2004 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


I am switching to Nissan as soon as I can


The car seat heaters were recalled.

The back door lock has broken twice.

The clutch blew (the cylinder was leaking) at 40,000km.

The car is now at 51,000 km and it's in the shop with many problems. These current problems include:

The brake lights won't go out even when the car is turned off.

The gas pedal does not get stuck itself, but the car will stop accelerating without me removing my foot every time I hit 20km/hr, 40km/hr, 60km/hr, and 80km/hr - the dealership has been unable to replicate this problem.

The clutch grinds when I put it into 2nd gear - this has been happening for some time now.

It sometimes takes awhile to get my car to go into reverse (manual transmission).

General Comments:

The dealership is currently looking at it to determine whether it is a warranty or "customer pay" situation. Considering I am leasing this car and it is supposed to be under warranty for 4 years (or 80,000km), I am a little upset about this. Obviously, I am hoping that they will determine it is a warranty situation.

On the good side, the people at the dealership are very friendly and have been empathetic.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2006

2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI Wagon 100HP TDI from North America


Economical, practical, and versatile. Best car purchase I've ever made


Nothing major - exhaust gate replaced at 32000 miles.

Faulty sensor in coolant overflow tank - replaced.

General Comments:

The TDI is the best choice for today's high gas prices. Hybrid's don't match up to the cost of ownership - they are a true waste of money. Plus, they are small, cramped, have no performance, and are expensive.

My TDI Wagon can carry my wife and I, plus the dog, and all other "goodies" AND tow a Sea Doo on a trailer (1000 lbs). I attached a tow mount and wire harness- did it myself in about 2 hours. The torque is more than enough to yank the PWC from the water. I get chuckles from people on the boat ramp - until they see what the wagon can do!!!

You cannot beat the fuel mileage on VW TDI's!!! I average 39-41 city and 44-47 highway. During the summer months (Texas), this drops to about 33 city and 39 highway - gotta run that A/C.

Diesel is still cheaper than 87 octane gas - and will always be.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2006

26th Oct 2007, 21:04

Well, so much for timeless comments. Now, in 2007, diesel is almost 45 cents MORE per gallon than 87 octane. Who knew?

20th May 2008, 02:59

Well heck, the 40+ MPG you get is still better than what my Volvo 850 gets. ;)

Wish I had a diesel Jetta...

2004 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.8 T from North America


I will only own a jetta!


The only problems I have had so far is the fuel pump went at 8,000 miles and the rear brake rotors had to be replaced at 2,000 miles.

Maintenance is quiet expensive. 20,000 mile maintenace cost me over $300.

General Comments:

This is my second Jetta and I am very happy with it. The power is outstanding as well as the handling. Gas mileage is great on the highway. All the controls are very easy to use, and very basic. The blue/red lights are great and everything is easy to see at night. The Monsoon system is just OK at most, sound quality could be MUCH better, especially the way VW "hypes" about the Monsoon.

This car is a real head turner. All my friends love it and I have gotten two of them to buy one.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2006

4th Apr 2006, 15:28

Don't go to dealers for tuneups and the like. For almost everything on your car, either you or a local (cheaper too) mechanic can take car of the car. Bringing it to dealers all the time is just not the right thing to do.

21st Sep 2007, 20:15

I don't think early failures of the fuel pump and brakes are good things. Wait until you reach 50K miles.