14th Jun 2009, 19:49

I have a 2003 Jetta GLS and transmission went out at 115,000 miles I was told it is a sealed unit so it cannot be fixed but has to be replaced. It is more than the car is worth to replace it. I will never buy a Volkswagen again, I have literally bought this car twice with the amount of repairs it has needed.

16th Jun 2009, 21:14

Our 2002 Jetta TDI transmission died - after a trip to the dealer with only 55K.

Did anyone get anywhere with VW or a possible lawsuit?

19th Jul 2009, 19:05

I purchased a 2002 1.8 turbo with tiptronic just before 9/11.

The transmission was changed in 2006 by an outside source, worked well for 2 years.

For the past year and a half. I can't drive the car until after a 45 min warm-up. When the problem first began, the car had to warm up for 15 minutes, it progressively increased over time. If I try to drive it before the warm up is completed it won't move, just jerked and I have to stay put until it feels like it wants to move.

Aamco told me to get the tiptronic fixed because they couldn't find any problems with the functioning of the tranny. They told me they weren't sure if it would fix the problem, but any monies I spent would go towards further work to find the problem. They also was pushing their own credit app to finance the fixing of the car.

The dealer wasn't able to find any actual tranny problems either. They didn't agree with Aamco, and told me the tiptronic wouldn't cause a tranny problem and they wouldn't take my money to fix it. When the car starts to move it is wonderful, but once I park it for more than 15-20 minutes the warm-up has to start all over again. Then it will jerk or stall for a second or so when I start to drive it.

WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM? I wanted to give it to my son for college, but now I won't, I'm too scared for him to drive it. I will check this site often to see if someone has any answers. For now it is parked and taking up space, while I take the bus.

21st Sep 2009, 18:19

I have a 2002 1.8T Jetta and have all the same problems listed. Tail lights going out often, ignition coils replaced, trunk latch breaking, and recently the tranny problem that slips from 3rd to 4th. I have been very attentive to this vehicle, and have gone to the dealership for genuine VW parts. After reading everyone’s problems with this car I feel like it’s bound to happen to me. I have to get rid of it before any more problems occur.

5th Oct 2009, 20:05

I'm sitting in the tow truck now, watching my baby crap out on me again. VW had told me that the spark plugs are causing the problem with the car not wanting to shift after a cold start. However, I let the tranny drop into idle, and as soon as I got onto the freeway, the check engine light came on when I hit 50 and it wouldn't accelerate. 4th major problem I've had in the last year, and I still owe thousands on the original loan.

18th Dec 2009, 09:55

I too bought a used Jetta Station Wagon with the Tiptronic from my local VW dealership, rear brake lights keep going out, radio has dies and magically come back to life after a couple of weeks, replaced the transmission once, replaced the two speed sensors in the new transmission (was fine for a couple of months), and now it randomly gets stuck in only third gear with no overdrive (can still manually shift between 1-2-3) it will work properly about 50% of the time. This is the worst car I've ever owned. I still owe money on the lemon.

22nd Feb 2010, 16:31

I bought a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta. A year after we bought it, the engine mount failed and the engine came crashing to the ground. Although it was certainly NOT a road hazard, the insurance company called it one because he had never seen an engine fall out otherwise. Well newsflash insurance guy, it happens on Jettas.

One and a half years after that incident at 80,000 miles, the transmission mount failed, transmission fell and broke an axle component or two, and at this point it was going to cost more than the car was worth, we junked it, got 1,000 salvage title trade-in for it.

12th Jun 2010, 12:22

Funny, I also have a VW Jetta 1.8 T, and when I got the car, the guy had told me the check engine light is on because I needed an O2 sensor.. OK.. I had just turned 16 and the car LOOKED beautiful.. Little did I think that 7 months later my car would have to be parked.. What's wrong with them? I have had SO many problems..

First I look it to a dealer.. He said oh, it's OK, it's just the turbo, you have to warm up for 10 minutes before you drive it.. OK.. so that's what I did, until I had to rev it to 6000 RPM's to get into 2nd gear, now I'm just stuck with no answers, but I need a new tranny.. Well that's great, who has another 5000 to fork over into this car with all the other problems like:

- AC quit working.

- Radio stopping working.

- Lights that comes on by the AC controls.

- Horn doesn't work.

- Upholstery is coming down on the sun roof BAD.

- Gas pump door won't open with the button.

- And mainly the transmission.

Shall I go further..

Please if anyone knows a fix to the shifting problem, email me at TuffRidingTaylor@aol.com.

P.S. So much for a cute car...

22nd Jun 2010, 03:13

I bought my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T Tiptronic in 2006, and have loved it! Up until recently, my car was running great. I only have 70,000 miles on it, and I've been told that I don't drive it enough, and that's why my car has been having a problem.

If I'm sitting at a stop sign, in traffic, or a stop light and accelerate, my car gets stuck in first gear, the engine revs and the RPMs go all the way up to the red-line. It almost feels like I'm driving in neutral. I can't go faster than 25 MPH, and I have to pull over, turn the car off and then turn it back on. If I'm driving at a normal speed it's fine, it's only when I stop and have to accelerate. However, since it has the tiptronic, if I choose to drive it manually it works fine. Has anyone had problems like this? I just took it to the dealer and they said my transmission was fine. I was also told I needed a new catalytic converter. If anyone has any ideas answers or a similar story please e-mail me!!!



3rd Aug 2010, 00:59

I bought a 2002 VW Jetta 1.8t last year. I am about to spend 3000 to fix it after my timing belt went out under 100k. Last fall, I spent almost 1000 on air and coolant sensors. I bought it for 6000 and have put well over 4000 into into it so far. Needless to say it's going up for sale ASAP when fixed. I wouldn't recommend buying this car at any cost!