29th Sep 2003, 13:34

I just recently bought a 2001 VW Jetta VR6 with 52,000 miles on it, and it has already been having the same problems you guys posted. It has problems starting and I usually have to give it a few tries before ever starting. The sun roof won't slide back, the check engine light came on and so did the ABS light, and the traction control light. As of today, I was at work and was getting ready to leave, and the damn thing would'nt start. All it is doing is making a ticking noise like the starters screwed up, yeah, that will will cost a million bucks to fix. I hate to say this, but my 1983 Nissan 280zx was a more reliable car by far than this lemon Jetta!

10th Jan 2004, 11:52

I just purchased my 2002 Jetta 1.8T GLS. I was aware of all of the problems when buying it, so I made sure I had not only 2 years left on the original warranty, and I got an additional 2 because it's "Certified". And yep, I've already had the stalling problem. This happened to me before I even drove it off the lot. Their solution had been to replace the battery.

Then, in a horrible snow storm, the car just died. ABS, traction control, airbag, EPC and engine lights all went on. And it wouldn't start. The solution this time was to replace the alternator (a hair under $900 if I didn't have the warranty). It seems to be running much better, smoother idles, and we'll see if it keeps going like that. It's an expensive solution if it isn't covered, so I'll try to let you all know if the fix sticks.

These cars are so reliant on the computer and electricity that any fluctuations cause the weirdest symptoms. Unlike your usual Hondas and such, everything goes directly from the battery and through the computer. It's more like German over-Engineering. My old civic ran no matter what, so this is a big change for me. But this car really does have the most power, safety and luxury features of any car for this price. It begs to go fast and looks great. I'm in love with this car and will put up with just about anything it throws at me. Good luck with yours.

19th Apr 2004, 18:53

I took my 2001 Jetta GLS in for the 96,000km service and this is where the nightmare began, or should I say continued. I had the problem with the driver window falling in. The car was driving very sluggish. They told me they needed to replace the turbo valve and they also replaced the ignition coils under recall warranty.

I got the car back and it started to stall constantly after I first started it. I went back again and they replaced the ignition coils, saying the first set were faulty.

Engine light came on and now the car was stalling all the time. Not to mention the jerking and kicking it would do any time I slowed down and then tried to accelerate again. I took it back again and they said the engine wiring harness was all cracked. They also said they had to replace the coolant temp sensor.

The car continued to kick and jerk and stall, but then it got really bad. The car started to overheat and the coolant light came on, which by the way had never come on before. I took it back again, they replaced the seal saying the one they used had a crack. They said that the wiring harness needs to be replaced at a cost of $1000.

The car was running o.k. aside from having no guts before I took it in for service. Now its falling apart.

I will never buy a Volkswagen again!

17th May 2004, 01:40

I am so glad to hear I am not alone with my 2001 Jetta GLS problems, all million of them! Well for starters I also have a problem with the car jerking when I slow down and go to accelerate. I also have a problem with my bumper, its falling off! The right side hinge on the glove box is broken, the passenger seat moves up when the car is coming to a stop, the dial to move the mirrors has broken off, and the clip to lift up the center console has also come off. When my A/C is on and I turn it off you hear a rumbling in the brake line then it stops after 10-15 seconds. The most serious of the problems is that my blinkers have stopped working and so has my horn. Last, but not least, I always have to change the bulbs (brake lights, back lights)! I really love my Jetta and it is a shame it has to have so many problems. I have made an appointment with Volkswagon so we will see what they have to say.

25th Jun 2004, 14:30


I have a 2001 Jetta GLS that currently only has 46,000 miles. Around February, I started to notice that sometimes when I put the car into reverse, it just wouldn't go - ESPECIALLY when the car gets hot. For instance, I have a 30 mile highway drive to work and once I get there and parked, if I try to put the car in reverse it either just sits there as if it is in neutral or surges forward. I have to put my foot on the brake and wait for it to catch to go into reverse.

I have been to the car dealership 3 times and the car won't "duplicate" the problem in front of them and therefore they won't take any action.

Has anyone had this problem before?

I am so disappointed. The car was GREAT until now, but this has been going on for months and I am SO frustrated!!

I hate to think that my Jetta is a lemon!!

30th Jul 2004, 17:16

I used to be the proud owner of my 2001 Jetta... but now it has 33,500 miles on it and it is falling apart. The blinkers don't work... occasionally they come on, but only for a second... the rhythm is very fast and then nothing. My check engine light is on, as well as the coolant light. Yesterday, after having been out of town for three days and the vehicle not moving, I put my car into reverse. The car started shaking and buzzing and the check engine light started blinking. I turned the car off and then back on. Check engine light and coolant light come back on, I drive to work and go about my eight hour day. I try to start my car, but the engine won't turn. Three tries and it finally gets started. The car drags, feels sluggish, and I am quite frankly afraid to drive it. I never received a recoil recall notice from VW. I have been driving for three months without blinkers because whenever I bring it to the dealership the blinkers miraculously work! I loved my car until now... if anyone has any input or solutions, please let me know!

11th Apr 2006, 19:36

Is there anyone out there who has not experienced these problems with their Jetta? Does anyone have a problem free Jetta, well at least the free of the major problems like stalling. I am in love with this car, but I'm having second thoughts as I read all these comments about it. Has Volkswagen done anything about everyone's problems with the Jetta?