15th May 2012, 15:44

I am the original reviewer.

The car is still completely without issues; I am still enjoying driving it. The fun factor of the high torque diesel engine has not diminished.

Fuel economy is fantastic. About 1L for 17-18km on average.

I have done about 25000k so far. The upholstery and paintwork are standing up to the elements.

The first (and so far only) service was about $270 (Australian).

The tyres have worn well (rotated them once). No significant oil consumption.

I have heard of friends of mine having issues with the 7 speed DSG gearbox (installed in the petrol Golfs), but this 6 speed (installed in the diesel Golfs) seems very strong.

So, all in all, happy so far.

16th May 2012, 14:36

Hi, thanks for the update. Please keep us informed. I try to be familiar with what things go wrong on cars, and on which particular models. DSG is far more efficient than a normal automatic, and should be simpler, but automated manuals are cutting edge and not yet proven long-term, whereas a normal torque converter automatic is fairly robust with servicing.

Some DSG issues relate to the Mechatronic unit, which in the States costs something like $2300; VW was forced to up the warranty on it to 10 years. Ford's one has some teething problems too.

3rd Oct 2013, 23:17

This is the OP again.

The car is now just over 3 year old and I have done 52000k in it.

No issues whatsoever, and I count myself lucky with all the horror press releases of late.

Still fun, still economical, and the leather is still in good shape.

Test drove a mark 7 GTI the other day, and this is a very impressive car. More legroom, classier interior, and an addictive sound to the engine. Weird that the engineers thought it a good idea to put the CD player in the glove box. You need 4 feet arms to reach it (I'm not far off).

As far as the TDI mark 6 is concerned, still no regrets. 45000 service was about 700 AUD from memory.