31st Jan 2007, 12:35

I purchased a 2002 Jetta TDI from Carmax a few years ago. Love the car, but it has had some problems. The driver's side back side window disintigrated and had to have it replaced; the chime indicating your keys were in the ignition ceased to work. They wanted $400-500 to fix it. I declined. Then the power window switch on the drivers side door broke. It was covered under warranty, thank goodness. Now my blinkers are acting up. Never had a car with all these little problems cropping up. Too bad, because other than the problems, I have really enjoyed it. Don't know if I will buy one again.

19th Jun 2007, 17:15

I purchased a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T in June of 2006. It already had 106,000 miles on it. This is my first VW and I did not know until a day after I bought it that models manufactured between 2000 and 2002 had massive electrical problems!!! Are you kidding me? The Check Engine light came on only a couple weeks after I bought it. Took it to a small garage and paid $400 to replace the ignition coils (little did I know that this was a recall, thanks Mr. Mechanic for being so honest!). VW replaced both window servos on the front, free of charge. Now I've got a broken center console latch, no problem. I now have to replace the engine coolant sensor ($7) and the downflow O2 sensor ($135). I've had the ability to afford the "fix on the fly" stuff and have had everything done from a coolant flush, high mileage synthetic oil changes, fuel filter replacement, and new tires once every 6 months (I like the soft compound). I definitely don't recommend anyone buying a VW unless you plan on paying for regular upkeep. This is not your dad's VW or your typical old Toyota truck. Electronics and computers in cars have allowed mechanics to retire to the tropics nowadays.

15th Jul 2007, 17:23

Unfortunately, I have to add my 2001 2.0 Jetta to the list of bad characters. At this point, with just under 90K miles, I don't remember what all I've had to have replaced or repaired. Off the top of my head, I've had the following drama: collapsing window, 'sticking' passenger door, broken console latch, broken glove-box latch, failed water pump, cracked coolant seal, bumper separation caused by superlow bumper catching on any and everything, outrageous oil consumption, never-ending 'check engine' light, on and off again brake light, bizarre washer fluid consumption, and mysterious springs that popped loose from under the seats. Generally the recall notice arrives AFTER I've paid for service or a repair. Right now, I've got a strange clanking under the car, right-rearish, that I hear at the beginning of a hard stop. So far, the problems have been of the aggravating, but not enough to shell out for a new car variety, but this one has me apprehensive.

28th Jul 2007, 19:58

Help for everybody with major Jetta electronic problems. We had our 2003 1.8T die on us in the middle of heavy traffic. All lights came on, engine died and then only clicking noise. Since I am good at fixing my cars at home, I found the problem fast. Battery dead. That does not happen with a solid generator. So I investigated the generator/alternator (90A Bosch version). The culprit is not the generator, it is the wiring harness from the generator to the fuse box on top of the battery. If you look closer and check the voltage. Sometimes you have 14.25 V (normal for a solid alternator) and other times only 12.35 V at the battery poles (alternator not loading battery). So I checked out the fuse box and the cable entering. The fuse box was partly melted and the black wire from the alternator was somewhat chaffed. Changed the wiring harness and the fuse box myself for 135 dollars. Now all electrical problems are gone. By the way this happens on 1 out of 4 Jetta's. What VW doesn't tell you, is that they redesigned the fusebox in 2004. Make sure you clean all connectors and the little metal fuses with sandpaper. If a nut comes loose your current is not flowing correctly at high amperage. It may even lead to an fire. Found several of these on some other sites. P.S: If you Jetta is overheating, it is usually because the little 40 Amp metal fuse (2.35 $) for the cooling fans in the front fuse box has tripped. Get a couple spares.

16th Jan 2008, 17:07

I have a 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T. I definitely do not recommend this car. I purchased the vehicle as a certified used in 2004, which came with a 2 year warranty. I also purchased the extended service contract for 2 additional years (useless). After 1 year of owning the car, the check engine light came on. It started losing power and started stalling out. Over the next year, I had it in for service 8 times. Everything from cracked hoses to replacing the turbo. My warranty has since run out and I've had to pay out of pocket to keep the check engine light off, b/c the service contract doesn't cover much of anything. Currently the check light is off (thanks to shell premium fuel), but the car is having trouble passing an emission test. I don't get it. It's been nothing but a nightmare.

28th Feb 2008, 15:00

I have had my pre-owned 2001 Volkawagen Jetta 1.8Turbo for about 7 months and had to take it in for repairs numerous times since. The first problem caused the car to shake when sitting idle and the car would slow down as if it were running out of gas, then kick back to normal. The repairmen stated it was the Mass Air Flow Pump which was about $600. After about one month after the repair the check engine light came on again, along with the shaking, and I went in to find out that I needed a new motor mount and the tensioner needed to be replaced. That costed a little over $1000. My taillight went out soon after and I replaced it, but it keeps shutting on and off. Recently the check engine light came on, but I am tired of putting all this money into the car, so I let it go and it eventually went out. Then today, without the check engine light on, the shaking started again and the car would stall while I was driving. Does anyone know what it could be this time?

6th Mar 2008, 03:24

I bought my 2002 Jetta GLS in 2005 with only 19,000 mils... but I was unaware of all the problems that came along with it. I own a 5 speed... nice little fuel effecient car. But I experienced the same issues as everyone else here... I had my Driver Window Collapse (fixed by the VW dealer under Recall.. supposedly fixed the Passenger too, but Who knows)...the center Console latch broken.. My turn signals stopped working when I Used the Hazard button (who knew they were somehow Wired Together?) (another Recalled item that was fixed), the Heated Seats had to be Fixed... again under recall,... I have replaced My brake lights/turn signal lights numerous times... I had to have the Motor mounts replaced (and I only had 30,000 miles on the car), The CD player/speakers Randomly stop working for no reason, Now the most RECENT problem... My Trunk Latch has Malfunctioned and it just unlatches while I'm driving... and I'm sure it has something to do with Electrical/wiring problem... but I can't get it to stop constantly opening the Truck. I took out the battery in my Remote (thinking it was causing it) but it is constantly "clicking" and opening the trunk. I think My jetta is Haunted!!! I have received several notices in the mail in the last year Regarding more REcalls... but I'm afraid the Dealter will Come up with OTHER things that need fixed too.