2000 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Not recommendable: too many problems


Cup holder in the front jammed closed.

The ‘ashtray’ in the back would never click and stay closed.

Driver side window fell down. It completely fell down into the inside of the door.

Check engine light came on in 11/01. The diagnosis was a faulty MAF Sensor/Airflower. This part was replaced under my warranty. The check engine light continued to turn on and off again. I finally received a recall letter for the replacement of the malfunctioning oxygen sensor-which can cause the check engine to come on. That part has been replaced and I hope that will finally resolve that issue.

Metal spring is lying on the floor under the driver seat.

One of the glove box hinges is broke in half.

Small (long and narrow) piece of plastic fell from the sunroof.

General Comments:

I am dissatisfaction with the warranty. For example, the Gold warranty covers the “power seat motors.” If there is no motor then the seat is not covered? It seems ridiculous to offer extra warranty that does not cover the non-motorized parts. Furthermore, the warranty covers the “power sun roof motor,” yet is does not cover a small piece of plastic. Am I to assume that if I had manual windows and my window fell down inside my door (as mine did) the Gold warranty would not have covered the cost to fix that, because the warranty only covers “power window motors?” The window motor was working fine- it was whatever holds the window up that was broke- would that not be covered? (I believe my service rep fixed the window himself for me at no cost.)

I have heard, before and after my purchase, that Volkswagen cars have reliable engines, but can have so many little problems that are so expensive to fix that is makes buying a Volkswagen a very bad decision. I now have to agree with those critics. I was quoted $500 to fix the tension spring in my seat, $225 to fix the broken leverage in the glove box, and $50 to replace the plastic part from the sunroof.

When asked if I recommend Volkswagen Jetta, I will have to look at the broken parts in my less than 3-year-old car and advise whomever—that I do not recommend it. Even purchasing the Platinum warranty would not make having a car of this low quality worth it.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002

30th Jun 2002, 05:00

I too had the MAF replaced, fortunately under warranty.

The glove box hinge broke in the same manner as you describe here. It is going to remain broken because now I must pay to repair the broken window regulator.

The paint is now beginning to flake off as well. This started about a year ago when the car was not quite 2 years old. VW says, too bad about that.

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI 1.9 from North America


A cautious buy


Air bag warning light illuminated at 5332; dealer reset the system.

The center console latch broke after two years.

Car was leaking oil badly at 27k miles. Was leaking from the oil cooler mounted below the oil filter. Took several attempts to get the seals to fit properly. I assume that the dealer may have caused the problem when they were changing the oil at 20k miles.

Driver's seat makes a popping noise when hitting the brakes. Dealer was unable to figure it out.

Finish wore off the console surrounding the gear shift. I have no idea what caused it; nothing has ever been laid against it.

Because of the anti-pinch mechanism, windows go down when they sense something is blocking them. Apparently something is binding the rear windows; it takes 2-3 times to get them up sometimes.

General Comments:


Rear seat is extremely small. Front seats have to be moved forward for 9 and 12 year-old boys.

Short-term warranty. Am afraid of the repair bill should the turbo give out.

A/C does not blow very cold on a hot day. My 1998 Ford Taurus will freeze you out.

Horrible location for the cup holder- cannot operate radio controls. Cup holder only holds very small cups. Cheaply made.

Very harsh on sudden bumps- bottoms-out in the front often.

Where do you get a battery for this car? And how much is it?

Vehicle requires synthetic oil ($4.25 per quart- requires five) and oil cartridge is $10.

Water separator on fuel filter very hard to get to.


Love the color of the dash lights.

Fuel mileage is 41-43 in town and 47-48 on the highway at 80 MPH. Can drive another 90 miles when the fuel light comes on.

Engine starts strong every time. Very peppy engine. Enjoy the sound of the turbo whistle.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2002

23rd Oct 2005, 11:46

I replaced my battery at napa auto parts, so I'm assuming any reputable shop will have a battery that will do. but, I have an after-market (Fujitsu Ten) eclipse stereo. I hear that you'd need a code if you have the VW stereo in there... so I guess check with your dealer or search on the Internet if there is a way to get that code before disconnecting/replacing.