14th Oct 2009, 05:21


To add to my 10-4-09 comment.

CHECK YOU TAIL LIGHTS GASKETS!!! I think I found the issue with my wet trunk and wet rear floor area! Well we got a lot of rain! Enough to have mud slides... and I finally got water to get the sides of carpet wet above the floor, and it lead to the side area (between the rear door seal and bottom seat cushion). Pulled trim off and could see it lead to the trunk area. Had someone spray water on the trunk, and I had the back seat down and the flap to the area were you can change the bulbs for the tail lights open. I could SEE the water coming in at the bottom of the light where the wires plug into... makes sense, that (especially parked with front lower) the water get in and gets trunk wet and works its way to the area of the rear floor area... it's hard to notice till is good and wet, because the water runs under the carpet... if you have wet rear floor areas, pull your trunk carpet and see if it's wet too!!??

Anyhow I RTV the tail light gasket on both sides, will see if that stops the water getting in!? I think it will! There is round floor plug under the car right under the rear floor pan. I pulled mine out and could feel the carpet, so if you are one of the people that have standing water in the back, at least you can drain it, (but still have damp carpets) till you fix the leak and lift the carpets and dry them.

Now for the front floor area, I haven't gotten to it yet, but I'm going to add a pick of hose (bigger) to the end of the blue stock one, and just let it hang out and test with water again and see if I get water around the fuse box and hood release lever. Again, like I said before, most of the water goes out, but I still get it coming inside. (I think it's a loose fit where the blue hose fits into the rubber nipple and not all water gets out). I still will pull the head liner down to check the hose connections at the top of the blue hose as the person commented before this post did. I think it's very possible for the front water issues!! I was going to do this in my 10-4 post but haven't yet? I WILL!!

20th Oct 2009, 02:10

From Victoria BC.

Sad to see so many with this problem, I thought I was done with the auto manufacturer nonsense after dealing with a Chevy Z24.

Now my 2004 Jetta is wet, well if you have been reading the posts, you know the story. I love driving my VW, and prior to this had a 94 Golf (got totaled by a new driver) it was a great ride too. My bet is as another poster said, the problem lies with 3rd party manufacturing, stands to reason as the one person mentioned missing seals around certain potential leak areas and cheap plastic parts. I can get that drain tubes could come loose and fall off, but that dealer should look for that and not charge full rate for repair.

The biggest... well annoyance is how the manufacturers, will not stand behind their product and will tip toe around these common problems. VW is very much a "Drivers" car, but this kind of manifestation of water log will take me elsewhere next time I buy a car. Hmmm I think back to when I was driving Hondas, these folks know how to treat a customer and they build a ride that is more like a sewing machine, but are far more fuel efficient and reliable than any cars out there, oh and have great resale value too.

Well tomorrow I will take some compressed air to the down spouts and then be off to the hardware store for a For Sale sign. Good luck to all you volks out there, and keep those windows open on a sunny day, you will want to flush all that moldy air out, and when you park it somewhere, maybe someone will make that VW disappear and you won't have to worry anymore.

13th Nov 2009, 03:42

To add to my 10-17-09 comment.


Well so far so good, there has been some rainy days and the water has stayed out so far. It's now getting cold and low temps.. but our winters get lots of rain too. I will keep an eye on it.

13th Nov 2009, 10:12

02 VW Jetta. Smells terrible when it rains. Just found these post. Will try to check the sunroof drains tonight. I have never noticed anything wet inside the car, definitely not several inches like some of the other post, but I guess it must be wet somewhere.

17th Nov 2009, 12:33

My 2004 Jetta TDI Wagon (no sunroof) bought brand new. Had small leaks from day one through the driver side window. The dealer attempted to address the problem several times. Now that my car is off warranty, the leak progressed to a level that I stepped into an ankle deep puddle yesterday trying to drive to work. Three leaks were discovered, one by the window, on through the door and one through the dashboard. If this is such a common occurrence, why does not VW do something? Please let me know if anyone could recover costs due to water damage from VW!!

1st Dec 2009, 11:44

Add me to the ever growing list!!!

Same story - mine is a 2001 Jetta GLS.

When I pour water down the sunroof hole - water drips down the paneling next to the glove box on the passenger door. I have seen so many complaints that I relate to and the great post with the pics - but all has still left me wondering...

1) Is there a current definitive recall or lawsuit? I have come across only broken or misdirected links on this forum.

2) Is it a clog problem or actually a hole somewhere in the line - if so, has anyone taken this apart to fix it and how?

PLEASE write back - before it rains!!! ;-)


2nd Dec 2009, 22:42

I'm in Melbourne, Australia and own a 2000 Beetle with a sunroof. I first got a wet front and back passenger side floor about 2 years ago. Ever since then, whenever there is a hint of rain, I have quickly run out and covered the car with a tarpaulin. The low level anxiety of worrying about whether my car is going to get wet is ridiculous.

I just discovered this forum, and am shocked that VW is silent on such a massive issue. I will never buy a VW again, and will be recommending my friends & family don't either.

I'm going to check the sunroof drains tonight, and also the pollen/air intake vent in the front, as has been suggested by others, and report back on my fixes/success.

12th Dec 2009, 13:43

I am joining this looooong list of people with very similar complaint about my 2002 VW Jetta.

I had the windshield replaced because it was cracked. Then two weeks later I noticed water under the floor mat on the drivers side and severe condensation was forming (every morning) on the "INSIDE" of my windshield.. and on other windows as well.

To the point that when it gets cold (like now in December) I am scraping the inside of the windshield and running the defrost for 15 minutes, just to get it clear enough to drive. I had the windshield replaced a second time, still the same problem. The windshield place poured a little water where the drain holes are to show me that they are clogged. I called the dealer and have made an appointment, but after reading all of these complaints, I think I will cancel the appointment and figure out another way.