27th Jun 2006, 21:10

I currently own a 2002 Jetta GLS 1.8t. First of all, I love driving the car and admit I am not always gentile as I drive it! I have had multiple problems since I bought it new in 2001. First, the crank sensor at 2000 miles, then the computer had to be removed, sent to New Jersey, and reprogrammed, next the radio was replaced, then the instrument cluster because the clock led burned out, then front upper strut mounts, then one coil pack followed by all four after getting the recall notice, also both front windows dropped into the doors, console has broken several times, both front wheel bearings, lt at 50k and rt at 75k, needs lt again, not to mention I get a maximum 25k from most brands of tires except Michelin :just about every problem mentioned on this forum! The problem now, at 110,000 miles, is the front suspension is completely worn out! Everything is loose and making noise. Other American made cars I have owned went a lot more miles before these problems occurred!!!

29th Jun 2006, 08:39

I have a VW Jetta 2002 1.8T, bought new in Sept, 01... and like most of the people here, have had tremendous issues with it since day 1...

-- Ignition coils have been replaced twice

-- Center console broke within 6 months

-- Brake light recall, and some others which I don't remember now

-- Both left and right front windows fell in the door, which were due to plastic gears inside window panels (as per the dealer, and hence could not handle Arizona heat)... finally they were replaced with metallic gears by a VW recall.

-- Battery died (though replaced within warranty) in the first 2 years.

-- Temperature sensor died within 2 years (average life is 4-5 years), had to be replaced.

-- And worst of all, after getting the battery changed at a non-dealer shop, the electronic immobilizer got activated... now it says that the key is not authorized to start the car.. had to get the car towed and pay $$100+ to the dealer to de-activate this stupid thing...

When I brought these issues to the dealer, the dealer recommended basically that you are out of luck, and should go for a new car!!! I was aghast at this comment... if a VW with supposedly german engineering based car is supposed to last 4-5 years, then I don't see any point in buying a VW with 30-40% premium... if you have to go for a car for 4-5 year span only, why not buy a Hyundai or Kia, and at least have 7-10 year warranty to cover repairs.. disgusting!!! First and the last VW for me.. I am going for a Japanese car next.

3rd Jul 2006, 01:07

I have a 99.5 Jetta and the only thing I did was replace the tranmission sensor (did it myself). I'll buy another Jetta sometime in the future. You have to keep up the maintenance like you're supposed to, and not use cheap oils and additives. If you bought your VW thinking you don't need maintaince for 100k miles, then no one else to blame but yourself.

8th Jul 2006, 17:44

I have had a 2002 Jetta for 3 months now, and have already have problems with the brake lights going out and now the windows dropping. How much does it cost to get window regulators fixed?

17th Jul 2006, 17:18

Just looking for some feedback here... I recently purchased a used 2002 Jetta 1.8T GLS. Not a bad car, I enjoy the power and overall ride. However, when I use something electrical (i.e. power windows, radio) my instrument cluster goes crazy and all the indicator lights start flashing. Also, I get a loss of power and the whole dash goes "lights out". Another problem I am noticing is when I turn off the car the clock and trip meter reset to "zero". Just curious if anyone else has had similar problems and maybe knows of any remedies.


28th Jul 2006, 07:04

I have a 2002 GLS V6 Jetta, bought it new. It has 100 thousand miles and I just spent 6000 dollars, replacing the transmission and other common problems.

The trani that VW changed is still having the same problem the other one did. When it changes to 2nd or 3rd gear, it jerks.

Anybody have an idea why this keeps happening?

1st Nov 2006, 22:25

Bottom Line DON'T buy VW's,

I recently sold my 2002 1.8T Jetta and it's been great not having to worry about the check engine light anymore. My problems started at 3000 and I sold it at 40k in 2006. If I can remember all the problems: Plastic cap falling off rim, brake indicator light switch causing ruff engine running X 4, Faulty ignition coils, A/C stopped working, Radio Stopped working leading to dead battery?, passenger side window fell, spring under passenger seat broke off, rubber ring around antenna came off ($60 to fix never did) --all covered under warranty--- 2 months after warranty expired car had 38k on it moon roof opened mysteriously battery died again replaced battery ($170) drove off lot battery light came on, Alternator shot as well as harness wires ($1100), A/C stopped working again ($100 for a nothings wrong diagnosis) worked again???, 6 weeks later catalytic converter shot along with some coils (converter covered under mysterious warranty coils $500) Solution GOT RID OF VW will never buy again, Mother in law drives a Beetle her engine light is on burn them all.

13th Nov 2006, 11:32

I have a 2003 1.8T Jetta, and I don't understand all the complaints. Maybe I just got lucky with my particular car? Up until 80K, all I did was change the oil and give it a tune up, and maybe rotate the tires, and it was fine.

The only problem I've had with this car that was manufacturer related was the recall for the driver's side heated-seat coil. I could've taken it in to get fixed, but, instead, I just don't turn the thing on. It's really not that big a deal. I can't believe people actually whine about heated seat coils busting. Yes, if it burns you as a result, I see the concern, but overall, in the grand scheme of things, it's a very, very minor issue. I guess I'm in the minority when I say I'm just happy with a car that's fast and doesn't die on me. That's all I can ask for, nowadays, in a world where cars are generally crap, and you STILL pay through the nose for them.

I had an incident recently where I hit a raised manhole... and it got ugly. Oil pan busted open, engine seized... but NOT VW or Jetta's fault at all. Totally unrelated to the manufacturer or model. Insurance paid to fix it, and $6K later... I now have a rebuilt engine in the car, among *many* other things that had to be done to it as a result of the damage this manhole did to my car. But up until that point, NO problems with the car. By the way, I didn't take my car to the dealer to get fixed after I hit that manhole... not sure if that matters. But, like I said, up until the incident, at 80K, I had only changed the oil and done one lousy tune up. I think that's pretty good.

So, besides the heated seat coil (and the manhole accident, which, again, was totally unrelated to VW or Jetta), I have no real complaints. Actually, I LOVE this car... the best I've ever owned. I had a Honda CRX years ago and a Nissan Altima (NEVER again, by the way, with a Nissan). I don't think I'll ever go back to Japanese cars. My husband has a '95 Mazda Protege, and while that thing may just run forever, it's a horrible ride... slow as spit, and the power steeing has me all over the road. After driving his car, I get back into my Jetta, and I feel like I'm in a luxury vehicle (...leather seats add to that). I love it, and if I don't have any other major problems with this car before I'm done paying off my loan, I will definitely purchase another VW... or maybe I'll step it up to an Audi. But my experience with the 1.8T has been great... thus far...and definitely worth the $24K. I feel I got a lot of car for the money with the 1.8T.