2002 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


My road hugging, snappy, snazzy, speedy, dream machine


Bought the 2002 VW New Beetle 32 days ago. It's been at the dealers for a total of 7 days and back in there today again for a very leaky Moon roof. Seems there is no drain holes and the H2O just sits in the scoop and drains into the car via any means it can find. The headliner is wet the floorboards are wet, water drained all over the drivers side today, and the last time was all over both sides of the vehicle. It took Hubby and I all day to get the floorboards sopped up and almost dry. This happened when it was just 2 days old, and Hubby washed it, not noticing the leaking before it got really bad. I have to back up a steep driveway to park it, and it points down towards the street. This honestly should not have leaked in the first place. And today we have had a lot of rain, so although I was told it had been repaired and fixed by the dealer, in just 3 short weeks it leaked again. Remembering I bought it used with 60,000 miles and in terrific shape, so I think. No mechanical problems, and I did buy an extended warranty, for additional 3 years. So far it has cost me nothing, but time and the gas to drive the 20 plus miles to the dealer. And when I had to leave it for 3 days I was given a rental car and that was covered by the warranty.

General Comments:

Has anyone had this Moon roof leaking problem?

I do love driving this New Beetle, and it came loaded with goodies I didn't expect VW to ever come up with. Seat warmers, lower lumbar support, many things that make it so very comfortable. I am so sorry that so many people have had terrible problems with their VW Beetles. I hope I am not one of them. I won't keep it if it starts going that way. I'll trade it in for something else, easy on gas.

This car feels heavy and sound on the road, and hugs with great precision, all the windy roads here where I live. Has great pickup and scoot, and the trunk mounted CD sound system is terrific with no problems there either. I love this pretty Blue Beetle. It handles wonderfully.

My first and last new VW was in 1973 an Orange Super Beetle with the Sunroof. Paid $3,000.00 even with financing included, now in 2007 add 10K to that, not bad really, except it is 5 years old. Sold the first VW for just what I paid for it after 5 years and have missed it dearly ever since. And I am not a young Chickie anymore, but still love the ride.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2007

2002 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


I love the color, hate the smell of mold.


I have a leak coming from somewhere. The front and rear passenger floor is wet after a rain storm. This then becomes moldy. For the first year, I thought it was just my child spilling a juice box and me not cleaning it thorough enough. Then I noticed the trunk on the right side slightly wet. I took it to a dealer ($100), they "clipped" the sunroof drains and still I have the problem. I love it, it is lime green and now it has to go!! Anyone had this problem?

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Review Date: 25th January, 2007

21st Jun 2007, 08:19

I've have this problem also, what did the dealer do to fix the problem - and where was the leak coming from?

Linda in SW Florida.

21st Jun 2007, 13:49

My friend purchased a 2001 new and in 2005 it experienced the same problem in both the front and back flooring and seats of the Beetle. The cause is a defect in the design of the Beetles drainage from the sun roof area and also the windshield wiper area. For $500, they removed the seats, all the carpeting, dried out the car, supposedly "blew" out the drains. However, 2 months later it happened again. She went all the way to the top (the president of VW) to have them redo the above. You should have someone create some type of screen over the drain holes to keep out debris (if that can at all be done).