15th Jul 2008, 13:28

I too am having sunroof drainage problems, 3" of water on passenger side floor. After reading the previous posts, I now see what is happening. Last year I spent $400 at my local VW dealer who also told me not to park under trees or leave my roof open. I do neither. This is more VW scam and a suit is needed. So too with the sub-class role one takes when buying a VW. The dealer owns you and you just pay, pay, pay. So many problems with these cars are easily rectified with modest design alterations and the company is hurting itself by not biting the bullet and coming clean with a recall. With all of the different companies making cars, and so many choices available, it puzzles me how VW can be so insensitive to the feedback of its customers. They don't respond to the simplest of suggestions such as to give you a visor that is large enough to actually block the sun! Good luck, all. If a suit develops, please count me in: acj33469@msn.com.

5th Aug 2008, 13:51

The drain line could be plugged from the inside. I saw a post on the vortex some time ago about this. The guy had to pull apart the under dash and get at the evaporator.

When he had it all apart he found the tray the evaporator sits in was surrounded by dirt, debree, pieces of leaves...

So as the evaporator sweats it would just collect, fill up, and overfill into the passenger floor.

And after time it really started to smell!

The dampness turned to mold.

If the car is parked where there is air born junk like dirt, leaves, pollen, etc... then that could be a factor in the evaporator tray filling up.

When you turn on the fan-blower, all that crap gets sucked up under the wiper tray and then gets stuck in the HVAC duct.

Hope that makes sense!

Its also good practice to shut off the A/C before shutting off the car. And also, keep the blower going as well.

Basically, keep the fan on, but shut the A/C off about 20 seconds before shutting off the car.

This helps dry the evaporator!

03 GTI owner


5th Aug 2008, 15:29

I have a 2003 Jetta GLI, which was purchased new in November of 2002.

I just noticed the "leak" problem that everyone is referring to here on 08/04/2008 in my car as well. It is the front passenger floorboard.

I have since extracted as much water as I can, and have placed a dehumidifying agent in the cabin, as well as removed the floor mat to dry on its own. I do intend on trying to remedy the situation myself by using the tips on the board, seeing as though I am now out of warranty.

If all else fails, I may start shopping for another car. I want to stay loyal to the VW brand, but VW will have to meet me half way. I will not be part of the class action, until I give the dealership, whom I purchased the vehicle from a fair shot at correcting the problem. I think that's only fair.

Anyway, good luck to all, and try to hang in there from Florida (nice and rainy down here everyday with no garage) Yeah!

25th Aug 2008, 13:22

Hi all,

Living in Montreal, Canada, the car is in a semi frozen state most of the winter, never mind the kids with snow boots. So I can only tell you what I have seen in the summer months.

My 2003 TDI wagon has been at the dealer 4 times to have the leaky roof repaired. 3 times something was attempted; silicone fixes to the roof rack, sealer spray to something/somewhere under the dashboard. The last time under warranty, they simply told me they could not reproduce the problem... (a little rain would produce 2-3 cm of water on the floor, and they could not reproduce it!

The smelly floors I have or rust that I will find in the next few years will never be fixed. The dealer never found the problem, and I stopped bringing my car to the dealer to have them check this problem, I need my car. The leaky roof repairs could never be looked at in one day.

Last week-end after reading all of this (and the car no longer being under warranty), I open the roof myself, and found that this sunroof hose was simply not connected on the drivers side... no wonder water was building-up in my car. Is it possible that dealers are not told about common problems? Maybe web access for mechanics...

No that is crazy, they must know about this!

In short... If there was a better selection of diesel cars in North America...

29th Aug 2008, 08:03

I got rid of my VW about a month ago because of this problem. I cleaned it up the best I could before trading it in and now I drive a Scion!

2nd Sep 2008, 20:22

I have a 2004 Jetta GLS with all the same problems as everyone else. I too live in Florida and see a lot of rain. The first time it happened was a few months ago and I got in my car during a downpour, only to find a good 3 inches of water on the drivers side floor of my car. It has now happened for a 3rd time though these last 2 times are more soaks than puddles. The first time it was the drivers side. The second time it was the passengers side that then traveled to the drivers side, the backseat floors and the trunk carpeting. The 3rd time it was the passenger side again.

I am really concerned about this as I am 8 months pregnant and it can't be good for me to be inhaling this musty mildewy smell. I certainly can't put my newborn baby in this car. Of course my warranty expired 5k miles ago so I have no idea what to do. I'm totally upside down in this car so I have no way of getting out of it without taking a serious hit.

Can anyone tell me more about the lawsuit? I researched the lemon laws but apparently it doesn't work on cars purchased used. What in the world can we do to fix this problem?


28th Sep 2008, 12:04

I posted on the previous page in March or April about leaks in my 02 Jetta TDi that I had just bought and was bringing back to the dealership.

I was fortunate that the dealership covered the repair of the front passenger side sunroof drain and I suffered no further issues with leaks...

Until today.

After 3 days of heavy rain, now my REAR drivers side foot well and underneath the drivers seat are soaked (and the smell is horrid, I'm pregnant and I can smell EVERYTHING, yuck!), as well as my trunk. I want to run the same diagnostics on the rear sunroof drains that I did on the front ones (on previous page in my post - pouring water down from the top to see if it comes out the other end, then pushing 1/4" tubing through to see if I can dislodge a clog myself if necessary), but I'm having a hard time locating the entrance and exit of the rear drains.

Has anyone else had rear sunroof drain issues? Can you help me? My email is smashingdarling@netzero.net.

Many thanks - Kristy.