2002 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0L from North America


Great look, poorly manufactured


The problems with my Beetle first started about a week after I got it when the paint started bubbling on the inside of the driver's door.

About a month later, the inside door handles started peeling, on both sides. And to date have been replaced 4 times.

On my 15,000 oil change, my window defoggers had to be replaced.

When the car was taken to have the paint fixed on the inside driver's door, we found out that the fuel pump was "electrically damaged" and we had to pay $600 to replace.

Upon bringing the car home, my driver's side window buttons were not even placed in the door frame correctly, and when I stopped to get gas, my gas cap button did not work, and we had to take the car back to the dealership, 100 miles away, to have the cable repaired.

On one visit to have the oil changed, a large tear was made down the front of the driver's seat, it wasn't found until we got home, then had to be replaced.

General Comments:

I received my car as a gift for graduation from my parent's, I loved the New Beetles, but now I am so frustrated with it, because my parents have to take me to school on the day's that something is wrong with it, and then have to make a 100 miles. trip in the opposite direction to have parts replaced. I could have bought a GM product, and received a discount because a family member works with them, but I really wanted a Beetle, it was a huge mistake. I would not recommend anyone to buy a Volkswagen vehicle.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003

2002 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 2.0 from North America


Always a Beetle!


Just the check engine light went on about a week after I got it. My dad and I took it back, and it had something to do with a faulty sensor.

General Comments:

I'm turning 17 in Febuary, so I am looking forward to driving. This is an awesome little car, I've always loved beetles. The 2.0L engine has excellent pickup speed, but overall, it's a little slow for me. It's just enough to get out on the highway. The stick shift is extra easy to shift, and this car handles extremely well. The room inside is excellent for a 5'5 kid like me with plenty of room to spare. Even my dad, who's 6'4 can fit inside very comfortably. The last thing I like is that I tested an '02 Jetta... and I hated it. This 115hp engine works great on this bug, and the visibility is excellent.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

2002 Volkswagen Beetle GLX 1.8L turbo from North America


The New Beetle has a lot of bugs!


I have the special edition 2002 Turbo Beetle - color package, "snap orange". They only made 2000 worldwide. I wanted it for the color only. I didn't care about the turbo, monsoon sound system or leather, etc. I have owned it exactly one year and have 10,000 miles on it.

In that time, the passenger window has stuck or not closed all the way. I flipped the window switch so many times, it broke. Fixed by dealership, turns out it was a recall issue.

The armrest broke with quite a 'snap'. I was merely leaning on it to pull the door closed and the armrest snapped and went limp. Fixed by dealership, mechanism came apart inside.

The rear hatch lifts lost pressure somehow and the hatch came crashing down on my head while I was loading groceries. Fixed by dealership... they claim it was a change in altitude driving from California to Colorado.

The front turn signal lights and fog lights all have condensation in them. It doesn't seem to matter what time of year, day or season it is - or what the temperature or weather is. There is constant condensation in the lights. NOT fixed by dealership. They claim it's from using the high pressure wand to wash my car.

I had a flat tire and when I got a new one, the tire store said that my wheel was so far out of alignment that they couldn't align the wheel at all. Fixed by dealership, with no clear explanation and tried to accuse me of being in an unreported accident!

My monsoon sound-system shorts out and only plays out of two or three speakers at a time, it has eight! I also have the after market CD changer in the trunk which, at least once a week, will shut off and say "CD ERROR". NOT fixed by dealership, the problem will never reveal itself when it's checked (of course not).

The coating on the door handle seems to be wearing off, kind of flaking. I've haven't complained about it... YET!

The leather driver's seat looks too worn for a one year old car. I faithfully moisturize it with leather dressing, but the point of entry (where my body rubs on the side) seems to be worn and faded like an old bomber jacket.

The blue "cold engine" light came on while I was driving through the Mojave Desert in July. And only when I was on and incline or decline. It would go off on flat pavement. Fixed by dealership, faulty sensor of some kind.

The check engine light came on, another faulty sensor.

What led me to this website? I was searching for information on my current problem. Both the EPC (Electronic Power Control) and the ASR (Anti-Slip Regulator) lights came on tonight while I was on the freeway doing 80 mph. The car slowed down to 60 and never got above it again. Then when I parked it and restarted it, the EPC light went out and the oil pressure light came on blinking and beeping! It's going to the dealership tomorrow.

General Comments:

This is the second New Beetle I've owned. I sold my 2000 GLS to get this one. I really do love these cars, but I am just astonished by the problems.

I think they are solid and safe, fast and fun! I love the heated rally style seats and the lumbar adjustment. I love the car more than hate it and I am VERY tempted to buy the new convertible. But all these nit-picky problems are beyond bothersome!! I have yet to pay a dime to have anything repaired, but I am an hourly employee and have lost plenty of wages taking the car to the shop. I even used a vacation day to dedicate to car repair, that's ridiculous!

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Review Date: 1st February, 2003

14th Feb 2004, 17:43

I have a 2000 1.8 Turbo Bug in reflex yellow, a limited edition color also. I have had NO problems with mine at all. And I think that some of the problems you are talking about are self inflicted. First off, you cannot add aftermarket things to any VW. They all have very sensitive systems, and anything "foreign" causes problems, so I would totally understand why the CD changer is malfunctioning. And about the headlights, a pressure wand will make condensation in the lamps (I used one once and I had to take my fixture out and air dry it for a few days, but it worked fine after that. The back of the headlamp fixture has a vent to let out hot air, and when you use a pressure washer to clean your car, moisture gets into that vent. But I just think you have mistreated your car, not to be mean, but I have had no issues, and I couldn't see why a car one year newer could have any more of less problems, the 2004 bug is a carryover from 1998, they have made no changes since day one...