2005 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 1.9 tdi from North America


I love it, for what I paid for it I couldn't be happier


Nothing major has gone wrong minus when taken in to the dealership they adjusted my fuel gauge. I had to take it back in to readjust it.

General Comments:

I find the car fun to drive and it corners well.

During the winter with all the construction and ice where I live the car handled very well.

The heated seats are nice and the interior is comfortable to me.

Not super comfy for people in the backseat though (especially taller/heavier set people)

LOVE the milage. Diesel is cheaper than gas here so for me it's a great deal.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2006

2005 Volkswagen Jetta turbo from North America


Safe car but shoddy workmanship


This is the fourth Volkswagen we have had in our family. On THREE of them the windshield has broken, one of them when the dealer put a new rear view mirror on it.

I have also had several problems with the tires going flat. We have several cars in our family, but the VW's seem to have the most problems with these particular issues.

I also had problems with the windows falling of the inside track and dropping inside the door. This requires a replacement part and a loss of the car for a day or more while the dealership makes the repair. VERY FRUSTRATING especially when you're on vacation in the middle of the desert!

One thing that happens, but has not caused a problem with the function of the car itself is that parts seem to fall off for no apparent reason. Anything that has a cover seems to be a problem. Even the little plastic guards that cover the gearshift have fallen off.

I don't know why this is, but it seems like every VW it is difficult to open the trunk, I have had to take all of them in to have them adjusted.

General Comments:

On the positive side, one of the main reasons I put up with all of this is that the cars are very safe. I have been in two different VW's in accidents and have been lucky to walk out with almost no injuries. I was hit head-on by a drunk driver and the car took the impact. I consider myself to be lucky. The other driver broke his neck and two other drivers were killed when he hit them. So all in all I will put up with a few pieces of broken plastic for the safety I feel when I drive this car!

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

2005 Volkswagen Jetta New Body 2.5 from North America


I wouldn't buy another one for a dollar


My door speaker blew out 1st week I had it.

I took the car to the dealer 4 times before they replaced the speaker.

After replacing the speaker they left a screw or bolt in the door that rattles all the time.

Has too much road noise, can hear a lot of wind through the doors and windows when closed.

General Comments:

The car handles vey well and is very good on fuel economy, but has too many small problems that all add up.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2006

2005 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L from North America


Love the car, hate the company


Sunroof exploded outward while driving at 20mph.

General Comments:

Going 20mph on smooth road, no trees or falling objects, but the sunroof suddenly exploded outward. Dealership claims this had to have happened due to an impact to the car; however, no marks were found on car.

Plus, 911 was called as I thought I was shot at. Glass went everywhere. VW company refused to pay for a new sunroof.

Bought my car brand new 09/14/05???

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Review Date: 26th December, 2005

27th Dec 2005, 13:09

That is dealer BS. Tempered safety glass can shatter due to defects at anytime. A scratch made during manufacture or assembly can lead to the glass snapping later down the road (no pun intended). I have seen side windows shatter when doors were shut under normal force. Call VW corporate and complain.