15th Jul 2011, 13:50

It's anecdotal, but I've known far more people who are pleased with their Volkswagens than not. In the event that your VW does turn into a lemon, note that it still has higher than average resale value, so you can get rid of it with less financial strain.

17th Oct 2011, 20:53

6th Jun 2011, 17:57: I really don't see where you're getting at. There seems to be some kind of obsession about VW unreliability. I have 2 VWs (2008 Rabbit at 20K miles and 2009 TDI Jetta at 70K miles) and there's really no issue worth speaking about on either cars. I'm not saying your VW won't ever have issues. All cars are an assembly of thousands of parts, and may have quality issues. But most cars are better built nowadays, and unreliability is seldom a major issue.

My friend had a 2003 Toyota Rav4 with 90K miles, and sold it because of transmission defect. So what! One thing for sure, my 2 VWs are real fun to drive. And by the way, my former 2001 Beetle had 350K on the counter when I sold it, and was still running fine. A real tough car!

23rd Jun 2014, 02:42

Your 2001 Beetle was running fine at 350k miles? And your other two VWs had no problems so to speak? Please have a look on this site at the 2001 Beetle. The quality of that vehicle was abysmal.

23rd Jun 2014, 20:21

VW does not have the same reliability reputation as any Japanese car. However, there have to be enough VWs (or whatever car) out there that run with minimal problems, else no-one would buy them. My friend's wife (I'm in NZ) bought a 2009 Jetta (made in Mexico, but for right-hand drive markets) she's had for 5 years now, bought used, nearing 100,000 km, and has never had a problem, just kept it serviced. I hoped at the time she'd buy a Japanese car, but the car felt right to her. I couldn't believe it, but no power window problems, no breakdowns, nothing. They're just a little concerned about the cost of the scheduled cambelt change coming up. Is 100K km too short? Nope - have seen cars which have had repairs done well before that. She may have been lucky - but so has the owner of the VW Beetle.

24th Jun 2014, 13:06

I've owned 10 Volkswagens over my 42 years of driving, & although one or two may have had issues, the majority of them were extremely reliable, fun to drive vehicles that had personalities of their own.

Perhaps I was lucky, but I've never had a coil-pack or window regulator fail. In fact I kept one Jetta 'til it had nearly 230,000 miles. My favorite? Most likely my 1993 Cabriolet. I always enjoyed my Cabriolets the most, but the old Beetles were a blast to drive as well.