20th Aug 2010, 10:54


I liked your summary, I felt quite the same way when I first purchased mine (2000 Jetta VR6, leather seats, moonroof etc, sounds identical).

However, I found that my car gave out quickly on me. I am also a college student, bought mine a year ago today at 110,000k. I was obsessed, I love the performance, the engine, the quality of the car was fantastic for such an old compact. I drove it well, maintained perfectly, and bought it from an old woman who drove it like a snail (sad, because never realized the potential), but basically, well maintained and driven "respectfully".

However, the last 3 months or so it seems like it just gave up and blew up in my face. Suddenly spark wires/plugs need to be replaced (had done so recently at VW dealership garage), check engines lights are coming on everyday, ABS light, light, and it's rumbling loud.

So I put it up on the hoist at work, did the diagnosis. Needs new wires and plugs, new air filter, new cam shaft, muffler pipe connector split, exhaust rusted through bolts (probably the rust-proofers fault though) and tonnes of other small problems. I feel like I kept it going great, and it betrayed me. I can see where your friend had the same problem. The car is now at 145,000k and ready to be retired. So all in all, I was in love with this car, but it can really flip outta nowhere, I would warn others to ditch it young.

5th May 2011, 01:04

Original poster here.

I sold the Jetta at 136k when the A/C compressor blew out and the radio quit working. Also the engine wouldn't idle correctly causing it to stall, which sucked for a stick shift.

In my opinion, they are good for 80k then dump them! I now own my dad's 1998 Toyota 4Runner with 225,000 miles and it runs better than the Jetta ever did!

The Jetta WAS a good car but quickly turned into a POS. The 1.8Ts aren't any better. I bought one in hopes of better reliability and it was worse than the VR6.

5th May 2011, 18:41

Maintenance inclined is a understatement for a VW or Audi. It's more like a full time job function.