14th Dec 2006, 03:30

All I can say is I hope the Golf GTI is able to put the power to the road unlike it's Sister - the Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0 FSI. I know the VRS is heavier and they have the same running gear. Based on this, I assume the Golf is as rubbish in the wet as the Skoda. Can any of you VW fans shed some light on this?

20th Jan 2007, 05:45

It's a shame that the Focus ST is not sold here in America. As for the GTI, people can't get enough of them. By people I mean people between the age of 17 and 25 who are the only people who buy this kind of car here. I assure everyone that if the Focus ST was offered here it would outsell any other sport compact including the Civic SI. As for now I will keep on driving my $25,000 06 Mustang GT just like everyone else here in the states. Boring...

3rd Feb 2007, 11:10

What's the Focus ST like at getting the power to the road? I assume the Golf GTI is as rubbish as it's sister the Skoda Octavia VRS. Fast car, but only in the dry!

3rd Feb 2007, 17:57

Yes it is a shame really, as you VW and FORD owners need to know the the true power of the WRX. Quite often you get people slagging off the impreza because of its "TRANSMISSION LOSSES" as people often like to use against it. But its more than capable of seeing off any "HOT HATCH" just on its handling alone. And no matter what maths you throw at it, you will find it hard to beat one, especially from the lights. Goodbye GTI and ST.

4th Feb 2007, 04:41

The ST in the dry is fine putting the power to the tarmac, in the wet it will spin if you don't control the throttle, the ESP in the wet I find can be a little intrusive if you don't carefully control the throttle also. This is fine if you understand how to control the throttle. Once your out of 1st and into 2nd not a problem whatever the conditions. I drove the MK5 Golf R32 which I must say plants the power to the ground really well, but once your off I would say power delivery is no better than the ST.

4th Feb 2007, 12:17

I don't think you will find that I have made any comment regarding Scoobies or EVO's as I fully agree they are in another class all together if you want raw power. My statement was regarding a hot hatch, a Scoobie or EVO isn't a 'Hot Hatch' as it isn't a hatchback. Scoobie's and EVOS are also a lot more money even for the basic car its in the region of £26500 no extras an EVO even more. To compare these cars in the same band as a sub £20000 car is silly to say the least. Personally I don't want a Scoobie or EVO as they are rough and ready road ready rally cars, I need a bit of comfort for the driving I do. I agree with you though they are great cars none the less.

5th Feb 2007, 07:30

No there wasn't any mention was their, I was a bit bored at a family DO, so I bashed that in on my mobile phone after a few beers. Very good for internet those N73's, fast. Still you are right, except the WRX is around 20K not 26k, just thought i'd get that in "sorry". Still could be fun to carry it on, any comments.

5th Feb 2007, 10:48

At the end of the day - Fords are crap. All you have to do is sit in one. I have just driven a 2003 Ford RS Focus. Fast - but that's it! It felt like sitting in a cheap hatchback. Sparco seats - don't they sell bits in Halfords??? The Golf is better anytime - that's what i'l;l be buying. So what if it's a little slower. I'd buy a Lotus or something if I want pure speed. I want a fast, high quality family hatch that feels special. The Ford (new or old) isn't that.

2nd Jun 2007, 02:57

Looking for a new car and tested a Golf GTI, Focus ST and Mazda3 MPS. MPS was tested first, mental acceleration, but poor interior and electric torque controller felt intrusive so it was off the list. Second test was the ST. This was the most fun to drive and the torque and engine note were great. Seats were good, but not sure about the dash and lack of left foot rest. Third test was the GTI. I was a bit concerned about the sedate drive at first, but once the revs were up it started to motor and handled well. Inside it is very civilised with a quality feel. So which to choose between the Ford and the VW. As someone who has to visit clients in business attire I think the GTI gets the nod. But as an ex Essex boy I really enjoyed the ST.

2nd Jul 2007, 18:33

The debate as to which car is better is marginal, with NCAP testing modern cars in the same class are virtually identical in build standards, especially in the hatchback market.

It would be a case of the emperors new clothes to assume superiority in the more expensive GTI variant over the Ford.

5th Mar 2008, 07:24

A quick question for you all: I owned a 2005 Golf 1.6 FSI which I found slowish (to be honest). It was quicker when the engine was cold (haha!) Anyway, I am thinking of getting a 2005 GTI as "most" reviews seem to be good. BUT I am wondering if I should try and get a DSG or manual? Would I miss the manual feel and control, or is this DSG box the dogs boll*? And I have heard people have had trouble with the DSG, and is it a pricey bit of kit to get serviced?

Let me know!


12th Mar 2008, 20:45

I am a Brit just moved to the USA and bought a Mk5 GTI DSG at the start of '08.

It is fantastic! Some other hot hatches may be slightly faster, but the spread of power and lack of turbo lag is still very impressive.

The DSG 'box is awesome, I never thought a gearbox could make a car so good - the speed of changes is incredible, for those who care it is effectively two 3 speed 'boxes/clutches and by pre-selecting the next gear the changes are incredibly rapid.

The steering, handling and ride are as good as any car I have driven and it does have a high quality feel that it hard to define.

Best of all it is SO much fun to drive.

14th Mar 2008, 10:28

How much did it cost over there?!? Id say a lot less than in Europe!!! haha.

16th Mar 2008, 17:58

The thing is, you are buying a lot more car when you buy the WRX, the value is great, not only are you buying a fast car, and a great drivers car but one of the best AWD systems around. And you are wrong about the streight line speed, a WRX will match a focus ST on mid range punch, the WRX is based on a rally car, its gearbox is designed for fast acceleration off the mark and out of bends, the focus does have a better top speed because of this, and would probably take the WRX in the very high end of things.