22nd Jun 2009, 19:47

I had a 2003 Beetle with a 6 CD changer, and out of the blue none of the buttons would work. Sometimes one or two would, then a whole section would go out, it was like the buttons were stuck. Right before I was going to change the stereo, the buttons would pop back out. I don't get it. I hate this car.

22nd Jun 2009, 19:52

Has anybody that owns a 2003 Beetle encountered a problem with their stereo. I keep on having problems with mine, and also the window knob I've had replaced twice because it keeps on breaking, never mind, VW pays the bill for that because it's a recall item, but the inconvenience still sucks, not worth having this car at all.

31st Aug 2009, 11:51

2004 Beetle, manual transmission, bought used and have had for a year. Bought at 40,000 miles. Carfax report, but don't think that really matters.

Two weeks after I bought it, airbag light. Dealership said seat belt issue and replaced driver's side seat belt.

A month later the light came back on and have decided not to deal with it. Not worth the money it would take to fix, and the dealership will look at the car, but I will have to pay.

Trunk gets stuck a lot and almost always when there is snow on the ground.

Appears to cut out when first started until it warms up. Almost always happens when it has just rained or is damp out.

Recent development is overheating light beeps and flashes red. I have smelled antifreeze. However, VW service department indicates just a faulty sensor and now it is being replaced 190.00. Let's see if that fixes the problem. I am doubtful.

Make sure to check out recalls for 2004 Beetle and see if they apply to your vehicle. I am going to bring the list of four-five to service department when I go to pick up my car.

Bought car because my first car was a 1966 Beetle. New Beetle is cute but not reliable. Bought manual transmission because heard automatics Beetles have the most problems. Live in New York and one positive is it has done very well in the snow. My 99 Ford Escort had almost 200,000 miles when I traded it in for this Beetle. I think I am going to have to go back to Ford.

28th Sep 2009, 12:00

Hey All. I love my 2005 VW Bug Convertible, and have grown quite fond of the employees at the dealership, as my little bug is there on a regular basis.

Let's see: The windows don't go up, then they don't go down, some windows go up and down on their own; the transmission leaked; the rag top got stuck in the down position; the CD / radio unit acts as a radar detector and squawks when passing police with radar (kind of handy, but I'm sure it's not meant to do that) ; the wind shield wipers stopped, front lights - back lights work when they want; oh and the ever popular trunk won't open again!

Everything has been on warranty, and this is why I have grown so fond of the dealership employees - I see them more than their own family members.

I love my car, and even gave it a really cute vanity plate, but once the warranty is over, I'll probably trade it in for something a little less troublesome.

21st Jan 2010, 15:39

I have a 2003 VW bug and I am so tired of fixing its problems! I seem to have the same problems as everyone else, headlight popping off, stuck in park, and the trunk. I got the latch replaced on the trunk less than a year ago and now it is broken again. Apparently there is a leak in the seal of my break light and the water corroded the wires. GRRRRR! I am so frustrated!

26th Apr 2010, 01:21

I took a road trip across America with my friend in her Beetle Bug.

She told me her trunk was stuck shut. We decided to attempt to fix it ourselves, and we did!!! Here is the deal; first you must wedge random items in the trunk lever to hold it up. We used a soda bottle cap.

Then, I know it sounds crazy, but you need some big guys. About 300lbs of weight to sit against your trunk. Put your car in neutral and get in your back seat, push on the ledge of your window downward while the dudes rock the car from side to side and or back and forth. This tecnique will surely release your scissor latch and it WILL open your trunk!

We did the technique on my mother in law's Beetle also and it worked like a charm!!

Hopefully our method can help more frustrated people and save bookoo bucks!! Good luck.

26th Jun 2010, 17:29

I have a 2003 Beetle. Until I read these posts, I didn't even realise about the boot problem, but now I think about it

- Ohhh yeah, the thing opens first go.

When I first bought the car, in 2003, I spent the first 3 years changing indicator globes every couple of months - use to keep a stash in my glove box because you'd never knew when they'd go!

I have NEVER had a cheap service - always at the $1,000 mark - always being told - the next one should be less because because you had this fixed.

The final straw was my last "major service, which cost me $2300 - and now because they screwed around with my engine (they told me they had to pull it apart to fix a broken part), the EPC light has now come on!!

Yeah a really cute car - love it to death - but it's going to have to go!

OH - AND now that they've discontinued the beetles until 2012 - I'm sure parts will be even more expensive!

Beetle - going to find someone who doesn't love me only for my money!!

1st Jul 2010, 09:37

I also have a 2003 VW bug that gives me issues, but after reading some of the problems, I think I am having good luck with it! I have had my car for almost 2 years and already have about 125,000 miles on it.

So far I have had a check engine light problem that ended in my boyfriend just buying some kind of stuff to clean a sensor? (thank god he's good with cars, the cost of a new one was outrageous). That has seemed to satisfy it for over a year now.

My windows are also squeaky.

The single rear cup holder (that the car does have) had the ring that holds the cup in break off. I think that is considered minor, I'm going to super glue it back in.

My headliner is falling off! I think that is the tackiest thing ever. I don't touch it or anything, but apparently driving with the windows down will make that happen. In the back seat, the arm rest cloth part is also loose like the headliner.

I had to have my oil pan replaced, because it kept leaking, and the place I got the oil changed at screwed it up more.

Today my airbag light randomly decided to turn on and stay that way. I didn't even drive my car yesterday so I have no idea why it turned on.

My trunk light was also on when I have not opened the trunk in like over a week. I opened it and re-closed it, the light went off.

Now, as I have been writing this, my alarm decided to start going off. I went outside, nothing is near the car, I unlocked it and relocked it, went back inside and it went off again. And again. And again. I opened the trunk and doors, re-closed them, stood outside and waited, and of course it did not go off, until I went back inside.

Now I am starting to wonder if that thing is like Herbie.