11th Jul 2007, 17:35

Hello again, thought I'd update you with my continued ownership experiences of my VW Bora. The car has averaged just over 48 miles per gallon over the last few thousand miles. I find that very good considering the vast majority of my driving is urban, non motorway commuting.

Everything still works, and touch wood, it will keep on doing so. I have had no breakdowns or failures. One thing I would mention is the suspension seems (still) loud and clunking when going over bumps / sleeping policemen etc. It is definitely (albeit very slowly) getting worse. I suppose I will have to actually spend some money on this car soon and invest in new shock absorbers or whatever is causing the problem?

The car still performs well, but could I think benefit from a new MAF (Mass Airflow Meter) which is a simple and cost effective way to refresh these cars performance.

Thanks for reading.

26th Jun 2008, 14:33


Original poster here. Update. Car still going strong. Recently replaced rear sub frame bushes at about 160 pounds, fitted. Massively tightened things up and much better over bumps. Also replaced the Mass air flow meter. WOW, what a difference. It has never been so punchy, responsive, willing to rev and dam right fast. I never thought it was slow to begin with, but the change was instant. Highly recommend changing this. My car now on 85 000 miles. Still very economical. Still recommended.

22nd Aug 2010, 09:20

Original poster here. Still have this car (6 years now!) and it is still going strong. Now on 104K miles. Nothing major gone wrong except water temp sensor, which cost £45 to replace (fitted at VW specialist).

Just keeping on top of servicing, always using the Millers XFE PD oil, and doing other little bits like recharging the air conditioning, replacing cabin air filter etc. It is going very strong, and still gives over 50 mpg on my mixed commute of about 12 miles. No rust visible on the bodywork, and it has just passed its MOT first time with no advisories.

I have thought hard about getting a newer car, but find it hard to justify spending thousands of pounds to replace something that does its job well and is very reliable. I might let it be the judge as to when it gets replaced, and run it into the ground.

19th Jul 2011, 02:36

Bought 10 years old Bora estate 1,9 TDI (2000) straight from Germany with 189000 km on the speedometer, which was obviously turned back for some 100 thousand. Changed the timing belt, pulleys and waterpump - oil has been changed before by an authorized dealer.

Worst thing - 2 hours after purchase, one of front wheel bearings went dead, which I also changed for ~40 USD, and now I am driving without problems. It seems that it has more than 115 bhp; probably chip tuned little bit. Fuel consumption is about 6,5 L/100 km.

Overall, I have used it for 10 thousand km without any problems, and am happy about my purchase.

13th May 2013, 04:50

How exactly do you go about this?

13th May 2013, 15:11

Go about what? Drive the car with no seemingly major problems? These are no Toyotas, but I'm pretty sure there are enough of these cars that don't have problems, else VW would've been long out of business.

19th Jun 2013, 11:30

Renault makes shockingly unreliable cars and they're still in business. Don't think that's anything to go by.

Fleet buyers don't care what reliability is like after the warranty period is up.