1st Feb 2004, 13:53

We bought our 2002 VW Jetta Wagon GLS in Dec. 2001. We had to replace the computer module that controls the airbags in March 2003. But we were still very happy with this car until October 2003 after a downpour. The sunroof drains were clogged and the VW dealership would not schedule a repair time for it until after another anticipated downpour. So we searched the internet and found out how to unclog the drains before the next downpour ourselves. It worked! The drains were unclogged.

But this winter, Jan. 2004, we noticed that there was condensation inside the car constantly, and one freezing morning, the car was frosted on the inside on all the windows! There was nothing I could do, but to wait for it to melt! That same day, after work, the car was again frosted on the inside at the parking lot! There is a leak somewhere!

We were able to send the car in for repair the week after, and they kept it for almost a week. As it turns out, the sunroof was not leaking, but the DOORS are! Both driver's side and passenger's side doors were leaking. Driver's side is due to a window seal failure and the passenger's side due to a door seal failure. They had to replace both. They told me that the carpet was soaked.

When I got the car back, they had sprayed the carpet with some air freshener that practically suffocates me! It is a very artificial sweet strawberry scent. It has been freezing outside, but I have to drive with my windows rolled down! When I called the VW service, they said to leave the windows open and there is nothing they could do.

The car detailer in town refused to try to get the smell out because it probably would not go away. I am continuing to pursue the VW dealer on this issue. I believe the value of the car has gone down significantly.

The design of the door seals is obviously flawed!

4th Nov 2004, 15:05

I'm still learning to enjoy my recently acquired 2002 Jetta GLS wagon. Just turned over 20K miles, bought about 500 miles ago. According to my practice, I immediately obtained a manual (Bennett?) & between study of it & the car, I think I can do some stuff myself. Like clean & lubricate the sun roof runners, etc. The plugs look as tho they are correct for the motor, (2.0 L.) but the book says replace at 40K, I think it would be a good idea to replace them now. I think this is no doubt the best built, the best engineered car I've had experience with. We have a small Japanese 4 door to run around, & we also road tested the Toyota wagon (new) & there's just no comparison.

The Jetta 2.0 appears to have lots of power for its size & on a recent trip we got 31 mpg. which I don't find amazing, but which I think is respectable. I don't know the weight, but I plan to find out, so that little 2.0 is hauling a good load (2 people) at 65-70 mph. & turning in 31 mpg, safest car I've ever owned, curtain airbags, disks all around. Could use a little more room in the passenger region, leg room for the rear passengers, but so far, I'm not complaining. And I'm known as a complainer!

26th Oct 2006, 21:18

I have had a 2001 GLS for two months. It recently rained heavily and I had a significant amount of water on the driver's side floor (front and back). I called the dealership and they said it was probably clogged sunroof drains. They told me to stick a coat hanger through the rubber tubing that ends in a little black nipple in the door hinge. I was able to get a lot of mud and gunk out. It took a week to dry the car completely with towels and a hairdryer and letting it run for hours with the heat at full blast. Well, it rained today and again I have water on the driver's side floor. Does anyone have another suggestion besides paying big $ for the dealership to blow it out with compressed air?

30th Oct 2006, 08:47

I have two 2002 Jettas purchased about 3 months ago. Both of my daughters now have a Jetta. Well, 2 nights ago it rained 4 inches in one night. Upon getting into the cars the next day, we found that both cars were wet only on the driver's side front and back floorboards, and the carpeting on the sides was dry. I don't mean just wet, but saturated. Because both cars were hit, we knew this had to be some sort of manufacturing defect.

I have been reading the comments regarding this problem and have concluded that its either clogged sunroof drains or improper door panels. Does anyone know how we could go about getting a recall re: this problem from VW.

I am very interested in hearing back from others in regard to this.

6th Nov 2006, 09:14

I have a 1992 Jetta which also has the water problem. I adore my care completely otherwise, but I began noticing that in wet weather, or when I run my air conditioner in dry weather, the passenger side floor boards (both front and back) are soaking in about 1/4" of water.

My mechanic said something about a tube being blocked by pine needles, and that he blew it out with compressed air. It seems to fill with water more and more often though, being less consistent with possible seasonal causes. This makes me wonder if there isn't some progressive seal issue somewhere.

Any ideas?

9th Nov 2006, 17:19

We purchased our 2002 Jetta wagon new and have had reasonably good luck with it. The turbo diesel is responsive and turns in between 35 and 50 mpg. The Jetta is comfortable if cramped. It is heavily built, and stood up well in a rear end collision by a full-sized SUV, similar to an accident that totaled a friend’s Subaru Forester.

Unfortunately, our car was vandalized with a brick one year ago. The driver’s side rear door window was shattered. Shortly after its repair, the driver’s side floor became soaked behind the driver’s seat. We took the car to the dealer, who performed a warranty replacement of the rubber seal around the rear door. They said the seal is easily compromised if it is crushed. This sounded good to me, but made no difference in the next rain.

Crawling around on my back in the rain with a flashlight, I discovered the door’s drain holes were plugged with shattered glass. We took the car back to the auto body shop that repaired the window. By this time we had one moldy car. The shop told us that they took the entire door assembly apart and treated the moldy carpet. This seemed to be effective, but one year later, heavy rains returned us to square one.

Now the body shop has the car again. They claim they cannot repeat conditions of the leak, although they admit the floor is damp. It looks like we are faced with getting rid of an otherwise perfectly good car.

9th Nov 2006, 22:16

I thought I was the only one with flooded 2002 Jetta Wagon issues! I had the sunroof drains cleaned out only a few months ago and now I'm finding dampness on the floor in the back. What annoys me is how the dealership looks at me like I'm crazy when I say there's water on the floor. It sounds like a common problem. I'd love to participate in any recall motion.