2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 2.8 from North America


An overpriced pain in the butt!


One week after purchasing my Jetta (car of my dreams) the Engine light came on. By the time the dealership could get me in, the light was off. A week later, same problem. They told me that my I had to click the gas cap 3 times to secure the pressure, failing to do so was setting off the light. Every 6 days or so the light comes on STILL! I tried to take it to Jiffy Lube as well as numerous other lube shops and NO ONE will change my oil. So rather than paying $15 for an oil change, I have to take it to VW and pay $42.98! Now today my EPC light came on in the McDonalds drive through and of course VW can't get me in until next week. Too bad I have a 300 mile business trip to drive this week!! I always wanted a Jetta, but now I miss my 95 crappy Cavalier!!!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2002

30th Dec 2002, 13:34

I currently own a GLX and couldn't be happier. It is very unfortunate that you see your problems with the car to be a pain. There isn't a car out there that you can buy that is worry free!! I think your complaint is very minor and I think you should look at how well the car is built compared to others in it's price range. I have driven a few different BMW's and would have to say that the VW is a very well built car in comparison. If you think you can buy any other car and not have a problem, then you are pretty naive.

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GL 4 cylinder from North America


Waste of money


Rear brakes had to be replaced at 30,000 miles.

Check engine light continues to come on even after multiple repairs and diagnostic work.

Oxygen sensor replaced twice.

Mass air flow meter replaced twice.

Fuel tank had to be replaced - would not accept gas.

Vacuum hose snapped in half.

General Comments:

Despite being a great looking and fun to drive car, my Jetta has cost me a lot of time and money to keep on the road.

The check engine light comes on for any reason - within 48 hours of each repair, the check engine light has come back on. The dealer asks me to bring it back in so I can be charged to have the problem diagnosed once again.

The fuel tank had to be replaced completely - was without the vehicle for 3 days for this repair.

The car had to be towed back to the dealership - was misfiring. The oxygen sensor and mass air flow meter replaced twice each; coil pack replaced.

Rear brakes wore prematurely - was told this was common on the Jetta.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

20th Nov 2003, 20:24

Yes, every single word you said about Jetta 2000 is totally true, I own one and I had the same problems that you said, and the power stering wheel makes a wear noise every time you make a U turn, until now I still getting the check engine light every 5 or 6 months, by this time I just ignored, I don't know what to do any more, any suggestions?

Erick D.

South California.

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI 1.9L diesel TDI from North America


Although it has its shortcomings, I still love my VW TDI!


Center arm rest console hinge broke.

Back ash tray lid will not stay closed.

Vanity light in driver's side sun block / mirror would not turn on.

Replaced bubbling (cheap) factory tires.

Check engine dummy light came on (probably the glow plug wiring harness $15, not the glow plug relay $105).

Glow plug dummy light blinking (I'm in the process of fixing these now).

General Comments:


It gets great gas mileage, and performs very well for a diesel car.

Diesel fuel is usually cheaper than regular gas.

I can go 500-600 miles before having to refuel.

You can get 40-50 miles per gallon depend on how you drive.

It's quick off the line (manual transmission).

It's great for highway driving.

It looks great.


The paint job is kind of cheap, and prone to chipping.

The back seat needs more foot room, at the expense of less trunk space.

Factory floor mats move around a lot.

Cloth seats pill easily and are hard to clean.

Auto window regulators are a problem for some (not me yet, knock on wood), but there has been a recall on them.

Biggest problem is that VW dealerships are the worst! They rip you off for oil changes ($53!!) and give you crappy oil and service to boot. At my stealership, you also have to schedule an oil change appointment a MONTH in advance!

If the dealership doesn't know what the problem is, they will attempt to get you to pay for them throwing new (and expensive) parts at the car, while they try to figure out what is wrong.

My solution is to find a reliable mechanic, who isn't afraid to work on a diesel; or buy a repair manual and the diagnostic tool (VAG tool) and do minor repairs yourself.

I do all my own oil changes and maintenance. A premium diesel oil can be found at Walmart (Rotella) and the filters can be bought for $5-10 over the Internet. Parts are also a lot cheaper over the Internet www.vwparts.com.

For a lot more information on these cars, and more in depth information on their problems and solutions, check out www.tdiclub.com.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

26th Jul 2003, 23:51

My son has a 2000 VW Jetta GLX and I have a 2001 VW Jetta GLS. My son's check engine light keeps coming on and the VW dealership keeps telling him to tighten the gas cap five clicks. It keeps coming on. I took my jetta to the dealership to have a key reprogrammed and when it came out of the service department it had the EPS and check engine light on. They told me it needed a new engine computer (ECU) and an ABS module. The cost would be $1460. I left!! I still have to have the car repaired. I am very unhappy and disappointed!

28th Sep 2004, 02:34

2002 Jetta GLS TDI manual transmission {70k miles}

This car has a front end noise. Sounds like it is in the drive shaft area. Have replaced both wheel bearings. The noise is intermittent, doesn't matter whether in gear or not, clutch in or out, swerving left or right, under load or not.