2nd Feb 2007, 20:26

OK. I feel so much better. Our 2000 beetle smells like crayons (mostly in summer) and so do we when we get out. My husband drives it most and wears a flight suit and I blamed it on his flight suits.

We left our car parked for a year in S.C. (friends drove it often though) and when we got it the smell from the A/C started. I blamed it on the humidity in the south. We have lived in Ohio for 4 years with it and it is worse than ever. It smells like rotten apple cider to me. My eyes burn from it in the summer when the A/C runs. The heater still smells of rotten apples, but not as bad.

I leave the windows down most of the summer in the garage and it helps a wee bit.

I am angry and will call VW. I think this could be a serious health problem. I live in Ohio and if you do here is a number to start:

Law Office.

Email info@ohiolemonlaw.com

Telephone 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free

937-432-9500 Phone

937-432-9503 Fax

888-331-6471 Toll Free Fax.

Some states have strict lemon laws so I am going for it. My daughter is starting to drive this car and she has type 1 Diabetes and I don't need her lungs going crazy on her too.

Thank the lord for these web pages. It is nice to know of these things.

9th Mar 2007, 10:05

I have suffered through the past 2 1/2 years with my beloved lemon (2001 Jetta VR6). This was the first car I had ever purchased and I wanted it to work out desperately. Unfortunately after numerous trips to AutoZone, O'Reilly's, the dealership and a wonderful little junk yard outside of town, I have decided to trade in this heap.

The car is quick and responsive if you can actually get is started. I have experienced the majority of the interior problems you hear about all the time, but my major disappointment with my car has been the lack of help I get from anyone regarding repairs. The repair manual generally costs over $100 bucks (which is outrageous).

I have taken it to the dealership, asking them why it is sluggish in 2nd and 3rd gear and they said that it was my ignition coil. I replaced the coil myself and there was no change in the drivability. The "100 point" inspection they run for the VR6 doesn't even include checking the transmission (something to do with having to cool the engine down). VW has made it impossible to check transmission fluid without some sort of device from Star Trek, so if you have a transmission problem... good luck to you!

I thought by buying used, I was saving myself a lot of money in interest, but I have paid for that idiocy 10-fold. I have only put 7000 miles on my car in the last year and am still experiencing problem after problem. The lesson here is to just not buy a Jetta... and if you are being forced at gun point to buy a Jetta, don't get the VR6!

17th Mar 2007, 07:31

2001 Jetta GLS 1.8t. 90k Bought 3 years ago.

Tires: Dealer sold me car with bald tires, claimed the "high performance" ones were just noisy. Coming from a Jeep background, I knew nothing about tires like these. When I blew a tire, the shop told me he wanted to see the other tires off of the car "as soon as possible".

Trans -

Manual, when in neutral it rattles until I press the clutch in. The dealer told me that it will soon die.

Car smells of crayons -

The first comment that everyone makes when they get in. The dealer told me it was the wax sealer used when shipping the car overseas to prevent sea water from entering in.

Hazard light switch -

Replaced twice, my directionals went out on me on the road.

Door Lock Actuators -

Replaced, doors would lock me into the car!The alarm would go off if I tried to get out.

Exhaust System Brackets-

Broke off, muffler was hanging diagonally.

Emergency Brake Cable -

Corroded (!!!)

Fluttering startup noise-

I am told this is the secondary air compressor, but it's bothersome for the plastic/metal fluttering noise all the time.

CAT leaked-

Speed went "by, by" until they discovered the leak, holes in the CAT.

Turbo -

Perhaps because of new exhaust leak, but the turbo spools up at low RPMs, but at full throttle, the turbo grinds. Not a pleasant sound.


Intermittently rough, stalled while driving and overheated once. Needed a new sensor of some kind, I've lost track.

NOTHING, but trouble from dealership. Incompetence.

Customer Service-

The two halves of my Key Fob kept coming apart and would constantly fall off my key chain. I wanted them replaced, but instead of replacing the broken parts they put a silver joint ring between the broken part and my key chain. The silver joint is great, but after waiting hours for them to fix my car and finding this, I looked the person incredulously in the eye, and gently pulled the broken key fob off the silver joint ring to show him that his stupid idea of NOT fixing what I asked him to was completely useless. After raising my voice quite loudly, because that was the third thing I took my Jetta in for that DAY that they had gotten totally wrong, I demanded to speak with the manager. I was floored at their incompetence.

The only reason I would ever go back to that dealership is to demand they replace AGAIN a part that is now giving me problems. My CAT.

VW langauge to describe how they treat exams of their pre-owned vehicles:

“Brutal” “Intense On-Lift Examination” “Road test to ensure maximum drivability” “We turn these cars inside out”

NOT hardly.

I love how my Jetta performs, the interior, the handling, the little nuances that show off how well thought out it is in every area, but I hate to think that I will have to trade them ALL for the reliability of a Toyota.

I hope this car will make it past 100k, its at 90k now and things aren't looking good.


20th Apr 2007, 19:27

AMAZING! Last year I bought my daughter a 1999 Jetta and all this time we thought we had the only lemon that REEKED of "crayon" smell! The odor is horrible...24/7...but in the summertime it is almost unbearable.

I had never thought about the insulation under the carpet, but like everyone else I have shampooed, detailed and even removed the door panels to scrub the yellow grease that had built up inside the doors... to no avail. My daughter's hair and clothes get saturated with the smell. Her friends make comments about the smell and it embarrasses her.

I definitly think VW should correct the problem... but I know they won't. But if the odor is toxic, there could eventually be a lawsuit.

She also has the stinky smell from the AC, but that's not nearly as potent as the crayon smell.

If anyone ever does come up with a solution - other than ripping up the carpet - please post it here.


OC California.