28th Oct 2010, 04:46

Wow what a lemon.. sorry to hear about that..

There is something I just don't understand about people like you however. You are willing to just throw a bunch of money at Volkswagen, solely because of their advertising campaigns, for an imported product that is supposed to be "superior" than a domestic car. You then get ripped off with a totally unreliable lemon that is 4 years old and not even capable of a long trip, that has since lost resale value, warranty expired and is basically worthless in function value as well.

And then you want a new Honda or Toyota?

If you're just going to throw a bunch of money around, HERE'S A BRILLIANT IDEA! BUY A DOMESTIC CAR!!

At least help your own country out and create some jobs, which will improve the economy and help everyone including yourself. Auto workers get full benefits and good pay, and are part of the dying North American middle class. The auto industry is about all we have left. But since every average Joe Blow now wants a new Civic, Lexus, or BMW to be better than the Jones's, our economy is now in recession due to those who buy imports. Where has all the pride in owning a North American product went? Now we can't even make a paper cup in the US without importing from China...

My suggestion :

BUY A DOMESTIC!!! You can get a great price on a used domestic that will be more reliable than your VW. There is a HUGE MISCONCEPTION created by marketing and advertising that any import is superior than any domestic. In reality, all my mechanics recommend GM products, so does my family, and I personally have had an excellent experience with every GM I've owned. I would say they make the best vehicle for your $$$$$.

I have had nothing but stellar reliability with the dozen or more domestics I've owned. Just do like me and buy a well maintained vehicle, and continue maintaining it well.

I would never buy a new VW off the lot; may as well just send a $20.000 check to Germany to rent a cheap piece of imported garbage with a shelf life of 10 years at best.

I don't understand some people. Seriously ...

28th Oct 2010, 12:11

"And then you want a new Honda or Toyota?

If you're just going to throw a bunch of money around, HERE'S A BRILLIANT IDEA! BUY A DOMESTIC CAR!!"

You seem to be making really broad assumptions that all imported and domestic cars are two distinct classes, and that ALL imported cars are better than ALL imported cars. It's definitely no secret that VW has some reliability problems. A lot of people buy them because they do have nice styling, and a good initial fit and finish. But there's a world of difference between a Honda and a VW. At last check, Honda and Toyota still sit at the top of their respective classes in regards to reliability. VW is still closer to the bottom. Domestic brands are somewhere in the middle, with a few near the top closer to Honda and Toyota.

The truth is that a switch from VW to Honda or Toyota would mean switching from one of the worst brands to the best.

15th Mar 2011, 21:06

You guys have got to be kidding me... I have owned numerous Domestic vehicles... I can say that the trucks are stronger and just as reliable as ANY import trucks - hands down.

To compare cars is another story... I have owned VW's for the past 13 years, and I LOVE them, nothing can compare to the fuel economy and power that a TDI can offer. The specs say that it gets 42 MPG - try putting in a set of bigger injectors and a software chip... it moves these cars pretty good, and I can get close to 66MPG... try getting that at 120KM/H!

I will put any one of the many diesel Jetta's that I have owned against ANY domestic car including Cadillac or Lincoln... it will beat both of them in quality, fuel economy, and driving satisfaction.

Yes, diesels are a little more to maintain, but are well worth the price - the last Jetta I sold had 887 000km on it with original engine and transmission (5spd); it was still running strong and looked surprisingly shiny and new.

These VW's run forever as long as people actually take care of them properly and care about their ride; it will last for years past any financed term.

I use my car for traveling for work, and I can't find a better replacement. I have looked at hybrids, but they just won't work in the frigid cold in Canada -43 Celsius... ya, that's right, the coldest place on the planet and my diesel started without being plugged in, and it had 887 000km on it! Try that with any domestic cars...

Don't listen to the guy who suggested a domestic car to keep our economy going... if they made better cars, I would buy one... but most domestic cars are throw away cars after 3 years, that nobody really wants to drive.