1st Oct 2005, 15:57

From what I've read about your Jetta and others, the ABS module setting the car on fire might solve many of your problems.

14th Apr 2006, 08:54

It seem like the problem continues and not only in America. I am from Austin Texas on a long term assignment in Mexico. I have a Mexican 2005 Jetta, I have the same problems you had, or still have.

I received my car and the automatic locks did pop up, however I had to pull the handle twice to open the door. I brought it at the time of service and pointed the problem out to them. The service technician said he would have them mechanics take a look at this. When I went to pick up the car, there was another person delivering the car to me and there was a $90 dollar charge to fix the problem. After a lot of arguing I paid it.

Now I have too the pretty wax pouring out of my doors and a strange noise on my brakes when I stop after going in reverse. I brought the car in and pointed the problems to them and they kept my car for service and told me that the car was still under warranty. I came to pick up the car, and there was a $450.00 dollar charge on the invoice because I brought the car in at 30,975 Km instead of 30,000, and my car had NO warranty anymore because of this delay.

Next time I am buying another Honda.

14th Apr 2006, 11:45

Except for the current Jetta GLi, all Jettas for North America are made in Mexico, so you are essentially driving what the Americans drive with some minor trim changes.

It just continues to shock me that there is a such disparity between great engineering (and interiors) and overall quality.

Even CAR Magazine in England, a publication that was praising the new European-built GTI to the high heavens, had unbelievable problems with their long term GTI. In fact, they discovered that some Golfs didn't even have their "steering chocks" used for shipment removed, meaning their steering was seriously compromised.

In America, these cars are grossly overpriced for what they are, and there is no reason to buy them other than the fact you can say "well, when it works it's great".

14th Apr 2006, 18:34

"I received my car and the automatic locks did pop up, however I had to pull the handle twice to open the door."

This is normal. If your doors are locked, you pull the handle to unlock the door, and then you pull it again to open it. Every single VW does it. Read your owner's manual.

Also, the new Jetta GLI is not made in Germany, it is made in Mexico. All Jettas with the exception of the Jetta wagon have been made in Mexico since 1995.

30th Oct 2007, 17:39

Whoever made the comment that all Jettas after '95 are made in Mexico clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. It wasn't until the fifth generation that ALL Jettas were made in Puebla.

18th Aug 2010, 19:18

I just bought my son his first car. For some reason I asked him what kind of car he wanted. So he kind of said the Jetta. I was hoping for another brand Toyota or Nissan or even a Honda, well I went and I bought it. I have had it for 2 weeks and I have only driven it once. The very next day the battery was totally dead, next both left side windows did not open, only the passengers and manually the drivers master control doesn't work. When I got it, it was working fine. Now the lights on the dash: I have ABS, check engine, and airbag sensors on. I drove the car hard the time I tested it and it ran great, what happened? Of course my son says sorry dad I need your truck! I will never ever buy a VW again. Thanks, but no thanks.