24th Aug 2006, 21:55

Yes, my car smells like crayons and the a/c smells like sweaty socks. I'm ripping out the insulation soon.

28th Aug 2006, 11:05

I have a 2005 Jetta that is not even a year old yet and I'm getting that nasty odor coming out from the vents. It was fine until I brought it in for an oil change - I noticed the odor right away as I was leaving the lot, I figured it would go away but 2 weeks later and it hasn't. I can barely breath when I drive, it's horrible. I brought it to the dealership today and they seemed shocked as if no one has ever complained about this before. It's at the shop now - I can't wait to hear what their explanation is when I go there to pick it up tonight...

28th Aug 2006, 13:23

My 2001 Jetta 1.8T also has had the sensor, falling window, etc., problems. The dealer was very good in addressing these issues when they first came up, and I have not had similar problems again. Other than the crayon smell, I love this car! Ah, but there IS that crayon smell... The rep insists he can't smell it. It has only a been minor nuisance to date, but it is definitely getting worse. So can someone who tried replacing the floor insulation please tell me if that helped?

28th Aug 2006, 15:41

My 2001 Jetta smells like crayons too. I've also had numerous problems with the vehicle. Do not buy a Volkswagen. Repeat, Do not by a Volkswagen.

30th Aug 2006, 21:36

I'm told by friends that my 2001 Jetta smells like crayons. The funny thing is that I do not notice it at all. I guess I've gotten used to it over the 5 years that I've owned it! :)

What I do notice however, is that my transmission jumps when changing gears from 2nd to 3rd. The dealership says I need a new transmission or it needs to be rebuilt. Apparently, this is a common problem with VR6 automatic transmissions.

5th Sep 2006, 21:38

Anyone who is having shifting problems needs to contact Volkswagen 1-800 number. A new transmission may be warranty work. Also, as to the crayon smell, well if you pop the hood remove cover by wiper arms, you will find a cabin air filter, replace this and it should solve the problem.

18th Oct 2006, 12:08

I thought I'd gotten a lemon until I started reading the responses above. I'll never buy another Jetta (which pains me because it's so darn cute!).


My coil went out, conveniently 2 weeks after my warranty went out

My drivers window fell in

My arm console latch broke

My windows go up and down erradically (especially in the back)

My bumper pops off frequently

My paint is peeling off in the front and along the grill

My VW insignia popped out.

I've had to replace my two rear rotors

I've had to replace the Battery (and no, not just at Walmart, as everyone knows here, it's not that easy)

You must go to a dealership to buy your brake pads (new to me)

My engine heat/cold light doesn't know what it's doing.

11th Dec 2006, 08:33

I love my 01' Jetta, it has been a great car for my wife. My latch is broke in the console (cheap to fix) I work with guys who drive Lexus' and they go through the same thing. I have also had to fix the trunk latch because my mechanic broke it (another cheap fix) and had to replace a couple sensors MAF, Coolant sensor buy a haynes chilton manual and do it yourself, easy to do) It does smell like a crayon a little bit, but we actually kind of like the smell. We have replaced all filters though. I think it's a great car and requires regular maintenance like all cars. I think your fooling yourself if you think these little problems don't exist in other cars.

30th Dec 2006, 14:36

We have the same odor problem with 2001 Jetta. Request any update/follow-up as to solutions and VW 800 #s to call for possible help. Also would like to join any class-action suit...

Has the replacement of carpet insulation and or cabin filter solved the problem for others?


2nd Jan 2007, 13:37

I too have had all the same problems on my 2001 Jetta 1.8T standard transmission.

- Bumper panel pulled off

- Cup holders broken

- Center Arm Rest Latch Broken

- Brake light repairs (over and over and over)

- Windows falling down, slipping off tracks

- "Vintage" Crayon Smell

- Peeling interior

- Grills on front bumper panel falling out

- VW logo falling off.

I'm glad to know I don't have to search for Crayons under the seats of my car any longer...

Recently, I was on the freeway when the car rapidly went from 65mph to 0mph. The timing belt fell off... Apparently the gears wound down causing the timing belt to fall off. My car is at 75,000 miles, so it wasn't alarming except for the fact that the belt didn't break, it fell off, and that maintenance on the belt is not supposed to occur until around 90,000. Fortunately, on the 2001 1.8T this is a warranty repair. On subsequent years the warranty expires at 60,000 miles.

I love the way my Jetta grips the road and handles, but I find myself wishing I had my Honda back... I won't be a repeat Volkswagen customer unless we are talking about the parts & service department.

24th Jan 2007, 16:56

I bought my 2001 Jetta back in September from a private seller, and when I purchased it I remember smelling something different. It wasn't an obnoxious smell or anything, so I figured it was from whatever the previous owner had used to clean the car to sell it. A few weeks later though I noticed the crayon smell and it was getting stronger. I'm thinking the previous owner tried to cover it up when I was test driving it, etc. Well now that it's been 4 months, I'm totally immune to the smell because I am in the car every day. However, every time someone new rides in the car with me they mention the smell. It's really annoying every time someone mentions it because I can't do anything about it! I am SO relieved to know that there are others out there with the same problem. I am so glad I'm not alone, because I have tried just about EVERYTHING (car freshener, paid over $100 to shampoo the carpets and seats, Febreeze, and the list goes on). Anything I would try would work for about 2 days and then it would go back to the crayon smell (although it doesn't bother me). I love my car, but this is just annoying!

29th Jan 2007, 19:12

I have a 2002 Beetle 1.8t, and it also have a pretty strong crayon smell, but I almost significantly reduced the smell for up to 80% by removing the sound deadening wax under the dashboard, which is under the carpet, wrapping all the vents and the firewall. If you want, you can check it by looking under the glove compartment. At the end of the carpet, you can see a vinyl like sound deadening material. Peel that off or break a piece of it, and smell; it smells like crayon. I'm 110%, mostly at summer time, or the heater is on, the crayon smell is very strong. Unfortunate my car is out of warranty. I called the Volkswagen dealer, more than $1000 to remove it.