15th May 2006, 07:35

Depending on where you get your information from:

GOLF GTI DSG - 0-60 6.7 - 30-70 6.2

FOCUS ST - 0.60 6.8 - 30-70 6.5.

These figures are from Autocar (EVO sister magazine). Even though the Focus may have more torque it's still slower than the GTI which is further proof that it's not all about big BHP and 200bhp is perfectly adequate. And as said above, the GTI was quicker around a track than an ST driven by the same driver.

'Customer Satisfaction surveys' are absolute non-sense there full of whinging motorists with nothing better to do with there time. I had a Fiat Punto many years ago which always comes at the bottom of these surveys, but hey, I had no problems with it in the 3 years I owned it. Yes people should consider these surveys when choosing a car, but a car purchase shouldn't be made on the views of other's.

15th May 2006, 14:26

So based on the above, where do you get that stunningly naive pearl of wisdom that "Fords are crap, always have been".

As for customer satisfaction surveys, the ADAC one which the Focus won was actually a breakdown survey compiled from data from Germany's major breakdown organisations. "Whinging motorists with nothing better to do" didn't come into it. It was based on pure, "black and white" reliability and breakdown statistics.

Personally speaking when I buy anything, be it a car or a piece of hi-fi, the opinions and experiences of existing owners count for a hell of a lot. How else can you judge how reliable or not your car is likely to be?

16th May 2006, 14:53

The results took into account the number of cars sampled (otherwise it would have been pretty meaningless). I have nothing against Volkswagens as such, and there are certain cars (new Passat, Golf GTI) that I actually rather like. I just find the superiority complex of some owners to be rather tedious, especially when they make sweeping inaccurate statements about other so-called "lesser" marques apparently based on no other grounds than snobbery.

Being good friends with a VW dealer technician, I also know that many VW's (and Audis) are nowhere near as trouble free and reliable as their reputation suggests, and I also know a friend who swears his Passat has cost him more to service over 50,000 miles than his wife's Lotus Elise.

I apologise for wrongly assuming you wrote the previous comment however. It was foolish.

26th Jun 2006, 21:24

You're too fed up with the stereotype that goes along with a GTI so you sell it? Can't you appreciate a fun to drive car when you get one? Or do you just really like wasting money?

31st Jul 2006, 06:15

I'm a 22 year old lad and just ordered myself a new Golf GTi. I've driven this the Focus ST and the Megane 225 and can say in my own opinion it is the best car for me. It feels more refined than the ST and the interior quality even though not as good as the Mk4 Golf is still better than the Fords. As for the Megane yes it's an improvement on past Renaults, but the car broke down on the test drive with an ECU malfunction. This and the fact that it can't put it's power down that smoothly made me disregard it immediately. The Gti has a much better residual value than the ST meaning the Golf is worth £3k more brand new and £5.5k more after 3 years. At the end of it's the best car for my needs and initial extra outlay is more than worth it to get an extra £2.5k three years down the line.

8th Nov 2006, 06:44

Its funny reading all these comments on whats better and why. It appears to me that VW drivers are very loyal to the brand no matter what. No doubt the Golf GTI MK 5 is a good or even great car, but so is the Focus ST, the VXR however has received criticism from press etc. I have come to the conclusion that paying the extra for the Golf for me cannot be justified. If the two cars had the same RRP the decision may have been a little harder. My decision was based on the following facts:

Looks: Equal, I like them both (my opinion, some people prefer fat ladies, not me though!)

Performance: The Focus ST wins here for me, I prefer the low down power. Saying that the VW was equally as quick, but just needed driving harder.

Handling: I am no Colin Mcrae, both cars drove fantastically although I did prefer the higher position in the Focus.

Cabin: Tartan/checked seats nasty, but I am sure you can get plain ones. As for quality I again would rate them on a level.

Price: The focus has to take it.

I think basically its down to a looks thing for most and the die hard VW owners.

My black ST2 arrives tomorrow...

9th Nov 2006, 04:21

Comment on above regarding Ford Focus vs Golf GTi. Focus man - you wait until you sell it! Residuals will be low down and on the long run, the Golf won't cost as much!!! PLus the Golf isn't all about shouting how fast it goes - it can also be the practical family car and the Gti gains more respect!!! It is all down to choice - but at the end of the day it is a Focus vs Golf. Most people would opt for Golf.

9th Nov 2006, 16:14

The GTI gains more respect? From whom exactly? Also if most people would opt for a Golf why is the Focus the UK's best selling car? Residual values are a funny way to judge a car, the unknown (according to guides the GTI and ST are on a level). I cannot see the resale value of the Golf making up the extra money spent (mine is a company vehicle anyway and I will keep the change). As for performance I think if you read what I said I prefer the low down power as it’s more accessible. Based on the car not the badge I have gone for an ST, my decision and my choice after seeing them both. Others will plump for the Golf that’s their choice. They are both family cars neither one is better than the other for a trip down the tip or school run. A new car isn’t a sound buy any brand if all you’re interested in is residuals; buy a 3 year old motor! Take a look at the RS (I know it was limited, but it was in a class of its own at the time for the money). VW haven’t had a class leading car for a long long time and the whole snobbery is a little tiresome, although I did like a recent hire car which was the new Passat. I could buy either, but have chosen what’s best for me.

10th Nov 2006, 03:05

That's fair enough! That's why there is a choice out there. All cars have pros and cons. I didn't mean offence with my last statement (Golf vs Focus), I just know more people who want a VW than Ford. I have driven both, but prefere the VW. Both, however are great cars and I must admit that the Volvo engine in the Ford is a SUPERB bit of kit - the five cylinder sounds great (I've got it in my S70, though a tuned down version!)!