22nd Mar 2009, 14:46

I'm glad I found this site. I was just about to bid on a 2003 Jetta TDI Wagon 2500 miles away from me. So after reading this entire post, I think I will try to find one these cars cheap from a disgusted owner locally in N. Calf. Most all of the leaks found, people have found a way around them.

I have a couple ideas, such as running new lines out through custom made ports, and totally sealing up all air intake and A/C parts with massive amounts of silicon and thin flexible sheets of plastic.

As far as the smell goes from wet carpets and having dried them out. A good air ionizer should destroy all mold and mildew, and the smell. Professional house restorers of flood and fire damage use these machines. For the small space of a car, they don't cost much.

Also I have found a very strong yet safe soap to use that can kill anthrax and other molds called "Miracle 2". It is so safe one can drink it, which I have done for internal cleansing in small doses. I have showered with it for 10 years and I never have to clean my shower because it is self cleaning with this stuff. So if the carpets are still wet, one might want to scrub them with this soap and blot out the water and the following rinse with a shop vac and then heat and dry and ionize. Maybe even let the soapy water soak in for a day.

Hope that can help someone, and I hope I can find the VW I want for a song.

22nd Mar 2009, 19:15

I have a 2002 Jetta GLS with the same problem. But instead of going to the VW dealer, I decided to do it myself. It was a fairly simple process. All you have to do is replace the gasket to the cabin filer. Put RTV around the black box underneath the windshield wiper motor. And on the driver and passenger door, they have a little nipple that lets water drain from the moon roof. Stick a unbent coat hanger in there and clean out all the dirt.

As for the wet interior, you can either take it out and wash it and spray disinfecting spray to keep mold from growing, or just stick a dehumidifier in there and then spray the disinfecting spray.

25th Mar 2009, 14:43

I too have a 2003 Jetta Wagon.

I too have cleaned out all 4 drain holes (and regularly check and clean them).

I too have a water leak. Absolutely every time it rains.

The water is getting into the cabin, driver's side dripping from behind the pedals. I can see the drips and path left on the carpet.

I have parked it on flat surfaces, facing uphill and facing downhill. The water gets in regardless of how the vehicle is parked.

Recently, I have been experiencing electrical issues - the indicator light, or hazard light clicks at warp speed (sound only) randomly. The indicator lights and hazard work when I need them, and sound off when I don't.

Does anyone else experience this leak pattern coupled with random clicking (electrical issue)?

Are/can Canadian cars/owners be included on/in an American class action suit?

13th Apr 2009, 14:35

I just picked up a 2002 Jetta for my son, and about a week ago I found three inches of water in the passenger front floorboard after heavy rain the next day. I checked the sunroof drains and they were clean, so I went to the pollen filter box/wiper area. I found a large amount of debris in the bottom of the pan. I vacuumed it out and I am keeping my fingers crossed until after it rains again. The interior has a bit of a smell so it seems like this had been occurring prior to me getting the car. I'm trying to dry the carpet before I replace it.

22nd Apr 2009, 22:05

I purchased my 2002 Jetta NEW directly from the dealership while living in Phoenix,. AZ, where it rarely rains, and I had a garage so if it did rain my car was shielded from it.

Now I am back in NY where the rain is consistent, but I do not have a garage to store my car in. The leaks are unbelievable. Depending on how the car is parked, when it rains I have at least 2 inches of water on the passenger or drivers floor. I have contacted the dealer and they say they haven’t heard any complaints at all about this, and that I have to clean my sunroof drain.

I am so mad. I am a student and purchased this car brand new so that I would have many years with a car that I will not have problems with. I can barely stand the smell!!!

If anyone has any thoughts or class action suits going, please let me in on it. daniellem3176@aol.com

31st May 2009, 08:34

I have a 2003 Jetta Wagon TDi - Not a single problem experienced until this week - water in the rear passenger area.

- I cleaned out the 2 front rubber nipples from the sunroof (not much there).

- I cannot find the 2 rear ones - even using the photos that were referred to at http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1909676.

Any ideas? Thanks.

13th Jun 2009, 22:11

I have a 2002 Jetta and have been having the same water leakage problems on the driver side! I am so relieved to have found this site because now I see that it is really common. I was getting ready to take it into the dealer, but will now scratch that since they will just try to rip me off. If anyone finds out if there is a recall involving this, let me know!

29th Jun 2009, 13:24

Water Leak- 2005 1/2 Jetta 2.5. My Jetta started flooding the driver's side passenger floor shortly after the left door speaker (s) were replaced (the first replaced the wrong one). The dealer said it was a door seal and replaced it. Still leaked. They tested it, I tested it, couldn't find the source as it did not leak from the car wash or using the hose on the door for 15 minutes. I did find a loose rivet sticking out of the left rear front door drain. Water was evident on the seam of the door threshold where the metal and plastic meet. They took the door apart, removed the rivet but said I must have left the window open (no!). Now my driver door electronics don't work, I assume from constant moisture. At midnight I needed gas and found I could not open the fuel door and there is no bypass in the manual. I had to pry open the door with a screwdriver!

23rd Jul 2009, 20:44

I have been trying to figure out my water problem for the past year. We finally opened the sun roof and poured a bottle of water down the drain in the corner. I sat inside with the flashlight looking down by the drain that is inside the door. The water did not come out the spout, but you could hear it gurgling, and sure enough the water was running out down inside where the hood release is and running onto the floor. We then poured water in the drain on the other side and it came shootin out the little spout. So we then run a coat hanger down and it was not plugged. They obviously have an issue with the drain tubes from the sun roof. I am going to the garage on Monday.