11th Jun 2010, 16:18

Very true. I'm in northern VA and I drove all up and down the eastern coast. I was much younger then, and going through that experience taught me a valuable lesson in life.

Now I own a 1995 Nissan Maxima SE. I bought it in 2008 with 63K miles on it. It's now 2010 and it has 109K miles. That's 23K a year I'm putting on Maximus Prime. ZERO problems. It's as fast and has the same miles per gallon, although not as sexy as Jetta Jamison, but ZERO problems. ZERO, not electrical, not mechanical, not anything...

I hate VW. I love my 1995 Nissan Maxima for not giving me any problems. I've been reading on this site, and the 95 Maxima's are good for 300K.

17th Nov 2010, 14:22

I have the same car 2005 Jetta GLI. I love it, it's been great, no problems at all. It's got 65000 on it now. It's 5 years old. I did the brakes and changed the oil, that's it. Oh, and it did have a sun roof leak that was fixed, but there's not a thing I can say bad about this car at all.

Sorry, you got a lemon, you should have taken it back under the lemon law!

12th May 2011, 20:20

To the second comment: you bought a 1995 Maxima in 2008 with only 63K miles? Sounds too good to be true, but even if it is, don't expect it to be maintenance free. A 15 plus year car with less than 75K might have carbon build-up. If not, then you found a good deal :)

8th Oct 2011, 12:04

It's me again! The joy of driving a 5 thousand dollar car goes along way. It's October 2011 and Maximus Prime now has 130,000 miles. My heated seats no longer work and AC compressor is bad. Oh well. That's it. Engine still idles quietly at 600 RPMs and I'm enjoying all the money I saved over the last several years of no car payments and almost maintenance free driving. To all those thinking of buying a VW, DON'T. Just read the reviews, it's pretty unanimous.

8th Aug 2014, 09:05

Chevy 2500 gasser, work truck, drive over 125 miles a day, original engine, tranny, 145k, still chugging along nicely. No major failures, just routine maintenance. Every VW I've seen is a lemon.