15th Feb 2010, 06:44

I'm curious why the tires only lasted 25K, I have a 2008 Rabbit and a 2006 Jetta for my wife, and the Rabbit's tires were replaced at 27K, but the tires on the Jetta will last to about 50K, both with the Continentals. Aggressive driving (city), hot weather?

28th Jun 2010, 12:17

I too have experienced peeling radio labels.

The light above the driver's side sun visor has fallen out of the socket.

The driver's seat (leather) is not wearing well at all.

Today I found out that I need a new radiator which seems poor to me at 137,000 km of use.

The mileage is excellent, 52 MPG on average, but the car is disappointing from a reliability and durability perspective.

Not sure I'd buy another.

25th Aug 2010, 14:00

I purchased a 2006 Jetta TDI new.

Before 30,000 miles the torque converter had to be replaced, then there was power steering problem (as in freeze up completely).

After 50,000 miles the fly wheel had to be replaced. The interior light would work intermittently when entering or exiting the car; the paint on all of the knobs in the interior is fading & peeling; my headliner is now splitting in the back two corners above the back seats and falling down in several other places. My care as 64,000 miles! And it rattles.

When purchased it I was thinking of a vehicle that would last through my retirement - that's a joke. 50 MPG on the highway is great, as long as you have a car that runs, doesn't have anything major wrong with it and you still have an interior intact.

I would never purchase another VW product or recommend one to an enemy, much less a friend.

6th Feb 2011, 07:10

I agree, great mileage... but, for a starter, we too had to replace the tires very early. The buttons on the radio peeling, the trunk lock freezes every winter, and has since day one.

For a while we couldn't keep it in bulbs... every bulb has gone 2 or 3 times.. headlight, tail light signals, you name it.

We have had to replace both front window wiring harnesses.

New problem now - transmission.

This is a diesel, well maintained, original owner, and still only 133,000 km.

We figured when we purchased it, a good retirement vehicle... should be good for 500,000 km.

Going for diagnostics to confirm if a 2500.00 or 4,000.00 repair is required for the transmission.

Very disappointed in this vehicle.