7th Oct 2010, 18:03

The car I want to love, but hate.

Bought my 2002 1.8T new. Have always loved its looks, and it's great drive when it's not in the shop. Within the 1st two weeks, engine coils failed TWICE. Dealer said it just happens and will happen until all coils fail and are replaced. NOT ACCEPTABLE, but VW didn't seem to care.

When driving 300 miles away from home, passenger window "fell" into the door, so I enjoyed rain and cold all the way home - problem due to cheap plastic clips.

MIL light comes on whenever it feels like coming on - sometimes with a reason, often with no apparent reason. I am looking for a replacement car as I write this, and it will NEVER be another VW. I will miss its exterior styling, its cool blue lit dash, its turbo kick - but I hope to never spend another dime in a VW repair shop!

24th Oct 2010, 22:20

I have had a 2002 1.8 turbo Jetta for a few years now.

If I could tell you one thing it's that this is the worst car on the face of the planet.

I paid 8,000 for it in the beginning at about 80,000 miles on it. Now it has 150,000 miles and in the last 70,000 miles I have had to replace...



Timing belt went so new engine came

Coil wires and now they are acting up again so I'm taking it back in.

This car has cost me thousands of dollars even though I have replaced so much it is still a piece of crap.

Stay away from VW. They are expensive to keep and won't last.

20th Mar 2011, 16:08

Try disconnecting the immobiliser.

10th Jan 2012, 14:21

I have the same vehicle, and had the same problem just over a month ago, where I took it to my mechanic. I used his computer thing, and it said that cylinders 2 & 3 were misfiring. I then kicked the car and reset the codes. Drove it for a bit to see if it was just the sensor. Turns out that's what it was a lot of times on a decent number of Jettas it turns out; it is generally the sensor, not the actual part. In my friend's 2.0 99.5 Jetta, he hit a big puddle and it made the sensor read a cylinder misfire.

26th Mar 2012, 12:20

Volkswagen likes your money, and only your money.

27th Mar 2012, 03:22

If you are not changing your oil at least every 6 months or 5,000 miles in my opinion, VW is right on this one - what do you expect? Just curious how often you actually went between oil changes?

I'm amazed at how some folks abuse their cars by not maintaining them, and blame the manufacturer for an inevitable failure.

22nd Dec 2013, 14:48

Dude, most of the people aren't getting to drive the car far enough to need an oil change...

23rd Dec 2013, 12:42

Oil deteriorates the moment you start the car and drive it. Regardless of distance travelled, you need to change the oil at least at 6 months or 10,000 km/6,000 miles on average, or if you use good quality synthetic oil, typically a year or 15-20,000 km.

8th Aug 2015, 23:08

Hope you get this in time... to compress the brake cylinder you must turn it clockwise when pressing. No C clamp here!! Have a grateful day.