17th Apr 2005, 21:25


I also have the same problems with my speedometer, warning lights and lcds on my '94 golf. Mine don't come on and off... some are just permanently off and some work. For example, the speedometer and tachometer, LCDs and warning lights don't work, but the temp gauge and fuel gauge do work. It started a month ago or so... the first problem was that the speedometer would not go higher than 90km/h. Then all that stuff just stop working. I'm no electrician, but I would guess that it has to do with a loss/decrease of power to the dash or loose connections, rather than the dash components actually malfuntioning.

It looks like a nightmare to take that dash apart...

8th Jul 2007, 05:17

With the on/off business it could either be one of two things, one the hall and crank angle sensors could be malfunctioning which will cause the car to misfire and basically die. Which can sometimes be alleviated by pulling over and restarting the car.

Another thing is that it might be an electrical relay, which when malfunctioning, will drop voltage causing all the sensors in the car to deactivate, until the voltage returns. I was once stuck at a traffic light in a left only lane for over 5 minutes whilst still learning to drive. But yeah its probably one of those two things. The hall/crank angle sensor thing is a popular fault across most 1993-2004 VW/SEAT/Audi models, and its not cheap to fix around 300 AUS for the sensor itself another 100 to fit. I hope that helps...

23rd Oct 2009, 15:02

I would love to know more about your 97 Golf challenges as I'm in the middle of trying to get mine started again...

Let the clutch out one day and hasn't started again for 2 months. Not CPU... tried that, mechanic is stumped as he can't find a wiring diagram...

Does anyone have or know where I can get one for a 97 Golf K2 1.8 liter with a throttle body, for the life of me can't find one any where, even VW doesn't stock, they sent me to Bentley online and they don't have that model either.. go figure..

Certainly been quite the pain..

21st Feb 2014, 08:47

I have 1997 VW Golf 2.0 K2. It's my 4th one, from having a GL and VR6. I love this reliable car. I just bought this off a dealer, and it was sitting in storage for the longest time. I came across a small issue, and wanted to know if anyone can help?

I noticed a rubber burning smell coming from under my hood, and I opened it and scanned the car. It told me it was the O2 sensor, but after 10 minutes the light has shut off till this day (3 days later). I also saw that the smell came from what seemed to be the belt air filter area. I was planning on changing it, but then I opened the air filter and it has watery oil. So I'm confused. I think it may be the PCV valve doing that. Also, I don't know if this is related to this issue, but when I'm at 0-10mph my steering is rigid and it takes both my hands to turn, and even then it's an issue. No leaking from power steering, and it has the right amount of fluid.

If someone has had this issue, please help me. I spent most of my money on this car, so I can't change everything at once. I just want to know what is the best part to start changing; in other words the one that can do most damage if not fixed first?

If I don't get a reply, I will just start with the PCV valve, spark plugs, and wires, and finally the air filter and belt. If someone can recommend something better, please contact me ASAP.


22nd Feb 2014, 15:26

Rubbery smell - before you replace anything, check that there is no oil drip that is touching an exhaust part, or even some other fluid like power steering.