17th Dec 2009, 11:46

I TOTALLY agree with you, I am 23 years old and have had my 2002 VW JETTA TURBO last year in April, it had 79 000 miles.

Before making the decision of buying a VW JETTA, I did some research, and found out about a lot of issues with these cars, even if that, I went ahead and got myself a JETTA.

I have had exactly the same problems you've had with your car, a lot of them fixed under warranty by the dealer for free. Now my car has 105,000 miles and it's running like a dream.

I've had some other problems, but I have found that going to the dealer is not always the best option (it's expensive and sometimes they don't even know what the problem is).

If you do some research online first about your problem with your car, there will be a lot of forums with people that have had the same issues, and hopefully you have an idea of what is wrong, that way you don't let the mechanics fool you with expensive repairs when it's not necessary...

Oil changes in my car have to be done every 2500 miles, other than that, it's pretty much a trouble free car.

I constantly check my car myself, and when there's something wrong with it, I do research first, before taking it to the mechanic..

P.S. VW is now replacing the COILS for free!!! I just got a letter from the dealer and I'm taking my car in, since they've already failed.


3rd Jan 2010, 06:21

We have owned VW's for many years. We bought a used 1984 Jetta for our son (100K) and he is still driving it today (400K+).

Our 2002 Jetta runs well, but the electrical sensor replacing is getting old. Cam sensor, crank sensor, water pump, timing belt tensioner, brakes, etc... We were recently stranded on the highway, but found a dealer, that got us in and going the same day. Finding a good reliable independent VW mechanic is tough, but well worth the find. If you are going to drive VW, then be prepared to do the maintenance. I love to drive, so we stay with the VW family.

16th Jan 2010, 00:28

I just purchased a used 2002 Jetta, and this review has been incredibly helpful for me in knowing what to look for, preventive maintenance-wise. Thank you!

25th Jan 2010, 10:43

Well if I had it to do all over again, I guess we would have bought our VW brand spanking new. Instead, we knew nothing of how the young kid that preowned it treated it or mistreated it! Of course we suffered the repercussions of that.

And not knowing a private mechanic who could work on it definitely hit the pocket hard a few times.

When it's working properly, I LOVE my car! But I have a lot to learn about VWs, and why and how to baby them... I've fixed so much I'm now deathly afraid of the things mentioned above that I haven't fixed yet... I just want my Vdub to work consistently for at least a year or two without any major problems plleaaassee!! (and I do have to say that one big problem was from a very careless VW dealership that worked on our car)

Bought it at 63,000, and it's now up to 122,XXX and I've had it since end of 2006... Yes I have kept the road hot! If you can afford to maintain it properly, they are wonderful, safe cars!!

22nd Oct 2012, 00:21

I unfortunately was one of the fools who actually bought one of these cars brand new, and took it to the dealership as per the manual during my years of ownership. I think I experienced every problem people here have written about. Coils, engine sludge, radio, windows falling, sunroof sticking, sunroof leaking, changed tail lights about 8 times.

The final straw was the tranny problem; it would bang hard when going from 1st to 2nd, I thought it was going break. A VW mechanic went on a drive with me and said "there is nothing mechanically wrong with it, it's the sensors", $1000 to change 2 sensors in the tranny. He was kind enough to tell me there were quite a few more in there... if you have time on your hands and money in your pocket, do what they say, learn more about these cars than an actual mechanic... I guarantee you'll be able to find tons of people just giving these cars away...

I went from driving a German sedan with an award winning 1.8T engine, to a Korean built bare bones commuter, and I happily am NEVER going back... You have been warned.

22nd Oct 2012, 13:39

Can anyone say overpriced, unreliable, waste of money?

My uncle bought one brand new, and likes the way it drives, but the car is an unreliable money pit, suitable for short distance drives only.

Numerous serious drivetrain issues before 100k, as well as cheap interior fit and finish, defective power windows and electrical gremlins.

Repairs are astronomically high; may as well buy a BMW or Range Rover, as the repairs and parts will be the same price.