25th Jun 2003, 14:47

2000 Jetta, 35K miles. all the same problems (Glove box hinge, Window falling down, Arm rest latch fell off, Trunk light works sporadically, Random spring from the seat is out, The light staying on above the visor) but one original one is that I seem to have LOTS of extra door grease always on the drivers side under the door frame. it won't go away. I love my little car, but it's falling apart and I refuse to pay hundreds for these silly little plastic parts!!

26th Jun 2003, 07:31

I have a 99 jetta. I have all these problems too (glove box & ash tray not closing, the seat spring laying near my feet, the too low to the ground fender getting caught, snapping in half and dragging along under my car) and some others, I also have too much door grease that has made a big black mark on my car. my tape player doesn't rewind or fast forward, unless it decides on its own it wants to, randomly, in the middle of a song. and the big one is that whenever it was humid and I tried to unlock my car, the car would unlock, but the alarm would remain engaged, so if I tried to start the car, the alarm would sound and not go off if I tried unlocking it again. I took it to my local car fix it guy and he fixed it for $250 by replacing the locks in the doors and rewiring, (after I tried the dealership's service and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.) I've been to 2 dealership services in my state and they are the absolute worst people to deal with.

4th Aug 2003, 01:26

I, like many of you, have experienced the same exact problems that have been listed. However, I have a few to add for my 2000 Jetta VR6.

1. The very first day that I drove the car off of the lot the interior sunroof cover's clips broke prohibiting it from closing all of the way. Had to take car in the very next day.

2. In the not so distant future the plastic in the front passenger fender well was missing clips and came undone from the body of the car. Had to go and visit my local dealership again.

3. When car is put in to drive, it seems to wait a few seconds because it wants to go when it is ready to go. Not when you want it to go.

4. Rear brakes and rotors had to be replaced at about 25K miles. Not under warranty they said. Only place in town that had the rotors was the dealer, therefore forcing me to search the internet. Lucked out, found a really good deal on original VW factory parts through an online parts dealer located in San Diego. Saved me about 60% of dealer cost and really fast shipping.

5. Cup holder arms fell off. But realized that I didn't really need them as long as I could still put a container in the holder hole. Don't need no stinking squeezer arm.

6. Back seat cup holder would not disengage. Fixed under warranty. However, it does not open smoothly, so I yell at anyone attempting to open it.

7. Engine light came on. Thought that it was due to cheap gas. Filled up at different station and light went off temporarily.

8. Arm rest clip broke off. Fought with service dept because it was not covered under warranty. I had to advise the service dept that I purchased the platinum extended warranty and then they finally decided to offer to replace, but of course I would have to pay a deductible. Decided that I did not need no stinking clip because it would probably break again and again.

9. Engine light came on again. Tried different fuel station. Still remained on. Took to dealership and O2 sensor was replaced at approx 30K miles.

10. Front brake pads needed to be replaced. Once the wheels were removed, then saw that rotors also needed to be replaced. E-mailed San Diego again and requested the front rotors. Was told that a potential cause of the rotors going bad so quickly could be due to the weight of the VR6's engine.

11. Engine light came on again. Currently attempting to replace the gas cap. Seal might be bad. Hope this works.

12. Window fell due to cheap plastic on the window regulator. Luckily, I utilized my cat-like reflexes and caught the window before it was lost into the black hole. Again, e-mailed down to San Diego and got the regulator for less than half of what the suggested retail price. Had it installed by retired mechanic friend. Works good, but afraid that other windows are to follow.

13. And the saga continues... I am too afraid to open my glove box at this point; I think I will duct tape it closed to prevent it from falling.

Is it against the law to disconnect the wire that leads to the check engine light on my dashboard? Because I am just about ready to put my fist through the display and use a sharpie to blacken it out. There is probably a better chance at the light burning out than the service dept actually taking care of the problems.

The possibility of me owning another new VW is looking pretty grave. I think I will stick to vintage VWs; because at least you expect some things to break with age (not hours after driving off of the lot).


Bakersfield, CA.

24th Aug 2003, 20:23

99 Jetta TDI. Bought it used from a guy I work with. Runs fairly well, even though he put 96K miles on it. I've owned it now for almost 2 years. no major problems. we had the grease coming out of the door panel, which I was told was the rust protection. It seeps out when it gets hot outside. I've had to replace the brakes and rotors. Now at 118k miles the engine light came on. Free diagnosis at Auto zone came up with fault code PO380, which is glow plug malfunction chamber A. Still trying to figure out what that means. But they reset the check engine light and off we went. Same problems with ashtray in back seat and glove compartment.

26th Aug 2003, 07:05

Wow, I thought I was the only one with such problems with a 2000 Jetta VR6. I feel better that you are all suffering with me!

1) 16,000 miles - lifters broke, both cam shafts replaced.

2) Five (yes 5) window regulators broke along with 3 windows. Spent many, many hours at VW waiting for repairs.

3) 18,000 miles - Paint bubbled on bumper & arm rest broke.

4) 20,000 miles - all interior paint chipping on door handles, around shift area, etc.

5) check engine light randomly appears and disappears.

6) 30,000 - ignition coil, sensors, all thermostats, etc went out $900.

7) funky grease around door sills.

8) 42,000 (now) rust appearing under molding on rear side windows.

9) Drivers seat rocks back and forth - deal confirmed this is normal.

10) 6 Disc player in "enhanced" sound system works when it feels like it.

VW has told us good luck on most of our problems; don't ask them for help.

A coworker had similiar problems and got rid of her Jetta after only 2 years. My wife and I have made it our mission to convince as many people as is possible to NOT buy a VW product. Due to our jobs and the amount of people we meet on a daily basis it is easy to scare people away from VW. We have so far convinced 12 people looking at VW (as in getting ready to buy) not to buy them. They have gone to other manufacturers for new cars. No one has bought a VW yet that we have talked with. Many others will never even step in a VW dealership, ever!!!

Anyone car to join in this endeavor???