22nd Jul 2002, 01:46

I've had the glove-box problem as well. One day I went to get my flashlight out of the glove-box and it just fell open.

Also just recently the passenger side Sun Visor mirror door fell off, so now you have to jurry-rig the thing to stay in so that the light isn't constantly on.

My 2000 Jetta is barely at 30,000 miles and it is about to need its third set of brakes. I just had the brakes replaced 6 months ago. Luckily the rear brakes were still under warranty from when they needed to be replaced at 17,500 miles; however the front brakes were still 400 dollars to be replaced. Now there is a visible groove in my front drivers side brake disk, another groove developing on the front passengers side, AND the right rear brake makes a grinding noise when I brake.

I've also had the Oxygen regulator-sensor-thing replaced, and saw a marked increase in gas mileage and engine get-up and go.

The floor Air Vent constantly falls out, and every time I've gone in they've replaced it and re-affixed it without a charge.

My Trunk sensor went haywire and made the alarm constantly go off every hour or so; it was going to be 200 dollars to be fixed. But I called VW of America and raised a stink about the fact that the car had just come out of warranty and was now falling to pieces; so the dealership paid for it.

My rear cup-holder has been broken for at least a year. I've had the car for a little over two years.

However, I did find that when I replaced the factory tires with Perellis, my engine was peppier, and the engine noise was vastly reduced.

The Jetta is a great car, but the problems with the design (the brakes were covered under warranty because there was a service bulletin out about it, VW knows there is an issue) make the car a hassle. It seems like every 6 months there is another problem with the thing.

I would buy from VW again, but I'd wait to hear if there were any problems with the newer designs. VW has revamped their 'basic' warranty to better cover the junk that I've been going through.

29th Jul 2002, 10:17

We also have had problems with brakes and rotors, all 4 wheels have had to be replace with less than 40 thousand miles, dealer said we left emergency break on, which was not the case and must have let the car sit to have the rust.

Very poor quality.

22nd Aug 2002, 18:19

My 99 Jetta has had the same exact problems as the rest of you. My glove box hinge is broken, my window fell into the door and the latest problem is the passenger door lock will not open.

When I had the window fixed VW sai that this is such a massive problem there should be a recall, However obviously VW is being tight lipped about this and we are stuck paying for it.

I would not recomend this car to anyone.

26th Aug 2002, 12:00

I've had similar problems with my 2000 Jetta too. I've had the check engine light on, oxygen sensor replaced, air conditioning valves replaced, fuel injector valves replaced. I'm starting to worry that more problems with creep up as time goes by. I like driving the car very much, but it's starting to cost me too much to maintain it. I have logged in over 60K on my car. Crappy warranty, too short.

8th Oct 2002, 19:00

I have a 1999.5 with about 60k. I've replaced:

-MAF sensor

-Front Driver side window regulator ($125)

-Front Passenger side window regulator ($125)

-All brakes and rear rotors (replaced with Mintex, so low dust)

-Rear center seat belt needs replacing, but the seat has to be sent out to an upholstery shop, for replacement

-Rear passenger lock/window mechanism does not work and needs to be checked out

-Front cup holder needs replacement.

I don't know if I'd ever recommend this car to a friend. It's pretty sad that VW didn't recall the window regulators, as I've talked too many people who've had the same problem. Same goes for the center seat belt.

27th Oct 2002, 18:49

I am very surprised to hear these complaints. I thought I was sold a lemon, but I guess not. Well... then again, looks like one. Had to replace my rear brake pads at 25k miles. Check engine light went off several times. Once, I brought it in to replace the intake vacuum line, a week right after that, the engine light went off again. This time I had to replace the air flow meter. I currently have only 30k miles on it. Whenever I start the ignition, I cringe at the check engine light and hope turns off.

2nd Nov 2002, 09:47

This is amazing... I have the same problems as everyone here, with exception of the power windows (cringe).

1. Sunroof needed fixing at 200 miles.

2. Cruise control light out at 3000 miles - dealer said the vehicle doesn't have one --- I must have been on hallucinogenics when I saw the light on.

3. HVAC panel light out and repaired 3 times -- currently out again.

4. Glove box handle fell off.

5. Armrest latch broke.

6. Rear brakes worn at 40K miles -- one pad only.

7. Mil lamp (check engine light) on replaced glow plug heater circuit relay twice, replaced engine control module once, replace glow plugs -- finally tracked problem down to the glow plug wiring harness.

8. Now at 42000 miles, the vehicle has little power -- they think it is the MAF.

9. Starting to have problems with the passenger side lock.


Looks to me like there should be some sort of legal resolution to make VW pay for all the very common quality problems.

WHEN WILL IT END??? Answer: Only when I get rid of this vehicle -- it has been a tough lesson to learn.

BUY AMERICAN - I also have a 1999 Dodge Ram 4X4 with 68500 miles - the only thing I have had to do to that vehicle is new tires and brakes. What a great vehicle - sucks gas and rides harsh, but compared to the Jetta, it is a reliable well designed machine.

26th Nov 2002, 13:51

I have had many problems with my 2000 GLX Jetta. Most were resolved to my satisfaction because the car was still under warranty, for example: sunroof made horrible noise when opening and EDC light came on and could not get car out of park.

I have two new problems. First of all, I am getting rusting on both the driver and the passenger side rear window frames (the middle molding), and my clock runs way too fast. I will set it to the correct time and within a month it is running 30-40 minutes fast.

Does anyone else have either of these two problems? Please advise!

4th Dec 2002, 14:48

Same problems as the above. 3 oxygen sensors. Fuel pump relay. Rear brakes at 30K. Glove box BROKEN. Rear ash tray BROKEN. Water in the oil. Driver side mirror housing BROKEN.

My first NEW car. I am surprised VW doesn't care. They are the car people right? My dealer is trying to snow me. They say it is OK to have water on the dip stick. Well during the winter here in Cleveland, that water freezes. Slushy oil is not fun. I cannot exceed 60 mph.

Any one else have water in the oil?