only free up some horses, but it will keep things clean. It's expensive, but worth it.

If you're gonna buy a VW Bug, don't buy an automatic. You're just asking for trouble.

All these other little quirks happen. Just deal with them. These are not $50,000 Corvettes or Cadillacs. Things need to be cleaned and greased to keep the wheels rolling.

Problems happen with all kinds of cars. There are 100's of thousands of VW Bugs on the road today. You have to expect some of them to be a headache... Just so happens that some of you have trouble...

Use the Better Bureau number in the VW manual. If you have the same problem 3 times or more, you've got a lemon and someone needs to pay for that... Not you...

Good luck all...

27th Oct 2006, 14:03

I have a 2001 VW Beetle...Help! Those indicator lights are driving me nuts! I spent over $600 to replace the "air bag igniter wiring harness, only to have it go out again one year later. Now I just have to drive around with that silly light on! Now the coolant blue light flashes. It started doing this the day after I had the oil changed. Anyone have any suggestion, other than giving the VW folks $98.00 to read the code and THEN charge me a fortune to repair it? I really like driving this little car, but, NO MORE Beetles for me.