21st Apr 2007, 07:47

I have a used 2001 black VW jetta. Every time someone gets into my car they say, "Do you smell that? Like crayons?" My response is, "It's always been like that." This is my very first car and I am holy in love with it. Yes, things do go wrong, but isn't that the same with all cars? My list of problems include:

-check engine sensor always lit

-front arm rest broken

-"crayon like" smell from comments of friends (I don't notice it anymore)

-broken glove box (It would not open with the key, so my dad and I had to screw it off and now the door sits in my trunk)

-various pieces that have broken off (also in my trunk)

-front hood has to be slammed down to close (when we first drove the car, the hood kept popping up)

I must say though, I have been in a total of 10 accidents with this car (I have hit someone once, been hit 8 times, and have had a mishap with a mailbox :}) and it's been a trooper:

-the back end has been replaced 3 times

-the front bumper ripped off

-the passenger side door was bent back the other way and would not open all the way unless you really pulled hard, then there would be a grating noise against the fender

-the door behind the driver's side was dented in by a chrysler Pacifica backing out into the door

-the side view mirror is popped off (the wire was still attached, so my boyfriend and I put it back on with duck tape)

As you can see, I have put my little black jetta through hell and back. The reasons my parents got the jetta for me (they got the loan and I am currently paying it back) is because my older sister had a 2003 jetta before me. She wrecked with a 18-wheeler truck and came out of the crash with a scratched up wrist. It's an incredibly safe car with excellant gas mileage (I only have to fill up my car every two weeks, if even that).

Through all this, I still adore my jetta. Right now I am working to fix the dented side door and perhaps, in the near distant future, attach a rear wing spoiler. The jetta is not a bad car at all, and I would definitely make a purchase again from VW.

7th May 2007, 15:37

My family named my Jetta "Crayola". I wonder why? Has anyone come up with an easier solution that ripping out the carpet? Has anyone had any luck with Volkswagon fixing this problem? If enough people complain they will start an open campaign on the vehicle & will recall this issue. Please call VW & report the problem. 800 822 8987.

10th May 2007, 18:33

Hey, I have a 2001 Jetta GLS I bought used (cloth seats). I was just searching for info about the crayon smell and I found this thread. I had a conversation today with a friend about the smell, and I actually don't mind it that much. I have to admit I am getting a little concerned with hearing all these reports about it nauseating poeple and stuff, but no one I have driven with has ever complained of being sick from it and neither have I. I've heard wax sealant, carpeting, and insulation... Someone please get the answer, and maybe even a solution, interesting to hear all the dealerships deny it, maybe they were instructed to do so? Its not like they wouldnt notice it.

12th May 2007, 02:50

Thanks everyone I will save my money for a Honda. The wax smell is wax, it is used to prevent rust. The smell is classic of German automobiles. I worked in a collision shop for many years and have seen the wax.

22nd Jun 2007, 15:50

I bought my daughter a 2001 VW Jetta GLX last year from a private seller. We checked the history report, all was well although this person had only had the car 7 months. When asked why, he related some story about how his kids didn't deserve the car and since he did not need a second car, he was selling it. The smell was not there when we took the test drive, and looking back, we realized it just smelled too good. He had the car running and did not turn it off when we walked over to look at it. The crayola smell started about a week after we bought the car. The smell is horrible, overpowering and gets worse when the windows are up and the air is on. People hate to ride with her because of this. The front bumper has fallen off twice and we replaced the brake switch ourselves, not realizing this was a recall. The car uses antifreeze continuously although there is no leak. It smells like burning antifreeze all of the time too. It is a BEAUTIFUL little car, very sporty and very nice styling. However, that smell is not worth it and we will now GET RID of this piece of junk and move on to a Toyota. We will be doing extensive research into what ever we decide to buy next (not just the history report either!). Thank you all for your comments, forums like this are badly needed.

7th Jul 2007, 15:44

I have had several of the same problems with my 2001 Jetta, but I don't think they're so bad I would NEVER buy a VW again. I think the gas mileage and drive-ability of the car as a whole certainly outweigh the problems I have had. Which were: the brake lights wouldn't go off (factory recall), passenger window fell down into the door which sheared the door latch (replaced @ my expense @ dealership), arm rest broken, leaks after hard constant rain in the front driver's side, trunk latch went bad, & of course the smell of crayons which doesn't really bother me now. It has about 65,000 miles and I Love My Jetta! I may move up to a Passat my next time around, or a Touareg(spelling?)

26th Jul 2007, 22:46

Just a question I just bought my 2001 Jetta. And the Emmissions light came on. Just wondering what the cost is to get it fixed not threw VW, but private or if I should fix it myself. if it is easy to do it that way. Also I have no issues... it needs some things normal wear and tear. Also I have all the connections for the 6 disc cd changer in the truck, but the guy who I bought it from had taken it out can I replace it with just any 6 disc cd changer as long as the connections are the same?

Thank You Guys.

30th Jul 2007, 13:18

I just went to a service station who was selling a 2001 Jetta. After reading every comment on this website, I was ready to get a whiff of the "crayon" smell. Well... the moment I opened the door I noticed the smell. The sales person said that it was because of the heat and being closed up. I did not believe this.

Drove it anyway and it did handle great! It took turns nicely and drove fine. However, there were a few minor things which bugged me: The tilt wheel mechanism was horrible and would not go higher than I had liked it to, and the passenger side window was very difficult to roll up and down. I suspect it was because of the recall stated in previous posts.

After only being in the car for 20 minutes, my hands, cloths and hair smelled like crayons. If all 2001 Jettas have this smell, then I would stay away! However, maybe older or even newer Jettas won't have that smell.