23rd Mar 2007, 14:32

I'm trying to fix an intermittent starting problem on a 2000 Jetta. The car normally starts OK when it is cold, or used for just short trips around town. But when you say drive it about an hour, it turns over, but just won't ignite, basically won't start when it gets hot, but the car is not over heating. Any ideas? I'm all ears.

6th Apr 2007, 14:12

I own a 2000 Jetta GLS. I had the same problem where after driving the car for a while, the car either wouldn’t start or would take a while to start. In my case, it seemed to happen only after staring and stopping the car between frequent stops. An example would be like stopping to run into different places that might only be a block or two apart. This pass week, I was on my way to work and my check engine light came on. Two seconds later, the car shut off in the middle of traffic and would not start. I had the car towed to a Volkswagen dealership and the problem was the motor speed regulator. The not starting was the only sign that the regulator was on its way out. The part costs $250.00 so add labor for your total. Hopeful this comment will help someone avoid being stranded in rush hour traffic.

16th Jul 2007, 15:45

I am having the same problem with my windshield wipers. They just stopped working one day. It wasn't the fuse. So I had to replace the motor (ouch! $200 for something so simple). They worked fine for about 3 weeks then the same thing again. They don't' stop completely, but go really, really slow, no matter what setting you have them on? Anyone experiencing the same thing? I'm getting sick of pulling off the side of the road every time it rains.

Good luck with everything else. I have a 2000 Jetta GL 110,000 miles and have had the glove box break twice (the second time was just a month after I fixed it), broken glove box, two broken passenger mirrors, the protective plastic on the front bumper fall off, blew my head, head gasket, bent valve, had to replace rear calipers at $170 a pop, O2 sensor etc etc. all the same problems as everyone else. Next time...I'm buying a HONDA.

7th Aug 2007, 14:45

I have a Jetta and the glove box hinge broke, the cupholder doesn't come out, it's stuck, the protective cover to the bumper falls off, and both the passenger and driver side windows fell into the door. Also, when I first drove it off the lot, the check engine light came on. Oh yeah, I also had pieces of the sunroof come falling on me; it still works, but sounds like crap when opens. The list keeps going on and on... it's about time to get rid of it.

Now to top everything off, my windshield wipers won't work.

I always wanted a Jetta, but now I will never again buy another VW in my life.

15th Aug 2007, 09:06

I bought my 2000 Jetta used with about 30,000 miles on it with an extended warranty. Had the window clips and hazard light fixed under warranty. I did an oil consumption test before they would fix the piston problem which causes the extreme oil consumption. All the little broken features don't really bother me, though I have all the same breaks everyone else has listed.

My current problems:

*AC cools then doesn't then cools again.

*Car would not start in hot weather 100degrees.

Any suggestions??

20th Aug 2007, 12:31

I can't believe all that I've read from people about the 2000 VW Jetta GLS issues. I originally leased my vehicle and then bought my lease. BIG Mistake as once I purchased it everything possible went wrong with the car (several things during the lease as well). I've got the same issue with the glove box broken hinge. Cup holder gets stuck, grease oozing out of bottom of doors. I've replaced my catalytic converter, rotors on my wheels went at 25,000 (covered under warranty), windshield wiper motor and transmission went which cost me a fortune, all of my struts replaced, gone through at least 5 batteries and I only have 62,000 miles on my 8 year old car. The list goes on and on, but I have saved every receipt from every repair so I know how much I've put into this car. Now that I have it paid off I'm curious to see what will happen next.

I don't know if it was because this was the first year for this particular style jetta, but as much as I love this car when it is running well I could never recommend getting a VW to anyone and I can't possibly ever purchase another one myself.

17th Sep 2007, 19:23

My 2000 Jetta VR6 has all broken cup holders and arm rest cover latch, door armrest material and center console material peeling and sticky to the touch (that rubbery crap material), fading paint on the side mirrors and front grill, head liner material is coming loose and sagging, the trim piece between the front window frame and windshield pillar came off (apparently only glued on, service rep said to glue it back with fabric glue!), strange popping when I lean into the driver's seat back rest, crappy AM reception, driver's door keyhole "door" fell into keyhole preventing use of the key to unlock the door manually. Started leaking coolant in 05 due to cracked coolant inlet pipe (radiator hose attaches to), started leaking coolant again last week. Window retainer clips broke and replaced under recall.

MAFS went bad and I had to pay for that, but, fortunately, a couple weeks after I got a recall notice in the mail and got reimbursed for that one.

The transmission was replaced twice in the first 4 months I had the car, brand new.

This thing is supposed to have a 10 year power train warranty, but not a whole lot of the actual power train is included in the warranty. Gonna get rid of this one and never buying another VW again.

9th Dec 2007, 21:56

I own a Jetta TDI 2000 and got the same problems as everyone elses. But I wanted to add the following : about the problem with wipers, its the aluminum casting that hold the pivot that inflates after a while. You don't have to change the wiper motor, you just have to grind the wiper pivot hole and, but everything back in place. I will work great without having to replace the motor.

About the windows falling in the doors : that is a recall, they replaced a faulty plastic bracket by a stronger aluminum one. If you are the first owner or still under warranty (!) you can claim the new improved part from you dealer. I was the second owner, I shouted a bit, and I only had to pay for the labor to change the faulty window mechanism.

Another thing is the body paint over the front wheels that comes off. That is also a recall, you can have it fixed by your dealer at no cost even if you are no longer under warranty.

About the cup holder. There is a small piece of linen fixed to the cupholder frame by a double sided tape. After a while the pice of linen fall and the clue on the double sided tape causes the cupholder opening mechanism to jam. You just have to remove the cup holder module (very easy) and remove the clue with any paint thiner.

About the console clip: you can buy a new one for 2$ on ebay.

There are many small problems on this car, as one can see in these post, but many of them are easy to solve, and most of them are covered by recalls or warranty, and well documented by your dealer. Just insist, and they will change it for you for nothing.