22nd Feb 2008, 15:35

I have a 2003 manual transmission Beetle. Luckily I don't have a park, so I haven't experienced that problem; seems to be a major hassle.

The passenger side seat lever did break off and a friend of mine lost it (thanks!), so I'm going to try and rig up something to get in there that will work.

YES THE TRUNK IS ANNOYING, but I can deal with it. The trick is you have pop it then get to it quick before it locks, and then you have to pop it again.

The whole front grille of my car fell off probably because it is so low to the ground, and I pull up in parking spaces too far, and after paying 400 to get it fixed, it just fell off again. I'm not getting it fixed again; I think it gives a very raw look which I enjoy.

The car is low in general. I have to watch out for heightened terrain. My splash guard under the car has fallen off a lot and had to be replaced.

Oh yes, and the windows are loud and need oil! They squeak when I roll them down and occasionally go back down on their own. I still love my Beetle though. Bye y'all!

28th Feb 2008, 14:25

I have a 2007 beetle... and it has the worst gas mileage I've ever seen in a car... and I have to hit the trunk button twice as everyone else does for the trunk to open... with the stupid cup holders.. they have changed the design so my new 2007 beetle has better cup holders yay..

25th Apr 2008, 12:25

Wow! Crazy. I have a 03' Beetle too - I thought my stupid trunk was just messed up. But I'm glad to know everyone else has the same problem!

Anybody have problems with the OIL PAN?!! I have cracked/broke mine like 3 times and they are such a pain in the butt to get fixed and cost way too much!

Oh and I have a headlight that just never wants to work, I have to get out and beat the living crap out of it before it will come on.

Um, oh and the window problem, yep they are very squeaky and roll back down occasionally. I think HERBIE is taking over! LOL.

24th May 2008, 20:39

I have had my 2003 Beetle for 1 year and 1/2, and have had no problems whatsoever. (If I had read the comments on this site first, I may not have bought it.)

I got mine at a Carmax dealer. They say they really check the cars out, and so far so good.

And it really is a cute car!

28th May 2008, 14:22

I bought my 2003 beetle about 6 months ago and I am having the same problems with the windows going down on their own and squeeking. Hope I don't have any more problems.

Skae R.

12th Jun 2008, 09:38

Wow I'm buying a used '03 with only 40,000 miles on it, I just wanted to see what everyone else thought of it, maybe now I shouldn't buy it! I don't want to have to pay 12k for a vehicle that will break down in just a week! thanks for all your comments on it!

9th Aug 2008, 09:46

Reading all your comments was like attending a therapy session. I don't feel nearly so alone in my constant frustration with my 2003 Beetle! I always have 1 headlight or tail-light out. The dealership told me just to "pop 'em a good one" with my fist and they'd come back on... and they're right. My tail-light usually goes out when I turn my headlights on but I'm pretty sure it's out all the time now. Can't see it when I'm driving to tell.

My check engine light has been on for about 4 months now. Last time it came on it was on for about 6 months. Each time I take it to the dealership they turn it off and tell me they're not sure why it was on or faulty sensor blah blah blah. Inevitably, it comes back on within a week with the same response from the mechanics. I just moved to ATL and now my car won't pass the emissions test because the check engine light is on!!!

I haven't put the top down in weeks because I don't have a garage and I'm afraid it won't go back up, or the windows won't go back up.

But she sure is cute!...

15th Oct 2008, 15:26

Well I am a past poster (2 times). It is sad that I can still find things that are bothering me to post on! Such as, the trunk as everyone else has. My passenger side window goes down by itself. And my latest problem is with my sunroof. I hardly ever use it, but I've noticed on several occasions, even though it says it is closed, the sunroof has popped open. How crazy?

Also, after reading this and seeing that we all have the same problems, do you think we could do a class action lawsuit? Or would that go nowhere?


3rd Nov 2008, 12:19

My wife has a cute 03 New Beetle with only 30K miles. Because of the time, she is out of warranty. It seems everything started going all at once.

The water pump went and blew the head gasket out

The airbag light is on again after being fixed twice by the dealer

I had to replace the wiring to the headlights after going through one every 6 months and now it seems OK

The water pump went a 2nd time only after 2 weeks

The car runs rough, they fix it and reset the check engine light and it all comes back later with the same problem

Tthe battery has to be replaced after about 3 years

And of course a few minor quirks that is expected.

The reliability of the car is very poor and probably the worst I have seen. Most of my vehicles don't start with problems until they hit 100K but this is a fairly new car and we spent over a thousand in repairs. It looks like we won't have this car past the end of the year.

12th Nov 2008, 11:45

My wife has an '03 Beetle. I hate that car. I am mechanically inclined enough to fix almost any problem that I have with any of our cars. The beetle is a pain to repair, and it has to be repaired more than any of our other vehicles. Her car has a manual transmission, so there are no problems w/it getting stuck in park, but we have issues w/the automatic windows rolling down on their own after we roll them up and w/the trunk not opening when the button is pushed the 1st time. We have also had issues w/multiple sensors, most recently- the coolant sensor (1 week after I just replaced the thermostat!!!). It only costs me the price of the part, but, let me say, that all of the parts are hard to replace b/c everything is crammed into the small compartment under the hood. It's crazy. When we buy a new vehicle next time, I've asked my wife not to pick the car on the basis of cuteness. The New Beetle is a piece of garbage.