2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI 1.9 turbo diesel from North America


Better than expected, in every respect!


Nothing has gone wrong with this car, which is amazing.

General Comments:

This VW Jetta TDI is without a doubt the most solid, reliable, and economical car that I have ever owned.

I am aware of three other TDI's of the same model year that have gone over 200,000 miles.

There has been no trouble at all associated with the diesel fuel - the technology has come a long ways since the first US diesel cars.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2003

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 from North America


Love it


I have had a wonderful experience with my Jetta. It has been comfortable and very reliable.

On Friday I rolled down my driver's side window and the window wouldn't roll back up. I immediately called the dealership that does my service. They said to bring it in this morning (Monday).

I took it this morning. They replaced the broken clip in the window for free, and replaced the unbroken clips in the other windows. I was told that the new clips are covered for 7 years from my purchase date.

General Comments:

I have only good things to say about my car. I love it.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2003

2001 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 2.8 from North America


The biggest mistake I've ever made!!


Both driver and passenger window units have been replaced.

Driver side seatbelt security device faulty.

Have had system computer reset 3 times in 4 months.

Two sensors replaced.

Engine is faulty has been deemed faulty and in need of replacement.

Had to replace rear brakes 2 and 1/2 weeks after purchase.

General Comments:

The car is surprisingly quick and responsive.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2003

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8T (turbo) from North America


An excellent choice all around


A strange intermittent low popping noise sometimes comes from somewhere in the back while idle; mostly at stoplights. I've taken it in to the dealership and they checked it out thoroughly, twice, at no cost to me, and reported that no matter what they checked they didn't find anything. They also hadn't heard of such a problem, but they've kept a lookout for it. Since the car has run absolutely perfectly except for the unusual noise, I've just accepted it as a part of this particular car.

General Comments:

I love this car.

From the other comments I've read, it seems that those who have had problems with the Jetta mostly had issues with the dealership. I can definitely state that dealership is a major factor in the service you'll get. (One person mentioned the paint peeling off their console - All I could think was, What paint?) It seems that some dealerships are very shifty and others give excellent service. I have been fortunate enough to have the excellent service of Countryside VW here in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, but I know not all dealerships are this good.

My Jetta has never failed to perform, even in harsh Minnesota winters. Good response, good brakes, good engineering in general; very safe car, and I would sleep just fine at night if my closest friends were driving them as well.

Volkswagens in general tend to be "quirky" cars (the avid owners call it "personality"), but the Jetta is surprisingly stable and reliable as they go.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2003

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.9L turbo diesel from North America


A nice looking piece of junk!


Problem 1: Our ABS light came on and we took the car in for service. Dealer had the car for 3 days, turned the light off via computer and said they couldn't find a problem, they told us it might be a dirty sensor. We picked the car up and the light came back on the very next day. Took the car into the dealer and again they said they could not duplicate the issue. Well, on the 8 mile drive home the ABS light came on again. This time we demanded that they fix the problem (warranty). The dealership finally admitted that there was a problem and they were ordering parts. Our car sat at the dealership for 18 days while they waited for the replacement ABS Module. The dealer never did tell us there was a national recall on the ABS module.

Problem 2: The automatic transmission would not come out of park. We called Volkswagen assistance and the agent was able to walk us through a series of steps that would allow us to get the car out of park and in for service. Obviously this problem had happened too many other Jetta owners, because the agent said he "knew what the problem was" and was able to help immediately. Dealer said they replaced a faulty brake light switch.

Problem 3. Very little air flow from the driver and passenger dash side vents. All the air seems to blow out the dash center vents. Doesn't matter if the fan is on high or low. Dealer says that is normal. However we demonstrated to them, with another car on their lot, that the air flow should be more uniform. No resolution yet.

Problem 4: Rear brake shoes wore out at 36,000 miles. Front brake shoes are still about 80%. Everyone knows this is a chronic design problem with these cars.

Problem 5: After putting the car in reverse, it would not move or would hesitate and then slam into gear.

This happened intermittently, but began to occur more frequently. We took the car into the dealer and after having the car 12 days, they replaced the automatic transmission control module (TCM).

General Comments:

The Jetta TDI gets fairly good mileage and for the most part is a solid car.

However, a new car should not have all these problems. We own 4 other vehicles ranging in age from 12 to 5 years and none of them has ever been in the shop for other than scheduled maintenance.

Avoid Volkswagens.

I will never buy another.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2003

22nd May 2004, 07:56

Thank you for writing your information so that I could find it and go to the dealership with some knowledge. My car has been wonderful so far and my dealership too. But of course now my warranty is out and I had the same problem as you stated- my car won't let me out of park.

This is very stressful and scary on a busy Chicago street at rush hour, while five months pregnant with my first child, and a traffic cop yelling at me to move my car or get ticketed. You cannot be pulled over on our streets during rush hour downtown period.

Volkswagen as you stated knew exactly what this was (obviously this happens to others)and how to get this unlocked to get to the dealership. My husband had to finally come to help me, I could not unlock it. It is shocking that they know what this is, tell you how to get it to release in order to bring it to the dealership, but don't tell you what it is or if you are in danger of driving the car after this occurs.

28th Jun 2004, 09:53

Regarding Problem #5 - did replacing the TCM fix the problem??

My Jetta is having the same problem, the dealer has had it for 10 days and still can't locate the problem!!

25th Jul 2005, 08:07

I bought a 2000 Jetta last year and have had many of the same problems. At the moment, the infamous brake light switch is being replaced at the dealer for the SECOND time in a year. They won't acknowledge that this is a defect in the product. How their service manager keeps a straight face when he insists that there is no problem I can't guess. I suppose that's why he has the job...

Frankly, this car is just poorly made. I don't know what changed from the 1990 Jetta that I owned. The '90 was a great car--that's why I bought this one. But wow, the 2000 is just a money pit.

Buyer beware--avoid the Jetta!

5th Dec 2008, 10:33

#5 After putting the car in reverse, it would not move or would hesitate and then slam into gear.

Mine only does this when it was cold outside. Did you find this happened to you too??

25th Feb 2010, 17:04

5th Dec 2008, 10:33

How did you fix the problem?

The one that would not move or would hesitate and then slam into gear. Only when it's cold outside or the car is in cold temperatures. Thank-you.