27th Nov 2010, 23:56

I just sold my 2003 Jetta wagon TDI that we bought new over 8 years ago, which we put 110k miles on, and we bought a 2010 JSW TDI. Fit, finish, features, drive-ability, and power are all superb. We just passed 5k miles, are getting 46mpg, and I do have to take it in to have an airbag issue sorted. I don't expect to have many problems after that. I only had three minor issues the entire time we had the old one.

8th Dec 2010, 12:22

Just make sure you maintain it like you would any car and it should be okay for you, some new car owners don't always maintain their cars right.

But it's true, most new VWs are Mexican.

24th Feb 2011, 12:01

Plenty of cars with good reliability records are made in Mexico. These posts seem to imply that people in Mexico have a lousy work ethic or are incompetent. The Ford Fusion and Nissan Sentra are two Mexican produced vehicles that come to mind. If you examine Consumer Reports' surveys, you'll note that Jetta (made in Puebla, Mexico) and Rabbit/Golfs (made in Wolfburg, Germany) are recommended and models from 2005 to the present rate highly. German made Passats rate well below average, as do the Portugese made EOS and the Slovakian built Touareg. And one must ask, what leads these people to be so concerned with what a stranger, possibly half the world away, purchases as transportation?

25th Apr 2012, 15:12

I am a VW tech and I will agree with the commenter above me. Mexican made VWs are just FINE.

The German made Passat is a piece of garbage. Every time one comes in, we see $ signs floating above it. As are the EOS, Touareg and some new German Golfs. We had to buy back a few German made Golfs recently due to unfixable issues. 3 weeks straight in the shop is German build quality? I don't think so.

The Mexican made Jetta is a fine little car, good enough that I bought an '10. Don't ever confuse country of origin with build quality. American made Jettas are horrid in the fit and finish department too, FYI.

8th Jan 2016, 02:49

I have a 2010 JSW TDI standard transmission sunroof with nav. 144000 miles with zero problems. I average 34 MPG mixed driving, and when on the highway, cruising speeds regularly exceed 85mph. I have a neighbor with a 2011 JSW TDI with DSG trans. He has 290000 miles on his with zero problems also. He did just replace the DSG trans at 285000, but at almost 300k miles I wouldn't consider that a problem, just maintenance. What people do not realize and what dealers do not tell you about these TDIs, is that they need to be driven and driven hard. That's the way all diesel engines need to be run.