9th Nov 2004, 17:02

I have the same possessed car. All of a sudden the windows (all of them) went down on their own, the alarm went off without anyone near by, the dome light failed, and the windows could not be controlled at all. Then the windows could not even be controlled by the key, then they started going really crazy. The alarm went off while driving. I too drove to work in the RAIN with all windows down. This is going to cost between 400-600. Did I mention I just got it out of the shop one month ago, $900 service tag for that (check engine light problem).

Oh yea, my rear window contollers also failed a long time ago, problem with the wiring. My radio volume knob is also possessed, my disc changer stopped working, my speakers sound like crap, (due to the volume control problem no doubt), I'm sure there is more. And to top it all off, I only have 72k miles on it. I can't wait to sell this car, I will never buy another VW.

7th Nov 2006, 10:45

I, too, have a possessed 1998 Jetta Wolfsburg. The check engine light has been diagnosed numerous times. Everything turns up fine or the suggested repair does not solve it. Right now, my car is in the shop as the alarm/door lock would not cooperate. Door would unlock - alarm would not deactivate. How painful to be in a public place with the alarm going off incessantly! As I was taking the car to the shop, all electrical systems shut down... no heat, no wipers, no fan. And my dash board was lit up like an xmas tree... Lots of oranges and red lights.

How does one get rid of this car? See I keep thinking my car wants to end its life and I keep resuscitating it. How about we all meet and have a mass disposal party!

Good luck.