30th Sep 2002, 17:24

I have the V6 and was having the same type of problems. I switched to super unleaded gasoline, and it is running great now. I get to go to the shop for other reasons associated with a poorly wired electrical system and it only has 31,000 miles. Good luck!

9th Oct 2002, 17:32

I'll keep this short...

'01 Jetta Wolfsburg - fun car, good feel.

25,000mi purchased 7/01.

Just received the car back after it's 5th trip to the dealer for the same problem: chugging/stalling while starting. This time they had the car for 3 WEEKS! (it wasn't lonely, they had 5 cars with the same problem!)

Then this morning (2 days after), chug AGAIN! They changed to a hotter plug, cleaned the injectors and flashed (reprogrammed) the ECM (engine control module) to the latest update.

After many calls to VW and the dealer, I am finding very poor communication between the two, poor/no response to my calls and general incompetence.

Not a very 'happy camper'

15th Oct 2002, 21:11

Wow I don't feel so lonely anymore. Same problems as you guys.

20,000 miles on my car, been the dealer twice for stalling, chugging problems.

I'm bringing it in tonight so they can fix it AGAIN.

Engine light comes on a lot, chugging ALWAYS on a cold start, I have to start the car a few time to stop it from chugging. If you press the accelerator nothing happens, garbage.

Also have the same stupid problem with the child window safety lock, won't stay down, sometimes pops up, etc.

And this is the topper, driving around the car has stalled while driving locking the steering wheel and almost killing me twice, very enjoyable.

Fixing it, selling it this year.

31st Oct 2002, 23:03

Must admit that I do not experience the chugging/stalling problem, but then again, I have a standard VR6, not automatic. Also, I only use Super Unleaded fuel.

BUT.. someone mentioned "I get to go to the shop for other reasons associated with a poorly wired electrical system." Wow, you too huh? I have to say, it's like my Jetta is haunted. I'll be driving along and the seat will suddenly move forward ALL THE WAY! This is scary and dangerous. Luckily I'm able to stop it by hitting one of the buttons (power seats). Also, the CD player works, then stops working, then works again whenever it feels like it. I can only assume that it is poorly wired.

Other than that, I have to say that I love that Jetta. It is a 2000 and has 74K miles. on it!

8th Dec 2002, 16:20

Hi I have a 99 1/2 Jetta and the engine warning light comes on more than I was it and that is at least once a week. It makes funny noices from the front end when I turn corns too quick and also there is rattling in the doors. But according to the dealership for $1,000 I can get the rattling fixed and then don't know what the noice from the front end is and I don't wanna know! Other than I wish it would disappear. Nice to say about a car is guess.

31st Dec 2002, 09:45

December 31st. Having same chugging stalling problem with 2002 jetta 1.8 litre turbo automatic on cold start. Have to restart the car 3 times before it will go. Have had the car into dealership 3 times now.. problem keeps getting worse. Also the car is only getting 18 miles to the gallon of premium unleaded... I have started to refer to it as the lemon. The car only has 11,400 km.

Poor me.

8th Jan 2003, 19:58

I'm experiencing many of the same problems with my 2001, 1.8T Jetta. It's been in the shop 5 times now. The first time to fix the air. Once they got that worked out, a whole new set of problems arose.

It started stumbling when I started it, would occasionally shut off, and my check engine light came on often. The Volkswagen mechanics kept telling me the stumbling is a common problem with the 1.8T and they have replaced my ECM three times and my coils twice.

I was supposed to get my car back today, but now I've been informed there is a loud rumble coming from the back of my car so they need to keep it.

My car is only 17 months old, and has 21,000 miles on it. I put the premium gas in it as I was told, and I've been up to date on all my services. I baby my car and it treats me like crap. I'm not convinced it will ever be fixed, and I'm getting very tired of the Volkswagen mechanics telling me "this is a common problem." If it's so common, figure out what's wrong and correct it! As soon as I'm not upside down on my loan, I plan on selling it right before my warranty runs out. Honestly, though, I feel guilty unloading it on to another unsuspecting soul!

Good luck to all of you with the same troubles.

21st Jan 2003, 10:46

Hi, my 2001 1.8t Wolfsburg jetta, standard transmission is also experiencing cold start problems. It simply will not start when the weather is cold. We have followed all advise, but in Connecticut, during the winter, it started to slow start, then not start at all. The dealer changed our battery, but today it is on its way back there. Has anyone experienced this problem too?

21st Jan 2003, 17:11

They called back... apparently it wasn't "bad gas" after all... they say I need a new computer.

4th Jun 2003, 17:13

I leased a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T. During the test drive I thought I had found my dream car. Now it is my nightmare. All of the above I have experienced. I have 40000 miles now and a year left on my lease. My check engine light has been on more times then it has been off. The pat answer from the dealership, during my warranty period, was that it was probably my gas cap not being turned til it clicked. (Not the solution). My car looses power and stalls and takes several times to start in the morning. The problem turned out to be the engine coils. There is now a recall on this item.

I took it in for this repair, and the check engine light went off. Two weeks later... it's back on again...

Now I took it in for the 40000 maintenance, which they wanted to charge me $500. I asked to see the list of items covered and found that they were going to check the Pollen filter (not air filter).. I declined this maintenance and went with the oil change. However, I asked that they again check why my engine light is still on...

I need to have my turbo cut off valve replaced and possibly the MAF sensor. Supposedly there is a problem with the Oxygen Sensor and my vacuum tubes... This will run me roughly $300. I also declined this repair... I don't know if I am being taken for a ride or what... Does anyone know about this problem. My engine light is still on and I am still having problems with acceleration and cold starts.

I guess that 'German Engineering' isn't all it's cracked up to be.

3rd Sep 2003, 13:15

I just recently started financing a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta. Technically my car is less than 4 months old to me. I was very excited about getting a Volksagen Jetta in the first place. After reading the previous entries I hope I do not have the same problems. This morning while on my way to work I noticed my turn signal was blinking a little fast. I checked both right and left and they are both blinking at a fast pace. I also noticed my engine and battery light are both on. I called the dealership where I got my car and scheduled an appointment for maintenance on Saturday, that is the most convenient date, I cannot miss work. Please do not tell me the symptoms I have read are what my car will eventually start doing, I cannot afford it.