2001 Volkswagen Jetta 4 cylinder from North America


Piece of DOODOO!


Okay. So I've noticed my car has been overheating while driving, but when on idle it goes back to a normal temperature. When it is over heating it goes to the maximum of 260 degrees F.

I took it to the body shop and they told me I needed a new head gasket and a new thermostat, which will cost me $2000. It's kinda ridiculous when the parts alone are only $400 and the rest is labor.

I called Volkswagen and they told me the head gasket is very rare to blow up due to over heating. They told me to bring it in and have them take a look at it. What should I do? I think $2000 is just insane! Anyone having the same problem?

General Comments:

It's a piece of crap!

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2009

13th Jul 2009, 13:21

Is it a vr6 model? A few reputable techs have said that that engine is prone to head gasket failure as the 15 degree tilt causes excessive heat in the valley, slightly warping the one piece head. I own one and fear this flaw.

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX VR6 from North America


An expensive joy


First my radiator, then my auto transmission was skipping third gear.

The dealership had great attention and service, they replaced the transmission in three days.

Then the passenger's power window collapsed.

To try putting an aftermarket radio in is a pain in the butt, because of the aftermarket amp.

General Comments:

This car, because has an automatic, means it will give 24 mpg in the highway (it has a 4 speed with no overdrive), and also because it's a VW the parts will be expensive, and because this car was assembled in Mexico, is not well done, but despite all of that, it's a great looking car.

It's fun to drive, my VR6 is a blast on the highway, the sound system is loud and clear, and with a cat back exhaust it growls.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2009

2001 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8 T from North America


Fun to drive, pain to maintain


Rear brake wear at 30k (normal), replaced with aftermarket higher quality brakes that will last twice as much.

Driver door sagging - dealer repaired.

Paint peel at 30k - VW declined repair, very rude about it.

Oil dipstick holder broke at about 30k - made out of plastic (???), self serviced.

Interior trim peel - at 12k dealer repaired once, then again happened a year later, left it that way.

Cup holder/drawer console between 2 front seats broke 3 times already - bad design of latch, self serviced.

VW round decal on one wheel broke, VW charged me $20 for it!!!

Cold temp sensor at 28k - self serviced, part cost $4 dealer wanted $180 for repair!

MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) went out at 35k, dealer replaced free of charge.

Alternator went out at 30k - dealer wanted $800 for new alternator!!! Repaired locally at another shop for $500, alternator cost $400!!!

Window regular broke at 10k, dealer serviced free of charge (recall).

Brake light switch recall.

Doors rattle.

General Comments:

Overall this car has been a lot of fun to drive. I liked and still like the design, the looks but I think the Mexican assembly really did this car in.

I have friends with German-made Golfs in Europe and those are rock solid. At ten years old they have less rattles than mine!

I've enjoyed driving this as it is a very sporty car and it hugs the road (killer Michelin tires!), and it actually feels more responsive than my friends 325 BMW from the same year and pretty much anything I drove in this price range.

The Monsoon stereo has been amazing. The trunk is better and fits more stuff than cars twice this size, and the back seats are easily taken out for more space when hauling things.

Overall - the car could've been really nice if the dealer support was friendlier and less costly. I'd have to say if I can pair this car with the Ford dealership support I've had in the past, this car could've been a total winner.

Overall VW dealer support in my area is abysmal. Every time I walk in their service department I feel like a dear in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle. Very sleazy and unfriendly management. They even tried to blame the door sag on my then new car to an auto accident that the car was never in. Anything to avoid paid repair!

VW then follows up with a customer service rep/ sales rep scoring system that only lets you give marks and not give any overall essay type answers. When you rate your rep badly they get combative and drop you, or screw up your repairs and then drop you. So far none of them tried to fix the problem. Apparently this is tied to the VW bonus system or dealership incentives, so the management is really on their toes for these reviews.

While your car is in repair you can forget about getting a loaner vehicle. Out of the 10 or so recalls that VW did under warranty, I managed to have a rental/loaner maybe 3 times. The dealership always tried to make it really hard to get one or would decline after you've reserved a vehicle with them.

I am really angry with VW for nickel and diming their clientèle, especially with the interior peel and paint peel problems - pretty much all VWs of that year and newer that I've seen have it, and so far no recall and surprisingly no class action lawsuit. Hopefully someone will pick up on that!

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Review Date: 5th February, 2009