22nd Apr 2007, 08:55

I'm thinking this poster may not actually have a 2006 Jetta, but an earlier model. The 4th generation had a problem with the brake light switch not working, which is kind of a giveaway. And by the way, we're rating cars here, not so much dealers.

11th Jul 2007, 14:23

I have to disagree with the above comment. With the high price of VW's, to purchase as well as fix and maintain, I would absolutely want to know if a make is known for terrible customer service! Having experienced the Jetta firsthand and reading through the endless comments about this car and it's endless problems I can't help, but wonder why VWOA isn't acting on the well known flaws before their reputation is tarnished beyond repair. It's not like it's an engine problem... just lots of cheap plastic, clips, and springs! I've read over a hundred of the comments posted here and it's the same story over and over... incredibly poor integrity, outrageously high repair costs, sub par warranty, and to top it all off, terrible customer service! I will never buy another VW in my lifetime, nor would I ever recommend one to even my worst enemy... they are money pits!!!

18th Dec 2007, 10:10

I think our cars were made on the same day. I drove my car for a year before having any problems with it. I got my 2006 with only 400 miles on it. 1000 miles before my second oil change, check engine light goes on and my oil light. After stopping the car and popping the lid, I discover there is no oil showing up on my dip stick. After getting the car towed in they say there was no oil in the car! They then ran an oil consumption test, that showed that my car was burning oil, but according the VW its OK for your car to burn 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. So my car is still burning oil! That is a crock! Since then, my car has been in for a bad 02 censor. Paint chipping, rattle in the dash board, rattle under the car, that I kept telling them sounded like a bad baffle in the exhaust. They put some more clips on the fuel line, only to test drive the car and still hear the sound. Service guy came back and said my catalytic converter was going bad, and thought I had a bad baffle or clogged. I honestly think my car has been into the shop every other week for the last 6 months. VW Customer Service, keeps pooh poohing my call, giving my a line a crap every time.

If I could afford to get another car right now I would! I WILL NEVER BY VW again or recommend them to anyone! I am sure not all cars are this way, but I have had several cars in my life and NEVER have I had a car that needed to be serviced as much as this one!

19th Dec 2007, 21:39

I totally agree with the above comment, my car burns oil too. With only 58000 km my 2006 Jetta burns about 3-4 quarts between 16,000km oil changes (which is when the book tells you to go in.) So the dealer has told me this is normal and that I need to come in every 6 - 8000 km for an oil change which is rather expensive. I have had the oil consumption test as well, but they say it's all normal, my mechanic friends definitely disagree, so I don't know what to do!

I'm definitely questioning whether to keep it or move back to my good old Toyota's!!

4th Apr 2008, 14:27

Apparently the oil thing is a problem - my GLI has run out of oil twice (my fault the second time - should have known it was an issue). But well before the scheduled maintenance time for the oil change! I'm getting mine done every 5000 miles now (at $80 a time, it's very expensive).

Good luck, and don't buy a VW.

5th Apr 2008, 15:26

Every now and then I come back to these boards and read the reviews of VW Jettas... I owned one, had problems, found carsurvey.org and read about the horror stories, came to my senses and I SOLD MY JETTA!!! It was a great decision, because within 2 months of the sale, the guy who bought it from me had the entire transmission fail; cost $4000 to replace. I bet he's still having issues to this day.

ANY VW built from 1993 on is JUNK. Nothing but trouble and a total MONEY PIT. If you like throwing money away on a car that will NEVER be reliable, no matter what you do, then go ahead and buy a VW (just know that everyone who has owned one, is laughing at you for being another SUCKER of the VW company).

I am SO glad I sold my Jetta. I now drive a Honda, and it runs absolutely perfect every time; nothing has gone wrong in over 20,000 miles. Not a single problem. SO easy to live with.

Life is so much easier when you have a RELIABLE car!!

20th Mar 2009, 11:24

Almost everyone I know who has a VW has had horrible problems. Two of my managers at my job reported issues: One being the car just went completely dead in the middle of the freeway. My other manager has had radiator issues and it's less than 6 years old. My brother had an '06 Jetta and the stick shift came off in his hand!! I know Toyotas and Hondas may not have as nice of an interior or performance as a VW with a turbo, but I'm very satisfied with my two Toyotas. They have been incredibly reliable and maintenance costs are fairly reasonable. Consider Japanese or even Korean first until VW gets their act together.

1st Jul 2009, 09:32

VW was my first car and will be the only car I will buy. The thing about owning a VW is you CANNOT just "drive it" for thousands and thousands of miles without checking things and taking car of it. Volkswagens have little quirky problems that if known about are easy to take care of and watch. The motors are bullet proof, it's the electronics that are problems. You have to think VW or any german car has many more electronics than your basic car that only has A/C. That means there is many more things that can go wrong.

If you want a car you can just drive and never have to pop the hood or bother to do scheduled maintenance, do not buy a VW. If you take care of your VW, it will take care of you for 200,000+ miles easily.

You have to expect some problems, especially if you have all the features like heated seats, climate control, GPS; these are relativity new technologies that most car manufacturers do not even use.

4th Sep 2009, 16:55

I bought my 2006 Jetta TDI new and I have had zero problems with it. My parents also own one and have had zero problems with theirs. I have had many friends and relatives with Jettas over the years and they have never had a bad thing to say about them. Sure, you may have minor issues pop up here or there, but that will happen with any car. Don't trash the car or VW.

In reference to previous posts, major failures such as the clutch/transmission failing or heavy oil consumption with relatively low miles on the car are unheard of and I would look to other sources for fault. Perhaps you should confirm that the individual that changed your oil actually put in enough oil or the correct oil for that matter. If your transmission is worn out, you or the person you bought it from probably drove it too hard.

Pretty simple concept applies. Treat your Jetta well and it will treat you well. VW makes a quality product and that is that.