21st Jul 2010, 08:51

Wow, this is crazy. So many problems, all pretty much the same! Why does Volkswagen have a GOOD reputation again? Really not sure they deserve it!

I have a 2004/05 auto Beetle Cabriolet, purchased new. Aside from the usual things (APC light, airbag light - still on now after multiple repairs - and snapped-off seat lever), it was overall a pretty great car until about a year ago.

Then, the boot stopped opening. Although my manual indicated it could be opened with a key, lo and behold, Australian models don't have a keyhole. (Why I was given a European manual, I don't know.) After three dealerships and countless hours spent by VW mechanics trying to root out the problem, my partner discovered the manual release (over the lock internally, accessed through the rear seat, if anyone's wondering).

About six months ago, my gearbox / transmission started acting funny - hanging and revving in gear, sounding generally laboured and clunky, sometimes moving gears with a hard jolt. I'm told (without thorough investigation, as doing so requires taking the car apart and about 10 hours of labour = $1400+) that I probably need a new gearbox. That's 11 grand, plus labour. The car has done 100K and is five years old. Does that sounds reasonable to you??

So naturally I can't afford that, plus I'm still paying the damn thing off, PLUS when it was only two months old, somebody thoughtfully sliced a lovely hole in the soft top, which I stupidly didn't get fixed at the time - so I don't see myself palming this delightful piece of junk off to anybody else. Like somebody else mentioned, driving with the top down is an absolute dream, but if I'd known when I was looking for a car that it would have all these problems, I would NEVER have bought it. Steer clear of Beetles, that's my advice.

3rd Aug 2010, 15:01

I was out on the web looking for info because my doors are falling apart. I have a 2004 convertible Beetle that I love to death, I call him the Doom Buggy because he looks like the cars you ride in at the haunted mansion in Disney. But unfortunately he has been living up to that name.

I've had many of the same problems. Windows falling down, door locks stopped working and I finally super glued the seat handle and it's worked better then whatever it was they were doing at the dealership.

It's all the little things adding up that drive me crazy. Oh yeah, my check engine light has been on for months. I just ignore it but everyone that rides with me has to point it out.

13th Aug 2010, 23:46

Regarding my 2003 VW Beetle. I enjoy driving it. It has been very reliable and has 76,000 miles on it now. But... the check engine light has been on for a year. Dealership wasn't sure why it was on - wanted $400 to fix what "might" be the problem, so I said forget it.

The main problem I have is an odor in the cabin that smells like crayons. I cannot find the source. I do live in Phoenix and the heat is intolerable at times. I often wonder if something in the cabin is melting?! Anyone else have this issue?

30th Aug 2010, 23:04

I have a 2004 that won't even start on its own. We have to jump it every time, we were trying to take it to the dealership, but it died before we got a mile away, my poor husband had to push it home.

Any one have any ideas where to look for the problem? I'm not a car person. I've only have the car about 3 months, I regret it, but it looks like we are stuck with it.

10th Oct 2010, 16:58

My 2002 Beetle, where do I begin, oh here;

Replaced O2 sensors 2x, rolled down window only to have it shatter, just had alternator replaced, next day battery replaced.

Overheated, so they put in a new thermostat, only to find out I blew the water pump, which in turn blew my head gasket. Replaced all, and they changed the timing belt at same time, and my engine light is still ON.

My parking light, as well as the head light, blew, so the mechanic changed the wrong light, the 3rd brake light, and broke it.

I can't get a sticker, and hate this car. 8,000.00 later.

23rd Oct 2010, 23:21

I live in Singapore and am an owner of a VW Beetle Cabriolet.

I have the same problem - odour in the cabin that smells like crayons. The odour sticks on to my clothes, hair whenever I drive the car.

My car has been in and out of VW, and still they cannot locate the source of the odour/ remove the odour. Am very disappointed with VW. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem.

27th Nov 2010, 22:29

05 Beetle with 46,000 miles has the same crayon odor, and now the trunk is stuck and won't open. Just bought it in October, I'm the third owner. Can't get to the emergency latch from the back seat - any ideas??

5th Sep 2011, 15:51

My 2004 Beetle is experiencing the same problems with the automatic transmission. I was just told that a new transmission is needed at a cost of $6100.00 plus labour plus tax = well over $7000.00.

Oh, by the way I have 2 payments left before she is mine. There is only 100,000 miles on the car, but as far as I am concerned, she is done. The windows have a life of their own, squeaking and going up and down randomly, it is a major deal to change the headlights, which burn out quickly, the air bag light has been on for 4 years, the tape deck doesn't work, the truck "hinges" are both finished, the door handles are difficult to open, parts are outrageously expensive, BUT she sure is cute, and it is fun driving with the top down.