2018 Volkswagen Golf Trendline 1.6 TDI from Serbia




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General Comments:

The car looks like a car; no more, no less. The overall package is barely what would be considered "standard" in 2018, with no thought going into the interior design; apparently they charge you extra for that.

The ride is very comfortable, but cornering is not its strong suit. The engine seems adequate to get you around, but it doesn't give you any joy in driving. The soundproofing is top notch, so you cannot tell it is a diesel at all from outside. The rear seats are comfy and fit adults nicely. Small boot.

Interior is drab, dull, spartan. If VW would invest just a little bit in designers to redo the interior, maybe you can have a car that appeals to fun loving young people. This way it is just a thing to get you from A to B; it is not something you drive, or even get into for fun.

Overall an adequate car; no more, no less. For the same amount of money you can buy something that may elicit a positive emotion when you sit in it, or a much larger car, with the same reliability.

How long will VW sell us the same regurgitated design?

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Review Date: 31st July, 2018

1st Aug 2018, 19:44

Not just VW, to be fair a lot of modern cars are like this - dull. I think it is because they all do everything much the same and are not that different from one car to the next, despite being from various manufacturers from across the world.

Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf - all cars in the same class and all very similar. 20 or 30 years ago the same cars in the same class had vast differences. Of course the modern ones are better, but cars with significant character and individual appeal are long gone.