4th Jul 2010, 11:18

So when does replacing a battery require a trip to the dealership? Just not cool. Disconnect battery, then all 3 keys don't work. Lame. My mom's VW is crap.

Good thing I drive a '97 Tacoma, 273,000 flawless miles. I have to tow the car 70+ miles to he dealership because of a new battery, stupid.

I will be destroying some VW sales rep's world come Tuesday, Toyota FTW!

10th Oct 2010, 20:24

Well all of this is very new for me.

I got my Jetta 2002 2.0 brand new from the dealer.

I need to say this, although I feel embarrassed with myself.

My car is now 8 years old, has traveled a few times to Canada and Florida, it has 90000 miles, and I never follow any PM to this car with the dealer, or without.

All that I have been doing is filling up the oil when it needed it, perhaps 2 times that I changed my oil officially, replaced my tires because they were giving me a good price. Also the battery.

I love my Jetta; it never breaks down.

13th Aug 2011, 15:04

Do you use mid grade or premium gas?

26th Oct 2011, 10:44

Well said!!! I love your comment! Some people think just because the Jetta 1.8 has a turbo, it means you're going to race and do stupid stuff with it.

11th Apr 2014, 21:22

Got a 2005 GLI Jetta garbage. Bought it 4 months ago and put 100 miles on it. Been in the shop ever since. One thing after another.

14th Apr 2014, 17:31

I agree, my ex girlfriend had a 2004 1.8T Jetta; what an awful overpriced lemon! Sure it was fun to drive when it was working, nice handling and turbo, but just a huge money pit otherwise. Everything costs at least 2 times more to repair than a comparable American/Japanese car. Lots of mechanics won't even touch VWs too.

Problems with nearly everything; check engine light, sunroof problems, power window problems, stereo problems, interior trim falling off everywhere, burning oil, not shifting properly, brakes wear quickly, etc... eventually just sold it at a huge loss when engine problems began to start, at not even 70k mileage!

I would not recommend a VW product to anyone; buy American, Japanese, even Korean instead!