2005 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Overall, a good car


The buttons on my radio have bubbled and peeled. During an oil change, I asked if the buttons could be replaced; I was told the radio would have to be replaced to change the buttons. What guarantees do I have that the same thing will not happen if I purchase a new one?

Additionally, the trunk has challenges some days. It does not always close.

General Comments:

Love the safety features on the car.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2011

2005 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Great, reliable young adult car, but wouldn't one get again


Dust liner on bottom of front of car fell off, and I had to cut the rest of it off.

Loud noise when started in the morning; usually goes away after a minute or two of warm up.

Radio buttons have bubbled and peeled off. Even ones that I have never touched.

In cold weather (I live in So-Cal, so anything below 60 degrees) the trunk does not want to close, it takes several attempts, it "latches", but not really because the display shows it as open, I have to manually open it with my key and attempt to close it again. Sometimes it won't register it as ever being closed, and then my car doesn't fully lock.

Pain to change the oil filter, since there is a special cup that you have to buy; easier to take it somewhere and have them do it.

Dash makes a weird rattling sound once in a while.

General Comments:

Handles very well.

Shifting is super easy.

Love the heated seats!

Love the grocery hook in the trunk, I use it all the time.

Trunk is huge, I fit a bookcase and bikes in there all the time (of course it won't close, but that is why there are cords to tie it with).

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Review Date: 24th December, 2009

2005 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Gorgeous car, but the numerous small problems with Jettas mean it's not worth buying the vehicle


* Front bumper vent grills have fallen out numerous times.

* Car smells like crayons.

* Weird gelatinous "goo" is seeping out from under the door on the outside of the car, I have NO idea what that is.

* When I roll up my window, occasionally it will roll all the way back down.

* The interior lights will turn on by themselves. Also, the lights on the visor will come on even when I don't open the flap that is covering the mirror.

General Comments:

I have had two Jetta's. I bought a used 2001 Jetta GLS in 2001, and also bought a new 2005 Jetta. The same problems have happened in both cars and I am so surprised how many people have been having the same exact problems. I thought I was crazy thinking the car smelled like crayons, and it's embarrassing when every single person that goes in my car comments on how much it smells like crayons.

Also in my old 2001 Jetta, the passenger window would fall into the door and I also had every problem occur with my new car. The only reason I bought a new Jetta was because I was hoping the problems were with the 2001 used car I bought. But NOPE, the exact problems occurred in a brand new 2005 Jetta.

I love the way they look on the outside and inside. But other than that I hate everything about it!!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2009

18th Jun 2011, 15:43

They really do smell like crayons! I don't own one, but two people I know have 04 and 05 Jettas that both smell like crayons. Weird.

2005 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 1.8T from North America


The only girl I thought would never mess me over, did :*(


Transmission replaced @ 32,000 miles (warranty covered 5000.00 USD)

Battery and fuel regulator @ 48,000 miles (1000.00 USD)

Timing belt and water pump @ 60,000 miles (1400.00 USD)

Head gasket, turbo lines, internal engine components (5300.00 USD)

*** A lot of headlights and tail lights and brake lights kept blowing out in intervals of 6-9 weeks after 30,000 miles.

I purchased this vehicle brand NEW off the show room floor. I signed a lease to own contract. 350 dollars a month for 48 months, with an option to buy for 10,000 dollars at the end of my contract, or simply return the vehicle for 0.15 cents a mile over 40,000 miles. (worst financial mistake I ever made in my entire life).

My car's last known problems were internal engine component failure and turbo line replacements, topping the final bill with labor to 5300.00 USD NOTE: knowing this car is a lease and I still had 10 months left on my term, I had to give it back to VW and I still owe them 9000.00 dollars!!!

My first problem happened with the tip-tronic transmission missing the first gear, catching at 3000rpms, causing a terrible knocking noise and excessive acceleration to 2nd. VW honored their warranty under 40,000 miles and replaced the 5,000 dollar transmission for free!

My second problem happened when my car lost about 30 percent of mileage and random shut downs while driving. I am able to restart the car and drive for another 2 miles before repeating steps one through three (drive, shut down, restart) VW charged me for a new battery, fuel pump regulator, and a ground to prevent the cylinders from miss firing. 1000 dollars later I was back on the road and gained my optimum miles per gallon.

My third problem was an unhealthy noise coming from the engine bay. It sounded like Jetta was trying too hard in idle. She wasn't as quite as she used to be. VW said I needed a new timing belt and water pump 20,000 miles before my scheduled date. 1400 dollars later Jetta was a quite good girl.

My last and final problem came when I was driving home, and the Jetta just ceased all electronic and engine activity. I was left coasting 1/8 of a mile to a safe location away from harms way. I tried to revive the Jetta with jumper cables, but it made a nasty electronic sound, the same noise you would hear coming from a hand drill.

When you buy a brand new VW, it's nice to know they offer peace of mind with FREE TOW-AWAY service to the nearest authorized VW dealership.

General Comments:

She was run way model and my daily driver. She was completely stock with no modifications. (just how she was made) The only difference was the personal care I took to give my baby girl the best she deserved.

Four Door Sports-Sedan.

Exterior Styling: 8/10 The GLI chrome trim and aggressive stance is envied by most VW drivers, and shouldn't be out of style until 2012.

Interior Styling: 7/10 elegantly simple. Blue and red lights lit up the cockpit like the 4th of July. But I hated the limited passenger room and the tilt function of the finely stitched Recaro bucket seats.

Acceleration: 7/10 Not the fastest thing on the road, but red lights are tempting. You can pass anyone on the highway with ease.

Braking: 8/10 Very large brakes for a car under 200 hp.

Handling: 8/10 Twist and turns with minimal body roll.

Reliability: 1/10 Free tow away service!

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2008

22nd Apr 2009, 09:51

I agree that the problems you experienced aren't fun, but you can't entirely blame the car. You leased the GLI brand new in 05, and by 08 had already put 79K miles on it! That's over 26K a year in mileage, which is pretty ridiculous overall. When you're using your car that much, problems very well may occur faster, that's to be expected.

Also, you can't blame them for still owing $9,000. You said yourself you had to pay 0.15 a mile over 40K miles. That means you went 39K miles over. So $5,850 is just your own over mileage charges. You should have gotten a lease to cover higher mileage.

I realize people commute, I myself drive over 23 miles just to get to work in the morning, making my daily commute over 46 miles a day, at least, in DC traffic. But to put 100 miles a day on your vehicle and not expect problems? You're pushing too much blame on the car and not enough on yourself.