16th Oct 2006, 21:39

I, too, had the same problem with the EPC light and being stuck in park, however I have so far been fortunate enough to be able to unstick it by revving it up a few good times while it's cranked up. I have had other problems with my beetle, such as the clear coat on the front bumper peeling insanely bad, and the entire lens cap on the passenger side headlight fell completely off!! My airbag light has also come on and has not gone off yet, I guess I have to go get it looked at. I am so ready to trade this thing in, you don't even know! At first, my beetle was great!! It was fun to drive, got great gas mileage, and is still really cute, but now my gas mileage has slowly but surely been getting worse! I still owe more on it than I can trade it in for, but I hope I can get it paid off soon so that I can trade it in on something that I hope will be better in the long run!!

15th Jun 2007, 08:58

I have had the same problem with the EPC light and not being able to go.. I called to schedule an appointment and it wasn't able to take it in until 3 days later.. So I called to get it towed and called the dealer back to tell them they were going to drop it off early.. Another guy had answered the phone and said why? I told him that it wouldn't go anywhere, and he told me how to bypass the situation, why the first girl couldn't tell me, I have yet to find out.. I take the car in, tell them to fix the recall nothing else, because my check engine light has been on 6 months and I'm out of the warranty. (When is was in warranty the light always came on and it was a sensor malfunction, so I assumed it was the same thing.) Low and behold they decide to fix the reason why the light has come on. $93 later I leave the VW place and the check engine pops back on. The next day its back in and $188 later, I have a new sensor somewhere in the car.. The next day the light came back on, the car has been in and out of the shop for 5 to 6 times in a month, all for the check engine light. They said it's a coolant temp sensor, things have been repined, replaced, and even a "special" sensor was made for my car.. The check engine light is still on! So after endless I'll call you back's from the service manager, I'm stuck and out almost $300.. I bet they are wishing they would have listened the first day and just fixed my recall! Sincerely, Stuck with a Volkswagen.

8th Nov 2007, 12:44

To the latest poster, I agree with the design flaws. The cup holder is so dumb. My glove box door fell off. The stupid visors are so high it doesn't cover the sun for a normal person. 2003, doesn't have a key for your trunk to be opened on the electric button on the car or key, that yes has stopped working for a day or two. I seriously would hate to sell mine to anyone else because they will be faced with nothing but trouble!!! Good luck at selling yours!! Sincerely, STILL STUCK WITH A VOLKSWAGEN!! P.S. The customer service at my dealership is horrible!!

7th Dec 2007, 16:31

I have an 04 Beetle and I wish I never got it! I've gone to the car dealer so many times already for the same stuff all the time.

First, it's my windows. I press the tab so that they can roll up, and it rolls back down by itself.

Second, the air bag light always turns on. Even after I took it into the dealer about 10 times!

Third, I pull the tab that is on my door for my trunk to open, and it doesn't even open. I have to pull it twice before it even opens.

Fourth, the cup holder in the back seat always gets jammed. I had to get that fixed about 3 times already.

Last of all, the lever to lift the seat up always comes off... it's so lame.

8th Dec 2007, 14:48

I also had a problem with the EPC, it was replaced once under warranty, and then it went all to heck a second time. It turns out VW had a bad manufacturer of the part and all registered VW owners should have been sent a safety recall about a year ago for this part. Your dealer should be replacing it for free in Passatt's and Beetles (both our cars were affected).

My car is a 2000 bug and has not cost me a penny in repairs, just maintnence. Right now though my ABS light is on so I need to get a diagnostic run and replace the sensor myself.

10th Dec 2007, 07:09

My 2003 Bettle gets stuck in Park when it is cold. VW they are the worst. I hate my car, the only way for it to get unstuck is rev the engine up for about 10 minutes and then will shift. I don't know why, my dealer keeps on telling me they are unable to replicate this issue, after brining it in about 10 times.

21st Jan 2008, 18:17

My beloved beetle:

3 days after purchase, the airbag light came on.

The driver side window button broke off.

The side mirror adjustment button broke off.

The rear window defrost button is broken.

The windshield leaks---and I live in rainy Oregon!

My beetle GUZZLES oil.

But you know, what it lacks in performance and reliability it makes up for with cuteness...

23rd Jan 2008, 00:09

I have to agree... while VW Beetles are the cutest car... they sure are high maintenance.

I too now have brake lights that are stuck on. Even when I park the car, take the key out, lock it up, and walk away, the lights remain on, all day and all night. In fact, just now, at 10:03 pm, someone knocked on my condo door, to let me know that my lights are on! I took all of the fuses out, but this did nothing at all. So far it has not drained my battery, but I am sure this is coming.

My beetle loves oil, it drinks a bottle a month atleast!

My beetle's temperature indicator / clock, which is located in 2000 / 2001 (and maybe other years) models in the roof, above the rear view mirror, actually stopped working after my car was parked outside on a hot day. My car must have gotten too hot, and the clock / temp indicator melted? And ofcourse who wants to pay $700 to have that fixed?

Various indicator lights have gone on, but I usually ignore them, and they seem to go away, or I give it more liquids and this sometimes helps.

I also have a hard time opening my rear trunk using the button on the driver side door. Either I have to push it 2 times or I push it once, get out of the driver's seat to go to the trunk, and by the time I've gotten there, the trunk door has re-locked itself!!!

On the good side, I did have 2 attempt break ins, with someone using a screw driver, and damaging the driver side door lock, but never being able to get into my car.

And... it is very cute.

But, it is time to sell it, and given the issues with VW, maybe I'll have to look at another maker? : (

But first I am going to get my brake lights fixed and ask my mechanic why I never received the recall notice for this issue!