1995 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 Match 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Buy old and get a bargain!


Absolutely nothing, but I haven't had it for very long.

General Comments:

I only bought it this year, but nothing has gone wrong with it yet. It has done a lot of miles, but my mechanic had a look over it and said it looked sound.

The previous owner really looked after it and the modifications make it worth far more than the £1500 I paid for it.

It has a new turbo engine in it, but the previous owner put it in because he was a boy racer, not because the previous one had packed up.

Despite its age it has very little rust and if you do a few modifications on it and look after it, it will look terrific.

Prefers motorway driving and really opens up above 50mph. Makes a good growling sound when driving around the town - great for scaring small children and oldies!

The only down sides are the higher road tax and insurance, the upholstery could be a bit more sporty and electric windows might be nice. It took me a while to get used to getting it into 2nd gear because of the gear ratio.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

12th Jul 2004, 17:42

Had a '95 Golf Match diesel as my first ever new car. Can't belive it would now be 9yrs old. I remember that the ride was very soft and made me feel sick while driving.

1995 Volkswagen Golf GL 4 cylinder from North America


Not worth the price


First of all, exterior moldings do not hold to the car. Lost many pieces will driving on the highway; reflectors, door moldings, and part of my muffler.

The engine is still going great. No problem with the transmission either.

Problems with the interior: dash lights are burnt. Horn, cigarette lighter stopped working. Sunroof squeaks.

General Comments:

Generally, the car runs well and is dependable, mechanically that is. Other things like accessories and moldings fall off too easily. Good on gas.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2004

1995 Volkswagen Golf GL 2.0L from North America


Great car for masochists and the car repair industry


It would be easier to describe what didn't go wrong with this car.

The main problem with this Mexican build car is the electrical system. After just 3 months owning the car, smoke began rising from the steering column, and the rear wiper assembly. This was a shorted wire, which as replaced, every other year, because the problem kept recurring.

Radiator was replaced twice in six years of ownership due to corrosion.

Spark plugs, high voltage wires and distributor cap was replace 4 times in six years. The original brakes only lasted 35,000 kilometers. My after market brakes lasted over 120,000.

This car never started if the temperature dropped below -5 Celsius. I had to install a block heater to ensure I could get to work the next morning.

Body began rusting after only 4 years. Also unsightly stains ran down from the door handles and locks to stain the paint job.

The radio antenna fell off after 60,000 kilometers.

By the time the car reached 120,000 kilometers, I was paying over $2,000 per year in maintenance alone (not including gas, oil or lubricants).

General Comments:

It is a sporty looking kind of car. However, when your sitting on the inside, you don't see the exterior styling.

It handles reasonable well, but it isn't fast by any means. I topped out 167 kilometers per hour, and I was going down a slight hill at the time.

Congratulations Volks Wagon. You've outdone the Yugo and the Hyundai Pony as the worst car ever! Kudos to the Volks Wagon marketing team, you've conned North America into thinking this is a great car.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2003

10th Nov 2010, 11:05

I completely disagree with this review of the 1995 2.0L VW Golf GL as I have had one that I bought new in 1995 and have had no problems whatsoever with it.

In 15 years I still haven't had to replace the clutch. The only repairs I've done to it have been regular maintenance such as brakes, oil changes, muffler and just replaced the timing belt and water pump after 14 years.

So not sure if mine was one of the few good ones, but I would definitely buy another Golf, going by my experience over the last 15 years with mine.