20th Mar 2008, 07:58

You can buy plenty of other cars with 4x4 that go quick like a golf R32. At least some of these are comfortable and they don't have awful interiors and a spoiler that shouts, "Look at me! I bought one of the bottom spec cars in the range!" The Impreza is a good car, with all due respect, but unless you are going for the top spec ones, what is the point? The service costs, the ridiculous price parts of Subaru, and the incredibly poor MPG don't make sense in a car which has a big brother that does everything better; and other cars which do everything the WRX can at less cost with more comfort and better image.

21st Mar 2008, 09:16

The fact that the STI has the big 'look at me' wing means the WRX stands out as being the runt of the Impreza range. The 0-60 time you quoted seems way out, the STI might get under 5 seconds but the WRX is going to struggle to get much below 6. I have seen honda Integra type R's outpull or at least keep up with WRXs' to 60 and they have a book figure of almost exactly 6 seconds.

22nd Mar 2008, 07:23

Well the WRX is certainly comfortable enough, but it doesn't have as much goodies as the golf or focus ST, but it is not pointless its the AWD system that puts it a little higher £ than a golf or focus. But you are getting a lot of car for your money, AWD handling, cracking engine, low centre of gravity. Don't forget the STI is £6000 more than the WRX new. And what can I say about the integra type R, it's a fast car, but that is even more stripped out than a WRX, and only FWD although is does handle well.

18th May 2008, 20:39

I have had my DSG Mk5 GTI for 4 months now, and it seems to be getting faster. There might be faster cars, but in reality it is fast enough. Best of all, I live in the USA and it cost about $25k, or about 13k GB pounds! Europe car prices are high!