2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI from North America


If you want to spend too much money on a car, please buy mine. VW should be ashamed


The turbo went before I bought it, so I thought that's one major expense I won't have to worry about ($2,000 repair).

Rear calipers seized - my VW mechanic said it's common with this model. $1,000 repair.

EGR valve needed replacing - mechanic said the manifold on this car is prone to excessive carbon deposits due to its design. $1,000 repair.

Timing belt replaced, which is to be expected, though the $1,000 price tag was not.

Flywheel was close to throwing itself apart - mechanic says it happens sometimes with these cars. $1,000 repair.

Valves are ticking. Mechanic says it's OK to run it as it is if I can't afford the $1,000 repair at this time (which I can't).

Bushing, tie-rods, ball joints, wheel bearing needed replacing in front end. Seems excessive wear to me for the mileage of the vehicle, especially since it's been highway driven most of its life. $1,000 repair (my mechanic likes this number I think).

Switch in driver's door, which operates interior lights, and other things, does not work - $500 to repair, which I can't afford, so will live with it not working.

Bulbs blowing everywhere - headlight, driving lights, turn signal light, etc. When a rear turn signal bulb blew, there was nothing to indicate it was out (in other cars I've owned, the signal blinks at double-time so you know you have a dangerous situation). I don't know how long the turn signal bulb was out, but discovering it provided explanation to me why I had gotten angry honks, and people not letting me in for lane changes.

CD player stopped working.

Strange electrical quirks periodically occur (light staying on/not coming on/radio etc).

Heated seat switch failed - $80 to replace.

General Comments:

I had the dealer de-program the automatic door locks that lock whenever you exceed 12km/hr (every time I went to open a door, it was locked). They are not able to de-program the automatic trunk lock. Hey VW, how about a lock that locks when I want it to, and not otherwise, or at least have a switch that allows me to turn off the option?!

Seats recline with an awkward knob at the side of the seat. It's much less practical than the lever I've had on every other car I've ever been in.

The clearance is so low on this car that you really need to require a metal skid plate for under the engine. Apparently it comes with a plastic plate, but that didn't help the previous owner who took out the oil pan over a rock. It doesn't take much of a rock or pothole to risk damage. Not a good car if you ever drive gravel or rough roads.

I once owned a 1982 VW van. Vowed I'd never get another VW after that - constant failures of everything, large and small. I bought the Jetta, figuring after 20 years they must have ironed out most of those problems, since they're still in business. I was wrong. I have no idea how they manage to still exist with such terrible design and construction. It's like their engineers are total techno-geeks who design things in unique ways, just to be different, with no thought to durability, practicality, or cost - and the VW management must give them free range.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2012

28th Oct 2012, 08:29

Sounds like a typical VAG product. You need to be a mechanic, with a lot of spare time on your hands, to be able to afford them, and then the price of the parts will still leave a major hole in your pocket.

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0L from North America


Best car I've ever owned


Recalled thermostat sensor, brake light sensor.

Catalytic converter at 60k, fixed at local muffler shop for $175.

Serpentine belt at 50k miles; $120 at local mechanic shop.

Vents were peeling when I bought it.

Center armrest broken.

Glovebox handle fell off.

Driver window fell in 2010 (clips needed to be tightened).

Drinks oil (always has).

New battery in 2010.

6 Disc CD changer is extremely finicky - works sometimes (when it wants to).

General Comments:

Love my VW!

Overall, this has been a great car and very reliable. In the eight years I have owned this, I have had very little issues.

It's comfortable for me, but I am smaller. My boyfriend has issues getting in and out of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2012